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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin was in a hurry to drop his motion for sanctions against Ali Akbar’s (and my) lawyer during the 9 April hearing before Judge Ryon in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. I suspect he didn’t want the judge to look very carefully at the motion’s exhibits.

Scroll down to Exhibit C. This item was supposedly mailed to Ali Akbar back in September, 2013, when the complaint was first being served. The USPS tracking information for the item shows that it was mailed on 11 September, 2013.

Take a look at the Restricted Delivery box. It’s checked.

Now, scroll down to Exhibit E. (It’s the one with the distorted tail.) Take a look at the Restricted Delivery box for this piece of mail sent to Ali Akbar during the first week of January, 2014. It’s checked too.

Finally, scroll down to Exhibit F which is supposed to be the Certified Mail green card that was mailed to National Bloggers Club on the same day that the mail in Exhibit E was mailed to Ali Akbar. The Restricted Delivery box isn’t checked, an interesting inconsistency.

Here’s another.ExCzoomThe tick mark for the Restricted Delivery box on the September green card appears to be a slightly different color and a significantly different line weight from the other writing on the card, suggesting that a different pen was used to make the mark. That tends to support the proposition that the card was altered when TDPK was preparing his motion in January, and, of course, TDPK admitted altering one card during the hearing. Having the evidence from this motion before the court would have provided a second instance of forgery.


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  1. Can TDPK still get smacked down for the forgery even though he withdrew his motion for sanctions?

    • yes, BTW the State and Federal Judges who have been sitting on this and allowing and ignoring the crap that has been going on are going to be held accountable. The very fact that in the anniversary of the Boston Bombing that a serial bomber can make a mockery of the court system is going to be answered, with strong calls for impeachment and trial. Same goes for the states attorneys who have allowed a felon to malign the courts with weeks of total childish nonsense.

      • Nothing will happen to them. They’re doing their primary job — driving up billable hours.

      • Really? What price will they pay? Are they going to have their pay docked or something? Get fired? Made to do makeup work?

        Who would hold them accountable, exactly?

      • gross malfeasance charges – I mean this whole thing is a farce,. we even have to find another word for farce. At this point with a dozen documented cases of forgery and they still keep on allowing this conduct?

        Time to pay the piper

        Accountability – the new suck

      • Rob,

        There is one thing to allow a frivolous suit to take place and its another to aid and abet a fraud upon the court by allowing him time and time again with full knowledge of his past activities to time and time again to submit fraudulent filings and forgeries.

        Ask the Federal prosecutor, the FBI agent and the Judge in the Ted Stevens case how the knowledge of fraudulent activities is working out for them -they are still under trial or investigation – they are going to receive serious prison time for minor compared to what these people have allowed Kimberlin to get away with.

        If you have knowledge of it and for them, the Judges and the SA’s – failure to act is considered AN ACT, its not going to go well, once fraud upon the court is discovered – EVERYTHING Stops. There is no legal sense to proceed and has to be dealt with.

        This meandering theory that its going to delay the trial – there can be no FAIR trial with forged documents – so the point is more than moot.

      • The question I have is WHO will hold them accountable? I’m sure the defendants have pointed out the forgeries in both the State and the Federal case. Yet nada. So what will be the motivating factor that will get the judges and the prosecutors to go after Kimberlin for his conduct? Seems that so far neither really care. I’d love to know what magic words to say or what magic address to send a letter to that would wake someone in authority up and make them take notice.

      • Frankie,

        Several agencies will get involved – there will be a whirlwind of pain about to happen, this has gone beyond state lines involving states that actually care about the rule of law rather than the fairyland state of Marylands fantasy court and its movable goalposts on frauds upon the court
        Ask yourself this – How would they have reacted if Hoge or one of the defendants had mislead the court with paperwork?

        Oh they wouldn’t have had to go to several weeks of delayed hearings or in the back room to find whether they had any authority to punish etc.

        Yeah I don’t think that would have happened – John or whoever would be sitting in jail right now without bail if they pulled 1/2 of what Brett Did – REMEMBER HE FORGED A SUMMONS A DOCUMENT OF THE COURT! Geezus

      • Frankie,

        Another thing they allowed is a known person with outstanding felony warrants to attend court and not to do their duty to apprehend him. Neal had outstanding warrants and they were REQUIRED by law to restrain him and to serve out the warrant – even if its out of state. These were felony warrants.

        That’s probably as serious if not more than what these Judges were doing. Remember anyone with a felony warrant is a known danger to public safety, that is considered as high a priority as their is – if someone evading the law can attend a court hearing just over the border – that’s just insane

        or its Maryland

      • TDPK has been convicted of perjury and forgery in the past. He comes into court and commits perjury and forgery AGAIN. The judge gives him a stern finger-wagging, then subjects the defendants to more expense and wasted time — thus doing what TDPK set out to do.

