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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s ongoing lawfare includes a bogus copyright suit, Kimberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked. TDPK submitted what appears to be another one of his altered Certified Mail green cards as an exhibit to one of his pleadings in that case.2580 ECF 7-DOnce again, the Restricted Delivery box is checked, but the Post Office receipt for the mail does not show that the fee was paid.3059 ECF 27-BThe receipt was filed with the court as part of an exhibit for a pleading in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. Among the many things TDPK needs to explain is why the mailing receipt for service of process in the copyright suit would be relevant to service of process in the RICO Madness.


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  1. Addressed to Kimheyly Liuugkol and Lyun Thomos. No wonder they came back as “undeliverable as addressed!”

  2. Hello fellow Hogewash readers, I hope you forgive me for hijacking this thread to beat my own drum.

    In my opinion, our excellent host – like some others sued by Brett Kimberlin – believes it is counterproductive for him to highlight certain IMPORTANT FACTS about Brett Kimberlin. The kind of important facts that haven’t been proven in court. But they are things that all those cooperating with Brett Kimberlin need to know. Indeed, all who ever might come in contact with him or his “charities” must know. I refer to:

    1. The fact that Brett Kimberlin has pedophilic leanings which can be definitively traced through his 20s and 40s, and presumably exist still today. He started “inappropriate” relations with Debbie Barton when he was 20 and she 10. It kept up until ages 24/14, when the girls’ grandmother, Julia Scyphers, separated them. Brett became irate and threatened suicide and made false complaints to management of an apartment Scyphers rented for her daughter/granddaughter. Weeks later Scyphers was shot dead by a colleague of Brett Kimberlin. While in prison, 33-year old Brett saw a magazine picture of a 17 year old cheerleader. Wrote letters, called, sent flowers. When a summer camp leader told Brett to stop, Brett sued her. Finally – it is a case where we must exercise discretion – 40 year old Brett brought back a 14 year old girl from Ukraine and according to criminal charges, had sex with her while she was underage. I know many of you know who this is, but we do NOT know if her wishes are to have her hardships compounded by public scrutiny. I will assume she wishes no scrutiny and you should too. But! Point #1 is that Brett is a dangerous pedophile who MURDERS and sues people who interfere with his pedophilic interests.

    2. As above, Brett Kimberlin is a murderer who had Julia Scyphers shot. This was not proven in court because the one witness to the slaying was old and not in good health and died before trial could begin. I think maybe defendants of Brett Kimberlin vexatious lawsuits wish to leave this obvious truth aside because they know it would only help him make more trouble in court. However there is no reason why the rest of us can’t keep reminding people. I believe an unrepentant murderer deserves to be reminded constantly of his evil crime, and you and I should all band together to do this. We should remind him, remind each other, remind those who help Brett Kimberlin. We can even teach, when the time is right, to those who don’t know. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT HARASS WHEN DOING THIS! All who read Hogewash see that harassment is the tactic that only serves unjust ends. If your ends are just, harassment will only twist them. But you can put the facts out there. Anyway, fact #2, besides the bomb that maimed Carl DeLong, Brett Kimberlin is a cold blooded unrepentant murderer and the more you know of the circumstances of that murder, the more you are horrified.

    3. It is well known and established that Brett set off some bombs in Speedway, Indiana. Please help keep this knowledge alive but more importantly, keep alive the understanding that he did it to distract from his recent murder of Julia Scyphers, and this murder in turn was all about his obviously creepy relationship with Deborah Barton.

    4. Brett Kimberlin laundered money routinely when he was a bigtime international drug smuggler. He forged many documents of all kinds, including scary stuff like pretending to be military law enforcement. Bought tons of “burner” cars using false identities. Even his bomb parts were bought while lying about identity. Forged prison release order in 1980 (didn’t work). Around age 40, forged travel documents of underaged girl so he could marry her younger than the lowest legal limit in Maryland. Now, forges court documents so his blatantly frivolous anti free speech lawsuits might have hope of succeeding by default judgment since they couldn’t stand up in court.

    What do you all think of the way I manage and promote Brett Kimberlin knowledge with the postings here:

    I think I give a high percentage of tweets to the most important Brett Kimberlin facts, which his defendants don’t talk about much because he’d use that against them. But we are not so constrained. The defendants are lots of different people, some of them are really amazing human beings like John Hoge. None could ever deserve the injustices from Brett Kimberlin. Let’s say the things that they have a hard time doing. What do you think?

    • Ugh… I made some mistakes in the above. Please don’t copy+paste it, not that you would want to. Correct if you feel like, ask if you feel like… but let’s be really careful while we disseminate the truth, to do a better job writing than I did above.

