@PatO201404222334ZThat is for me to know and the Cabin Boy™ to find out. It is unlikely that he would enjoy the experience. Consider the following:

Of all the people that Bill Schmalfeldt has harassed, I’m the only one who has been able to do anything to hold him accountable for his actions. In the process of my doing that over the past year, the Cabin Boy™ has been exposed to the world for what he is—an ineffective, incompetent, talentless, vile, and cowardly loudmouth who is full of bluster but lacking in substance.

Stacy McCain has observed that “the best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.” Indeed, allowing Schmalfeldt to act out, allowing him to show his true self over the past year, has allowed him to destroy his own credibility. The most benign view that anyone, including law enforcement, has of him is as a harmless loonie who is a bit of a pain-in-the-ass. That is true not only in Maryland, but in other states as well, and not everyone’s opinion is so benign.

Moreover, the past year has shown the Cabin Boy™ to be a loser. The peace order stuck. His motion for modification was denied. His appeal of the peace order was denied. The six-month extension was granted. There was no probable cause found when he tried to file a perjury charge against me in Carroll County. He’s had even poorer luck on his home turf in Howard County. The only reason he isn’t in the Carroll County Detention Center (or Springfield State Hospital) right now is because I agreed to drop charges. And the whole copyright infringement thing over the past few days … oh, never mind.

You get the picture, don’t you, Gentle Reader? Each new thing the Cabin Boy™ tries winds up showing him to be a bigger fool, a sorrier sore loser. So, beyond saying that I will keep allowing the Cabin Boy™ to make of fool of himself if he insists and to hand me another win, I see no need to give him any help.

I doubt that Bill Schmalfeldt has enough sense to leave me alone. I expect he will do something stupid.

Stay tuned.

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  1. John, I have to say I read CB’s statements with both disgust and pity. He brings all of this on himself, then cries victim and points blame.
    I know you to be a well-spoken, interesting, funny man, and I’m proud to know you. What you are not is a controlling, evil man “ordering lickspittles around”. (I didn’t capitalize lickspittles. It that proper?) That whole idea kind of tickled me, actually. 🙂 Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  2. You’re doing good, Hoge. Keep it up.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Burke, et al.

    And a big thanks to all the rest of you that take the time and effort to shine the light of truth on monsters like Brett Kimberlin and William Schmalfeldt.

  3. Springfield State Hospital appears to be the only viable option at this point for Gobbles unless he wants to more fully emulate his “hero” and do so some “time”

  4. I wonder what the HoCo SA must think when he receives another fear pee soaked missive from the Cabin Boy whining about his imminent demise at the hands of either our host or someone else only to read his Twitter timeline and find it filled with him just begging people to come do him harm. Must not do much for his “victim” status. Kind of hard to play the victim when you beg people to come harm you. World’s Stupidest Man

  5. Karoli is now getting in on BS’s act, making claims of elder abuse and abuse of the disabled. She MUST be referring to BS’s unending harassment of senior citizen and heart patient Mr. Hoge, whom BS has enjoyed calling “senile” and a “doddering old fool” for months now. That’s right, isn’t it? Or is she going to paint BS the victim, despite the filth that has appeared on his Twitter feed and blogs for years? Does she support calling women “c*nts” and “tw*ts”? Does she support violating protective orders? Does she support making false accusations of crimes against innocent people? Harassing the parents of a dead child?

    • I’m sure she supports calling anyone not of the correct persuasion, political or otherwise, anything one wants. Folks like that don’t see the “other” as human or deserving of any courtesies whatsoever.

      • Karoli has a long, well established history as a mendoucheous twatwaffle. There is ample reason she blogs at a site named after her worldview.

  6. Judging by the frothing rage he is displaying in his latest obscene, disgusting blog post, Mr. Hoge’s prediction of him probably doing something stupid seems to be correct. Interesting that his “friends,” including the long-silent Karoli, now suddenly want to “help” him. Riiiight. “Help” him.

  7. funny how he thinks Hoge saying LEAVE ME ALONE translates to Twinkie as a threat..
    but none of his threats of Hoge going to jail, or any “lickspittles” going to jail are to be considered threats by anyone else..

    He seems to think Hoge forces him to get online, come here, read the blogs/comments and then forces him to get upset over such things…as if he had no control over his own activity…

    there is a word for that, several actually, demented, psychotic, insane just to name a few…

    Twinkie seriously needs to get some medical help for his problem(s), before they land his diseased derriere in jail….