        I expect the pattern to continue. I don’t expect anything will be done to the judges. They are not setting things up so a dismissal cannot be reversed — they’re just punching the time clock.

      • Failure to apply the law is considered an act if the level reaches malfeasance

        Its a hugely touch standard but so is letting a convicted perjurer, terrorist, forger, and bomber do it again over and over and over

        This goes far beyond a “gee I called it maybe I got it wrong” scenario – it was much greater than that –

    • BK’s funding sources seem to be drying up, so hopefully this means that his political clout (whatever it was he had) is also waning.

      At some point, tools with his level of smarts become more of a liability than an asset and when that happens they often find themselves under large mass transit vehicles.

      Unless he has proof of folks who are themselves still important in bed with the proverbial dead girls or live boys, he may not have the level of protection he seems to have operated under in the past.

  2. Is the $11.25 the correct fee for priority mail, certified with restricted delivery? Or do the amounts paid according to the items themselves indicate that, as usual, he didn’t pay for restricted?

  3. It may take a long time before Kimberlin gets his just desserts, but I await that day with great anticipation. I look forward to the day when the little felon is served with a multitude of lawsuits for malicious and vexatious litigation.

  4. If this wasn’t disrupting your life & costing you money, it might have some genuine entertainment value. Instead, it’s a ridiculous mockery of our legal system. Hang in there.

    • People are going to pay for allowing City K to fraud upon the court – they are going to feel the same heat for allowing a convicted terrorist to terrorize people with forged documents and felonious filings

      • So Eric Holder’s Justice Department is going to hold an Obama appointed judge accountable for letting Dick Durbin and Joe Biden’s pet disturb some conservatives?

      • Precisely, Earl. Why is Kimberlin — who, remember, was a life-long criminal from BEFORE his conviction for a terror campaign! — walking free? Why is he able to so transparently avoid paying what he owes his victims, and operate what appear to be sham charities?

        Because someone with clout wants it that way.

      • I know it is unfashionable to consider this a Left-Right thing. And I have said before, I would bet that BK has no discernible political ideology, but if your lifestyle includes smuggling dope, running guns, and chasing underage girls, I imagine that one political party is more accepting of you than the other.

        But whether you believe it is about Left-Right, the Left believes it about you. BK did the Democrats a solid with that foofaraw over Dan Quayle. It was a sideshow that lasted for years, and, here you may see a pattern – it was ultimately not an actual thing, but it cost him nothing and cost his opponents something. He made a pile of cash from the book, which oddly enough disappeared, he got notoriety, he won the lifelong gratitude of people like Durbin and Biden – people who have paid no price at all for their backing of BK.

        I have written this before – he acts with impunity because he has impunity. That may not be good grammar but it is what it is. We think it is a big deal that Soros and Streisand fund charities that have given cash to BKs organizations. But the real big deal is that they get a whole lot more money – most of their money – from you and me. The US taxpayer is funding this lawfare. And the funder? Department of State. Led by whom then? Chief of staff was who then? Married to who, exactly?

        There are people who suggest that Zeese or Rubin might want to disassociate themselves if they knew. If they knew? These people are mobbed up in the Occupy movement, Occupy is really just a different face of OFA, and, well, you know what the O stands for in that.

        TK are like Nixon’s plumbers. They are out there doing the dirty work, and have a lot of air cover. The way to defeat that is to expose that linkage. Once these little hoodlums can be tied to big cheeses, they will find themselves under the bus.

      • Of course he uses that account. I mean, it’s sooo hard to make a G-mail or other free web service account. He’s too busy dealing with snow days for us to expect him to create separate accounts for separate functions./sarc

      • Dianna, is it proper activity for an employee of a 501(c)(3) to use non-profit property, such as a computer and software, to aid in the litigation of a personal law suit? Is it proper for an employee to pay court costs for a personal suit with funds from the non profit?

      • No, A Reader.

        Bluntly, I would like to know how the lawyer who is the executive director is letting this happen.

        Heck, I don’t use my foundation email for anything except foundation business, and only blog during my lunch, or while waiting for something, with the complete understanding of my board.