      First mistake I see is camp director was a HIM, not a HER. There are also some dates wrong and factual mistakes in my twitter history. I will be making a blog (actually some articles already written) that will keep all this stuff straight and carefully checked so we can all refer.

      Hope you’re still with me even though I’m clumsy,

      • Unfortunately we can’t pin the murder of Julia Scypers legally on TDPK. We have to use the word allegedly, since he was never charged let alone convicted.

        Other than that I think you did a good job above. I, too, think it is important to keep reminding people who TDPK is…the speedway bomber, legally responsible for the death of Carl DeLong, a perjurer from all the way back in his teen years, a document forger going back to his early 20s at least. A drug smuggler, and accused pedophile are just a few examples.

      • Aren’t we allowed to believe and say Brett had Julia Scyphers murdered, even though the murder wasn’t tried in court? It is true, and Brett cannot sue me, so I see no downside.

        Whereas, even though it’s true, Brett CAN sue the RICO defendants. I don’t know all their legal strategies but I assume they no longer feel at liberty to speak as freely. Brett Kimberlin’s anti free speech crusade has (partially, temporarily) WORKED against these defendants, therefore those of us who can must make sure it FAILS among everyone else to offset.

        Besides, being a Humbert Humbert little girl fancier and grandma murder seems totally worse to me than most of the forgeries. Let Hoge write about forgeries since these concern him personally and he can and will prove them. Let the rest of us attend to the other nastiness. I keep thinking about it since Hoge is doing such a great job writing about Brett Kimberlin nastiness even though he has a lot at risk doing it and has received harassment campaigns and been sued. The rest of us need to step up our game to match and many of us don’t even have the handicaps he does.

      • Replying to Monitor2112,

        While it would be appropriate to say that we can’t pin the murder of Julia Schyphers on Brett Kimberlin criminally, it may in fact be entirely possible to implicate him civilly. Should Brett Kimberlin ever sue BK Watch for defamation, his claims would be adjudicated presumably based on the preponderance of the evidence.

        In Brett Kimberlin’s authorized biography his biographer notes that he was approached by an FBI agent who told him Brett Kimberlin had informed him that the murder weapon was buried on the property of I think it was Sandy Barton’s sister [who had gained custody of Schypher’s granddaughter.] While Kimberlin may have thought he was implicating cleverly the sister, the FBI agent noted immediately the implication of Brett Kimberlin’s apparent knowledge of the chain of custody of the murder weapon. Singer left it as an exercise for the reader to draw the same inference. While I can’t state for certain Singer didn’t fabricate that account, I have no reason whatsoever to suspect that he did. That would be an incredibly odd thing for a real journalist to do. Perhaps, someday in some courtroom some judge is going to have to rule on the correctness of that inference.

        OJ Simpson was found criminally not guilty and civilly responsible for the murder of Nicole Simpson. Is it fair to say that OJ was found legally determined to be the murderer of Nicole Simpson. I say he was.

    • Haha, I know many call it bad taste to reply to your own posts, and I’m doing it twice in rapid succession.

      Those people sued by Brett might also be afraid to say, totally upfront, that Brett Kimberiln charities like Velvet Revolution, US and Justice Through Music Project are scams to line Brett’s pockets. I admire the way John Hoge’s blog gives very illuminating posts that we can use to INFER that these are Kimberlin scam projects, but I bet Hoge feels he can’t come right out and say the words, “Brett Kimberlin is a scammer and these organizations are a lying cheating scam… perpetrated by a pedophilic murderer who murdered the grandma of a little girl he was creepily pursuing!” But we can come right out and say those words. At least some of us can. Those who can, please do, just always do it with care and justice. I know that Brett Kimberlin’s deeds are brutal, so our own words can seem brutal when repeating his deeds, but please always keep your heart kind and truthful and don’t give in to the brutality. Truth, honesty, vigorous adherence to just means, these are the only tools that can “brutalize” dishonesty and evil. The truth can be a harsh, brutal thing toward harsh, brutah people but its wielder must think, and feel, carefully.

  3. BKWatch – I appreciate your passion for doing the right thing and exposing Brett Kimberlin for the monster all evidence shows him to be. Some of the people who post here make a point of occasionally naming full names and aliases, such as Brett Kimberlin’s alias of the “Speedway Bomber” due to setting off a series of bombs in Speedway, Indiana.

    However, (and you thought there was a “but” coming! 🙂 ), if all of us listed all of Brett Kimberlin’s notorious crimes for which he was convicted over and over in several posts every day, well, there are so many they would consume the entire thread. Please don’t misunderstand: I’m glad you are willing to take the time to list his crimes here and on twitter. God Bless you for your efforts; I know it’s a lot of work.