    • I just started reading Theodore Dalrymple’s Life at the Bottom. The people he is discussing have exactly this world view, that unidentified “others” or inanimate objects somehow control their lives, and they aren’t responsible for anything they do. Like a thug telling the police that “the gun went off”. No one fired the gun, it went off on it’s own.

      I’d bet that Bill sees most of us as NPCs in a computer game, bits of programming, which he plays with, and as the player, he naturally is supposed to win. When we don’t act the way he thinks NPCs are supposed to, he sees that as us forcing him to do certain things so he can win the game. It’s not his fault, it’s a bug in the program. One of the reasons he’s probably having so much of an issue with Mr. Hoge is that he’s had to deal with him in the real world, and he really doesn’t like having to leave his little game, because then he can’t keep imagining himself a god.

  8. He doesn’t seem to get it.
    Mr. Hoge for the most part has been defensive, not offensive. What Mr. Hoge is claiming responsibility for is that he reported BS for copyright issues. That’s not extortion, that’s protecting ones rights. Reminding someone that there are consequences for actions isn’t a threat, it’s stating that Mr. Hoge wishes to be left alone. It’s reminding him that there is a peace order against him, and that he is to follow it.

  9. Well, besides our esteemed host, he’s probably trying to figure out how to accuse Amazon of harassment. In addition to being upset that Amazon “caved” to what he claims is Mr. Hoge’s irrational concern about the copying of “one sentence” (wow that’s hard to type with a straight face) one of the reviews on his Christ, the Wingnut book, one he was assuring everyone he was going to have it removed is
    a) still up
    b) edited to discuss stuff that the reviewer could only have read if he/she had bought the book and said review actually includes one minor compliment
    c) his last comment on the review, which was entirely a personal attack on the person he claims is me and the reviewer has been removed by Amazon, presumably because of the complaint I made about it.

    How long before he claims that Mr. Hoge is so powerful he can control Amazon?

    • it really is amazing how quick Twinkie is to throw a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way.
      “Hoge killed my book because of one sentence”. He’s fixated on “it was just one sentence” as if he snipped just a couple words out of a blog… Seriously?? O.o The entire blog was that sentence AND all it’s comments and that is what he used, KNOWING he didn’t have the legal right to, but darn it he wanted to!!. He could’ve very easily fixed that chapter so that he wasn’t violating copyright for goodness sake BUT Twinkie thinks he gets to do what ever he wants, whenever he wants to whomever he wants.
      And Hoge proves he can’t once again…

  10. Bill: Payback most certainly is a b*tch, isn’t it?

    Or to state it in terms that poopy-pants will more easily understand: He who smelt it, dealt it.

  11. So when the Cabin Boy came out with “Christ, the Wingnut” he promised a follow up making fun of the book of Revelations. Turns out it was written prior to 2004. Bill claims copyright on it, but says he brother helped write it. Guess he didn’t want to share credit with him or pass the copyright to his wife….who will get the profits. Hahahahahahahahaha….whew, sorry, every time I think of Profits and Cabin Boy’s books in the same sentence…..

    Imagine the biblical book of Revelations, rewritten by Woody Allen or Mel Brooks. End Times: A Comedy in Two Acts, has more laughs in each scene than the ENTIRE Left Behind series. Co-playwrights and twin brothers Bill and Bob Schmalfeldt worked on this project.
    Sadly, Bob passed away in 2004. Proceeds from this work will be shared with his widow, Lori.

    Copyright – Bill Schmalfeldt (as the surviving playwright) (Standard Copyright License)
    Published – September 27, 2011

    Imagine, Bob helped write a book prior to his death in 2004, but Bill apparently didn’t want to share any money with him so waited until he was dead to publish it. At least that is my theory….which is as good as fact until Bill PROVES it wrong. Schmalfeldt Rules see? I’m sure in the vast Schmalfeldt archives there are all the cancelled checks to Bob’s widow proving she got all the money from the book, and of course a signed declaration from Bob that he is good with Bill waiting until after his death to publish and make money on it. Yep, just waiting on that proof now…..

  12. Meanwhile in the state case, looks like there was a ruling in the defendants favor – specifically in Mr. Hoge’s favor. The court denied BK’s motion to compel on discovery. Not sure what that was about, exactly, but he was moving to compel at least Mr. Hoge, RSM, and AW, as the three of them filed oppositions to the motion. He was also seeking a hearing to that effect.

    Appears to be a second bite at the apple, as he had filed a motion to compel back in January, and that was denied by Judge Ryon in the hearing on 4/9 (though the new motion to compel was submitted 4/1, so he did not yet *know* that the first one wasn’t going to make it, so maybe it was based on different reasons, or he had a feeling it wouldn’t make it – looks like there was never even opposition to that January motion to compel.)

