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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin claims that it was nefarious actions by his imagined RICO conspiracy that cost Justice Through Music Project its contracts with the State Department. No, really. It’s right here in his proposed second amended complaint in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 100-152Believe it or not, this isn’t TDPK’s first attempt to get involved in Middle Eastern diplomacy. He had a go at it back when he was in prison. Yvonne Abraham reported the following at the Boston Phoenix back in 1996 in an article about Mark Singer’s book Citizen K:

And Kimberlin soon began undermining his own credibility. The more Singer got to know him, the stranger the prisoner became. Believing himself exceptionally talented, Kimberlin was certain he’d become an international recording star, and he thought he might just ask Sting or Paul McCartney to co-write some songs with him. He’d also tried to intervene in the Iraq crisis of 1990, in the hopes of averting the Gulf War, thereby making a hero of himself. “The plan was for Hussein to release these hostages — the human shield — to my mother,” he told Singer. Naturally, his own subsequent release would have been a given had the Iraqi ambassador to the United States acted upon the letters Kimberlin had his mother hand-deliver.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

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    • Gee, I thought he’d filed over 100 lawsuits and one more would be no sweat. I guess the other 100 were all pretty damn stupid too. If only he could find a lawyer to help handle this business of suing, what, two dozen people now?

      • “On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money.”

        His goal is to cost the defendants time and money, even if what they’ve written is the truth about a public figure.

  1. Instead of trying to convince people that he’s a major A-list quality musical talent who moonlights in world peace, Brett Kimberlin needs to get around to admitting his crimes (like the bombings which he was convicted of and then made the courts go through the bother of re-affirming his guilt for). And making amends. Since he doesn’t have to drive to get to the office, he could probably sell his Prius and turn over the sale proceeds to the widow DeLong like the courts have repeatedly ordered him to. Once he’s taken care of those higher priority issues, he can go back to working on the Sting and McCartney angles.

    • There are three steps.
      1) Reform: He must reform his life, restructure his thinking and his actions.
      2) Responsibility. He must accept responsibility for all his past/current/future actions.
      3) Redemption. He must seek and walk the path of redemption by paying what he owes, seek the forgiveness of his victims by making them as whole as possible and publicly admitting guilt and following steps 1 and 2 all day every day. Eventually he may become a lesser pariah.
      (Yes, know, I haven’t reached lesser pariah status yet. But I’m waiting for the telegram …)

  2. You know, you’re lucky the entire Middle East isn’t suing you for depriving them of The Dread Pro-Se!

    Personally, I blame Obama.

  3. Enabler: one that enables another to achieve an end; especially :  one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior.
    Source: Merriam-Webster

  4. Under USC Title 18, section 953, Kimberlin’s brilliant plan would have made him and his mother guilty of a crime, punishable by three years imprisonment.

    Quelle surprise.

  5. more basically the entirety of his bitching is silly.

    He does not cite one untrue thing we said about him that cost his company their grant. What he does cite are articles that accurately describe him as a terrorist.

    In Iqbal, the court noted that there was an obvious alternate explanation and that was fatal to his case. the same is true, here. The obvious alternate explanation is that when the state dept learned of his criminal past–or perhaps merely when they were part of the national conversation–they realized it might not be wise to associate themselves with a known terrorist on this project.

    Seriously, any competent administrator would see danger signs when reading the phrase “convicted terrorist teaching iranian activists.” There is a multitude of reasons why no state department would want that kind of program.

    First, there is the fear that he would actually be training future terrorist bombers.

    Second, even if we assume he is not, it creates the risk that we will be accused of training future terrorists. This not only can create problems in that context, but also in the greater war on terror.

    Third, what if down the road–let’s stipulate through no fault of Brett’s–one of those activists turns to terrorism? Then imagine the attended international fallout from that.

    Fourth, imagine if the oppressive regime in Iran decided to frame one of Brett’s activists for a bombing? Again, Brett’s association with that enterprise causes problems.

    And so while articles like that in the Blaze probably did interfere with his organizations’ business, the fact it that it wasn’t tortuous interference, because peaceably telling the truth about someone is never a tort. (with alot of meaning packed into the word “peaceably.”

    If Brett truly cared about the cause, he would not be so determined to be in front of it. He would recognize he was a poor vessel. A convicted bomber is a poor example to lead a purportedly non-violent movement. If I was one of those Iranian activists, i would be angry at him for not being honest about his past. If he cared about the movement, he would support them in a way that was invisible, behind the scenes.

    But this isn’t about those movements but about Brett’s jesus act, which dovetails into the passion plays in his more recent filings. And so he had to be in front of it. And then he blames us for the fact that someone figured out he shouldn’t be in front of it.

    Seriously, is the left so hard up for talented activists that they can’t ditch this little midget?

    • I got a little caught up in some of those hypotheticals and then I had an epiphany. Maybe he was only going to train the Iranian activists on how to file a hundred frivolous lawsuits.

    • Whether, or not, there is an alternate explanation misses a key point. We live in a Constitutional Republic in which the right of the people to petition their government for redress of their grievances is enshrined in the Constitution.

      Currently, rightly or wrongly, there is a petition to deport Justin Bieber. It is irrelevant whether, or not, the petition has merit. Even if the claims made in advocating his deportation are without merit, Justin Bieber has no legal recourse, even if the petition destroyed his career.

  6. I would note that these activities with foreign activists are not listed on the 990 for any year.

    I would further note that I do not recall seeing videos from foreign activists struggling for freedom and democracy hosted on JTMP’s site, and I looked it over rather thoroughly in the beginning.

    Also, there is no line-item of “grants and contracts”, which is a usual item to fill out on one’s 990-PF, if one has a government contract.

    So, I’m thinking all one has to do is bring in JTMP’s 990 for 2012, and ask him to show where this contract is accounted for, and where the activities are mentioned on the 990?

    • Oh, I forgot – there was one (count it, one) mention of an hour-long meeting with foreign activists under State Department auspices. I don’t recall the story that well – it was not very well-written – but there didn’t seem to be much indication of payment, or that JTMP was treated as an authority.

    • There is one for democracy in Iran where Kimberlin holds a rose with a really angry look on his face. Don’t remember what channel it was on, but it was on one of the non profits. It showed video of that poor girl who was shot to death in the street, and later, a sculpture of her. It’s hard to believe that video montage was made from videos that Kimberlin owns.

      • I do not see how that involved sponsoring a video or other material from a foreign group of activists.

        • There is a collection of Pro Democracy in Iran videos. “Flowers For Your Guns” was the Op Critical song dedicated to it, but there was a collection of others that centered around protests. See this one

          Organizations listed at the end of the video are and, even though the description of the video says

          “Several pro-democracy in Iran organizations and activists held a rally and march in Washington DC to protest against human rights abuses in Iran.”

          “Several” organizations and activists are not specifically listed.

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