Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ has intentionally inflicted yet another of his books on the public. Perhaps the only thing good about it is the picture of the handsome young man on the cover. (The Gentle Reader can take a peek here.)

KillTheBookHe’s promoting his book over at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it), and he has a sample of one of his chapters headlined with the copy shown on the left.

Of course, that statement is false. First of all, I don’t have any minions. Second, I didn’t send the minions that I don’t have out to “destroy” the Cabin Boy’s™ book. It self-destructed because of it’s own copyright infringement issues. Third, I try to respect the intellectual property of others and do not knowingly engage in copyright infringement.

I believe that Bill Schmalfeldt knows his statement is false. I believe that he made it with a reckless disregard for the truth. I believe that he made it maliciously in an attempt to damage my reputation.

I am not amused.

40 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Another among many false accusations by him against you of malfeasance and outright criminality. Remember that he accused you of suborning perjury?

  2. I understand that at least in some states, falsely accusing someone of a crime is a crime in itself.

    I hope someone has contacted Mr. Puzio of NJ to let him know that he is being slandered in the comments on the review of this book. I admit to thinking a summons from NJ (and/or any other state whose resident(s) he has libeled) would do BS a world of good.

  3. To the “Elkridge Horror”:

    I pen this note to you because I know you will read it here. If you can’t fully fathom what the owner of this blog is saying, you are shortly going to be in the courtroom drama of your life. There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned Torts trial complete with the ass-whupping, pimp-slappin’ and eventual judgment (Yes, that is the way it’s spelled, Boi) and collection process which should have you living under one of the I-95 overpasses.

    Claiming that you are elder-impaired ain’t valid as a defense of any kind unless you plead and prove insanity and relocate permanently to a State Hospital. Naturally, your bestest friend can’t defend you cuz’ he’s only a paralegal and can’t even take, let alone pass, the Maryland Bar exam. Your claim about PD is easily refuted by your continued Internet and Twitter presence. Oh, and Neal can’t help you either!

    You in some serious shit, Dude! I think it’s about to get real interesting real real fast!

    Just sayin’

  4. I see his “book” (176 pages? more like a pamphlet) is a “best seller”. Even worse for him.

    I’m wondering why John, a private citizen, would have given his permission for Willy to use his picture on an allegedly commercial venture.

    Odd that.

  5. See? I am not the only one who liked the cover. CBBS should have just stopped right there while he was ahead, but instead he couldn’t resist tacking a whole bookful of self serving accusations.

    • Nice! Though I like Intentional Fiction too. It describes so much of his output. Right now he’s claiming that he’s never published anything he didn’t know to be true. I’m not sure whether to laugh maniacally or start dreaming up unpleasant endings.

  6. Willy sez:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman 18m
    Unlike my adversaries, I state for the record that I do NOT publish things I know to be false. That’s what makes us different. #tlot #p2

    You stated in your just-removed “book” that you could no longer speak more than a sentence without breaking out in a coughing fit, that is proven false by your youtube video

    You’ve also stated on twitter that your timeline was protected most of February and March. A look back at the archives here show dozens of screen-caps of your tweets from that time.

    You want more?

  7. If anyone did purchase Fiction to see what they can sue the Moldwarp over, it’s down to $9.00 now. One can ask for a refund of the difference by going to the “Help & Customer Service” page, where there is a “Contact Us” button in the right column (at the bottom of the Self Service section) which allows one to make such a request.

  8. Did Willy change the cover of his “book” to include the Vandy info? I must not be paying attention.

    Anyway, it has been said before, but it should be said again, Bill has absolutely no clue as to what the term “Fair Use” actually means.

    Or, to quote Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”

    • He had some rant on P-O about how he knew he was violating copyright law, and if Vanderbilt complained, he would just take the picture off and replace it with something we’d find disgusting.

      He is assuming that no one would bother taking him to court for copyright violation. He may be wrong.

  9. Hey!

    I notice that Cabin Boy has excerpted the recent post from my blog for inclusion in his latest fecal smear!

    As gratified as we are by the attention (and reaction) to our MASSIVE parody, it does beg the following question:

    Which of you lickspittle minions (can I be a maximum minion?) “invited” the Cabin Boy to my blog? I know I didn’t invite him, and I know he considers the unauthorized reading of blogs and TL’s to be unspeakably RUDE!

    So it MUST have been one of you!

    But what’s truly most important here is Cabin Boy’s selective editing. He samples the parody, of course, but in order to paint it as hateful harassment, he chooses NOT to identify it as parody; he purposely left that out of the sample, and I’ll bet everything I own he’s done the same thing in his poopstain of a book as well.

    His choice. His action followed from his choice. And as all true grown ups know: actions have CONSEQUENCES!

    Cabin Boy may have forgotten the original material on which we based this parody; but as I said, repeating his very words, good thing we kept a screen cap.

    Because now…NOW…that post from March 26th, that vile yet pointless attack on our host and his family (and families are off limits, amirite, troll?), must be reconstituted in its entirety and posted on my blog, where he will be unable to either deny his authorship or the fact that he deleted it from P-O whilst soaking in a bathtub filled with his own fear pee.

    Coming soon to Thinking Man’s Zombie…

  10. God bless Boxer, sorry Bill, for he surely needs it. He’s copied the entire text of this post on his website as “proof” of the hate over here.

    Boxer, sorry Bill, has a very odd definition of hate.

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