    • Three outstanding felony arrest warrants. $1400.00 in bail, no 10%, full amount only. Address is an attorney in DC … Neal, you do know these do not disappear and never expire. The only way to be rid of them is to surrender to the authorities, post bail and make them prove your guilt (or are you afraid that you will be treated as most are in the justice system, forced to prove your innocence?)
      Don’t get me wrong, I was guilty as hell when I was prosecuted and deserved punishment including incarceration. However, not everyone I encountered did. It is rare, but it does happen and our legal system is supposed to function with the burden of proof being on the prosecution.
      My opinion is that Neal is a weaselly bastard and is guilty of many torts and criminal activities of both a misdemeanor and felonious nature.

      • I noticed that the 3rd warrant was in Clark, NJ. FASCINATING! I wonder if that would have anything to do with posting the home addresses of city officials on the twitterz.

        • heh. Funny how they can track who is posting what even with sock accounts and anonymous accounts … there in no anonymity online as all activity can be traced to your computers MAC address.

      • Oh no, Paul. He posted it on his personal @NealRauhauser Twitter account. I have it screen capped. He sent it out at the very end of November last year.

        He posted the addresses of the City Council members and announced that he was going to send them packages. (It should be noted that his closest known associate was a convicted bomber out on parole.) And then he claimed afterwards he would be going on “vacation”. Make of that what you will.

        Frankly, I’m stunned that the Feds didn’t drop him in a hole.

        • Hmmm … considering how ‘helpful’ he has been to the party in power it really does not surprise me. Remember where I 1st encountered him back in 2005 … and what I was up to.

        • Tidy? Rauhauser?
          *wipes eyes*
          Stop, yer killing me!

    • There is no Court Ave in DC. My guess, from the address, is they meant Connecticut (Ct for Connecticut not Court)

  5. I think Kimberlin should totally sue the postal service. They never deliever *ANYTHING* he sends….

  6. IKimberlin told a judge that he “never” sent anything restricted delivery. Yet now there are so many green cards out there w/the box checked. I think he’s getting in over his head indeed.

    • I think what he said was that he never had to pay extra for restricted delivery, implying (or should I say “imputing”?) from his phrasing that he had at least thought he was sending things restricted. He probably hopes that this will allow him to push all the blame onto the USPS.

      • That might have worked had he not admited in court that he altered the documents themselves. Whether or not he ‘intended’ to send items restricted, and the USPS failed to charge him for that service it is on him that he didn’t make corrections. That claim might have gotten him by, but now that he has admitted that he forged the entry, knowing that the items were not sent as required, he can’t put the blame on USPS for those forgeries. On top of that, having stated in a court proceeding that he has never once paid for the service, and then to submit a plethora of documents with the exact same forgery…..
        It boggles my mind that the courts have not done anything about this, yet.

  7. Now I know that the judge in the State case just recently found that Brett Kimberlin committed FORGERY, but could somebody help me out with something?

    During his bombing trial while he was bound over, I heard that he attempted to have the prosecutor MURDERED. Could someone confirm for me that Brett Kimberlin tried to have the prosecutor in his bombing case MURDERED? Because I never quite nailed down whether or not Brett Kimberlin conspired to have the prosecutor MURDERED. And I really wanted to clear up this whole “Brett Kimberlin trying to MURDER the prosecutor” issue.


  8. Yes, ma’am! Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) and of Velvet Revolution, was convicted of setting off several bombs in Speedway, Indiana. Brett C. Kimberlin’s suspected motive was to distract the police from investigating the MURDER of Julia Scyphers. He remains the only suspect in that murder, with Brett Kimberlin’s suspected motive for murdering her being that she deprived him of access to her 10-14 year old granddaughter.

    Anyway, with all of that going on, of course, Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JMTP) was in jail. While in jail, you are correct, Brett Kimberlin tried to have the prosecutor in his case MURDERED. How vindictive does Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) have to be to want to MURDER the person PROSECUTING him for his string of BOMBINGS that eventually cost a man his life (Carl DeLong) from a BOMB placed by Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) in the parking lot of a HIGH SCHOOL during a FOOTBALL GAME which no doubt had a lot of teenagers in attendance. The late Mr. DeLong’s wife was also seriously injured by the BOMB placed by Brett C. Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP)

    Here’s the thing though – According to law enforcement and the local paper, Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) not only set out to MURDER the PROSECUTER, Brett C. Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution had a whole list of people that Brett Kimberlin wanted MURDERED and others he wanted roughed up, ASSAULTED.

    I hope that helps clear up your confusion over Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution conspiring to have a PROSECUTOR MURDERED.

    Maybe some others could help clear up some of the other details of Brett C. Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution plotting to MURDER a PROSECUTOR.

    • That certainly answers my initial question as to whether Brett Kimberlin attempted to have a prosecutor MURDERED. But now I’m even more curious. Does anyone else have anything to add to this tale of Brett Kimberlin conspiring to MURDER a prosecutor and others and commit ASSAULT?

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