    On the other hand, there are crimes most, if not all, of us believe Brett Kimberlin committed but for which he has not YET been convicted. I hope he will be convicted for all of his crimes, the sooner the better. For those crimes it’s important to list or link to why you believe he’s guilty of those crimes. For example, above you mentioned his inappropriate relationship with the Barton child which is described in detail in the authorized biography of Brett Kimberlin by Mark Singer, “Citizen K”. There are also the allegations made by Brett Kimberlin’s wife under penalty of perjury to justify my belief that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

    I think you’ll agree that Brett Kimberlin has and will file frivolous lawsuits just to harass. Our host doesn’t need more litigation from the tiny terrorist when the diminutive dud demands our host provide your ip so he can vexatiously sue you too. Who knows what kind of conspiracy theory he could dream up about your posts and use to further harass the current defendants. There is not target too small for this petty, vindictive felon. Also, consider from Brett Kimberlin’s point of view, being so short, what seems small to most of us may seem huge to him. 🙂

    • What’s so bad is that besides not getting convicted for some of his crimes, he ALSO gets away with lies and sympathetic sounding persecution stories. Like, maybe his murder victim’s son-in-law was the real killer? This was part of a stupid claim he made that the CIA was out to get him. The use of this lie SHOULD compound his rottenness in everyone’s eyes. To a few credulous dupes, it instead softens it. His Quayle tale changes:

      “I was sentenced to most of a lifetime for MANY counts of serious crimes [plus am a recidivist]”


      “Corrupt government’s out to get me, politician badly and severely abuses power against me to hide what a damnable hypocrite he is.”

      Kimberlin successfully gets many onlookers believing all the non-adjudicated known facts about his dangerousness (e.g., killed Scyphers over pedophilic relationship) are slanted self-interested tales by partisans or corrupt people. This is quite a trick and it has made many credulous dupes and semi-credulous semi-dupes who give him FAR more credit than he deserves (i.e., ZERO!)

      The counter is: do not blunt your factual and logical attack in a way that plays in his interest. For instance, I (and surely many others) am beyond suing so I while I do still have duty to truth and fairness, as you surely keep seeing, that’s NOT the same thing as how you must talk if your goal is to avoid the methods of a vexatious litigant.

      Other counter: don’t dilute your truth, facts, and logic with evil such as envy, hatred, schadenfreude, and as I pointed out, partisan angles always work more to Brett’s advantage. Bringing justice to BK can never be subordinated to some partisan politics. True, a progressive is quite wrong if he cleaves to BK out of political bias. But which do you want to do: work on convincing him, or, attack him and feel good about how much better you are than him? The second choice is immediately satisfying, more likely to “work,” and also a moral failing of subordinating justice to partisanship.

      Sorry for being so preachy.

      • Remember, the Devil’s greatest scam is to convince people he doesn’t exist … infer what you will from that.

      • No offense taken.

        Once the lawsuits hit, I decided that I would not cave in to TDPK’s shutuppery. I’ve continued to discuss his past and current activities. However, I’ve pulled some of my punches or have saved others because of timing based on legal strategy. I suspect that Brett Kimberlin will deeply regret having sued me after the evidence developed during the investigation for my defense against his frivolous lawsuits comes to light.

        Stay tuned.

      • From your keyboard to God’s eyes John. It’s odd, in the many sentencing hearings I’ve attended (both as the one being sentenced and as an unwilling spectator as others were sentenced) not a one asked for justice. All asked for mercy, for an amelioration of the punishment deserved. For in truth, justice would demand a much harsher punishment. Remember Romans 5:18

  4. I find myself a little suspicious of BKWatch… he sounds like he’s on the right side, but he’s tossing around unproven allegations as statements of fact. and that can come back and bite Our Host on the ass. There’s the slightest whiff of Moby about him. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but when dealing with TDPK, paranoia can be a survival skill.

    But on TDPK himself… maybe he actually does deserve his reputation for cunning. It’s starting to look like his great legal strategy was to cheat on such a basic, fundamental level that hardly anyone would ever think to question it. Faking service in such a way? If the defendant has never been served, but the court is presented with documents saying he was, why shouldn’t TDPK get a default judgment? To question it is to question the fundamental rules of the courts, that you do NOT submit fake documents that can so easily be proven to be fake. It’s such a stupid move, no one thinks to take it into account.