    Also, looking at the scoreboard, it appears that Judge Rubin is not impressed with BK’s pro se skills.

    • TDPK spent a significant part of a hearing the day before Thanksgiving lecturing Judge Rubin on the meaning of a local rule … that had been drafted by Judge Rubin.


    • Guess Cabin Boy will have another tantrum as now he won’t be getting another round of sealed discovery to publish from his terrorist buddy.

  13. Speaking of stealing property, I wonder what royalty fees he is paying for his latest radio station music?

  14. I wonder if this is why a certain person has been so quiet today. He’s been tweeting with Karoli at Crooks and Liars who would appear to be planning to do a write up of this whole thing, and how we’re abusing Bill Schmalfeldt, and trying to bring about his complete and utter destruction, online and in real life, with all these bogus harassment charges and the like.

    Right wingers claim to be Christians yet engage in sustained and prolonged online and offline elder abuse. I will have that story soon. Karoli (@Karoli) April 23, 2014

    Off to work out a draft and research effects of prolonged harassment on elderly and disabled folks. Christian, my ass. Tormenter is Satan. Karoli (@Karoli) April 23, 2014

    Just to clarify here…the person being harassed is not me. But I can’t sit by any longer and watch them harm a guy dealing with Parkinson’s Karoli (@Karoli) April 23, 2014

    I wonder how she’d feel if someone did to her what Bill Schmalfeldt has been doing to so many over the last few years.

    I bet she’d be far, far nastier than any of us have ever been and wouldn’t give a crap about whether the perpetrator had a serious illness.

    • It would be an interesting experiment, but who’d want to be that vile? I tried reading BS Twitter feed once and it made me feel like I needed a shower. Ugh. I can’t imagine living life in that self-made sewage pit.

    • Luckily there are enough folks that have saved his vile tweets and blog posts that we can post comments to disprove whatever lies they happen to be peddling. Elder abuse? Yep, let’s see how that flies in the face of all the stuff Bill has had to say to the elderly, woman, etc….

      • Elder abuse? I’m on Medicare.

        Anyone who suspects that elder abuse is occurring in Maryland should call the Department of Aging at 800-91-PREVENT.

    • one would hope she actually do a little research and not just take Twinkie’s lying as truth..
      but she seems to be quite the Progressive Liberal, so I’m guessing the actual truth wont matter much to her…


    • The number of readers of this blog that have saved most or all of the Gobbler’s tweets, writings and photos will more than suffice to handle any garbage Karoli or whoever throws it this way. I think HoCo SA was surprised to see the extent and nature of Schmalfeldt’s writings.

      Still watching for the yellow tanks to bob up!

  15. “I doubt that Bill Schmalfeldt has enough sense…”

    Really, the sentence can end right there. Anything that follows is mere formality.

    • While I would join you in rooting for a newfound understanding of how he brings so much upon himself and how it’s within his power to change himself and his life, sadly, I suspect this respite is just a ruse until his “friend” completes her piece.

  16. Now that BS has a girl running defense for him, will she come to realize that he, Bill, is the most vile person on the planet when it comes to calling people names and defending his own past actions? I mean come one! Misogyny doesn’t even begin to cover it folks! I don’t need to remind anyone here of the childish names he’s come up with that I’ve certainly never heard of. Then we have the feces fetish that runs rampant through the history of this mans writings. Will his defender include these many incidents in her screed? How about the doxing? I will not be holding my breath. Ha! Computers are great though brethren. Screen caps are for those who think ahead.

    We are all to be ashamed though since, of course, if a person has a debilitating disease, they may be excused from acting out. Defending against actions by a person with such a malady is a no-no because we should know better.

    I say no. Let his defender write what she wants in typical progressive, one-sided fashion. We know what’s true and so does he.

    • Actually that’s rather funny, since he’s been calling Hoge all sorts of nasty names for “sending a stupid girl” (me) to do his dirty work. Like I’d want to stare into his bedroom window. Ick. The man has some strange fetishes it would seem.

  17. Cabin Boy’s frustration is bizarre. His silly “book” did not need to infringe our good host’s copyright in any way for him to make whatever belabored and incoherent point he wished. Indeed, the post he copied did not really even support his bizarre ravings about it.

    He sabotaged himself, all by himself, and probably intentionally. The Most Incompetent Martyr in the World.

  18. Karoli might just enjoy the butt stuff and that’s why she’s defending the Baghdad Blob. You can never tell with whacked out progressive chicks like her who have no moral compass.

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