    Until one person does. Until one person gets the bright idea to question every single thing TDPK submits and start off with the assumption that it’s false until proven true, and discovers the little game with the mail service. And once that first example is found, you can’t believe that it is actually real. So you go looking at other cases, other examples… and the pattern emerges. Each time Kimberlin claims, under penalty of perjury, that he followed the rules of serving notice… but he didn’t, not really, and actually sabotaged his own notices in such a way that they might never get to the right parties. At that point, proceed to GO and collect your default judgment.

    And if it does actually get through, then oh, well — nothing lost.

    Until that one person catches on, and goes digging, and keeps digging… at which point plead ignorance and “oops” and “it’s no big deal” and “the Post Office screwed up, not me” and other excuses.

    Now all it takes is a judge to realize that those excuses are total BS and that TDPK is gaming the system — and has done so repeatedly. At that point, he gets nailed for perjury, fraud, and declared a vexatious litigant and aggravated vagrancy with intent to commit mopery.

    But what if the judge in this case doesn’t do that? Not the end of the world. Because Kimberlin has used this tactic so many times, there are several judges who were victimized by his fraud. At least one of them should be irritated enough to smack him down as he so richly deserves.

    • It must be noted that Bill Schmalfeldt plays the part of Moby as much as he looks it. As long as Brett Kimberlin does not publicly reaffirm any of Schmalfeldt’s rantings it is of no concern to his case. If Brett Kimberlin wishes to pursue his case by having himself or someone else trash him publicly in the hopes of trapping someone in the lawsuit into taking BKWatch’s words as their own, so much the better. Having read the SAT scores of folks here I seriously doubt anyone here is sufficiently dumb to fall into such a trap.

      Either we live in a world in which Brett Kimberlin is being trashed successfully and publicly by BKWatch or Brett Kimberlin is being trashed by Brett Kimberlin.

      • I got a chuckle from your point in the second paragraph!

        If people want to take my words as their own, I hope they wait until I finish writing my (not-yet-live) blog posts, which will be much better edited. I think.

    • This seems like wish casting. This happened right in front of the faces of two different judges in Maryland. One decided that it was ambiguous and ignored it. One got mad about it but said it wasn’t punishable.

      Now maybe, just maybe, things are different at the Federal court level, but I don’t really see evidence of that. This game has been exposed for a long time, the documentary evidence is irrefutable, and not only did BK not refute it, he admitted the truth of them.

      And yet, there has been nothing. If i were sitting in Judge Grimm’s bench and someone came in and told that story about how the Twitchy summons happened, I would have banned them from my courtroom right then and there. That was not merely fabricating evidence, that was fabricating court documents.

      So the answer of why he keeps doing it is simple. Because it works and costs him nothing, while always costing his adversaries something.

      • The MD judge the other day, per the transcript, was under the misapprehension that BK was a first-time pro se plaintiff. She was unwilling to dismiss with prejudice based on her limited knowledge of what BK is, who he has been and what he is monkeying around with the mail for.
        There’s actually a much clearer picture building in the federal case.

      • So, how do you think Judge Ryon would have acted differently if she wasn’t under the impression that he was first time pro se?

      • If she’d had a clearer picture of his mendacity,I think she would have had some ideas for handling him, sua sponte.

    • If you think a particular approach would be imprudent, by all means remain prudent. But you didn’t need me to tell you that! Point is, I understand not everyone can feel safe to publicly write about whether Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile and murderer and that’s fine.

      But those who CAN safely write about the truth, might help dismantle Brett Kimberlin’s edifice of lies before the slow wheels of justice finish turning. Remember it took about 3 years between Brett Kimberlin’s bombs and his first convictions for the bombings. Who knows how long today’s Kimbercrimes take to resolve. Until then, we can help make it less likely that he picks up more credulous dupes.

      Hoge’s labor seems to be to take care of the “slow wheels of justice” side of things, which looks like a truly difficult job that needs talent and patience to do right. I hope my earlier words didn’t belie the fact that I’m always super impressed by what he’s doing. I’m content to stick to the “low talent” side of the bargain and read Citizen K and hopefully warn off future dupes (like “charity” donations) in the meantime.

  5. Ok, so this experienced scammer tried to run the Green Card Scam even after Hoge and Aaron exposed it? Is that what we’re seeing? I understand he tried to get the clerk to do the dirty work w/out filing a motion. But still, there’s no way the court will ever fall for the Green Card Scam again.

    I’ve got a motion for Kimberlin, by the way. Well. It’s more of a hand gesture than a motion.

  6. Uh John, aren’t all the lawsuits part of the same con game? Just like the non profits are interchangeable with the name Brett Kimberlin? C’mon. One green card should be applicable for all three cases in BK-world, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as we’ve noticed he plays fast and loose games with service of process.

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