Enough Already

Cyberthuggery, copyright infringement, and arrogance rarely make for a successful strategy.@PatO201404222121ZshineboxSo is trying to play in the majors before you’re ready for the big leagues.

I hope that I am done with the Cabin Boy™ for now. It would be wise for him to give it a rest.

75 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Wait – haven’t we seen this woe is me, nobody likes me, everybody hates me thing before?

  2. Now he wants Mr. Hoge to…what? Fistfight him? What a complete and utter moron he is

    If @wjj/hoge wants to take me down, let him do it himself instead of sending a stupid girl to do it for him. @librarygryffon

    • That’s rich, coming from a big p*ssy like Cousin Bill…

      His brothers were always rescuing him from those situations where his battleship mouth would overload his rowboat ass…

      • And that was posted AFTER I told him to stop contacting me by any method. /sigh

        Of course on his blog he’s envisioning Hoge sending me over to his place from “Scrotum, Connecticut” to peer in his window. (He really does have a fixation on folks reproductive organs, doesn’t he?) I’m not sure why he thinks Hoge would think that would scare him, or why he thinks anyone would drive all that distance just to do something that ridiculous.

        He’s claiming that Hoge has made it open season on family, because of a commenter or two here. If he drags my family into this, he’ll have to worry something other than my simply coming to peer in his window, because I have never attacked his family members. I have commented that none of them seem to want to talk to him, but that’s hardly an attack, unless you are poor, delusional Unca Biwwy.

        I’d feel sorry for the man but there are thousands of others going through similar health issues as he is, and they don’t spend their time trying to piss of as many people as possible so they can cry “Victim! Look, I’m a victim!”

    • He must lash out at his nemesis because his cries for help to the progressive community have fallen on deaf ears. He didn’t do this for them, he did it to satisfy himself and they know this.
      Not with a bang but with a whimper Bill …

      • His blatant, rampant homophobia and misogyny couldn’t have helped his cause with the #p2 crowd. Just sayin’…

        • Exactly. Bill also fails to conceptualize the single most important word when writing about others by name, including their names in an excerpt of a blog comment section or publishing the copyeirhted material of another. That word is “consent”. If he had obtained consent on all of those things he would not be the subject of DMCA take-down notices nor C&D notices to his publisher pending review for potential libel torts …

      • I did notice not one “friend” to help him. Xidiot is too busy bothering Lee, Little Willy played him out and is done with him, Number None hasn’t tweeted in a long time (Bill’s sock?), Xenophon is tweeting up a storm but no love for Bill. Guess he finally got tired of Bill’s crying. There there are those on the run from the law in in followers list, qritiq, Melissa Brewer, catsrimportant, etc. so no help there. I don’t think SERVPRO Glen Burnie gives a shit, and then there are a ton of socks and auto follows from his many, many, many free trial periods like Shoutcast etc. The many Parkinson’s accounts might take an interest, but more like he was a dementia specimen then helping him further his harassment.

        • The usual hyper-inflated followers list. On Twitter, you are lucky to have 10% of your followers actually read what is tweeted unless you are a celebrity at some level.

    • Fatboi is in rare form right now. I think it’s going to blow! Talking all crazy about building castles out of turd balls…that’s nasty!

  3. who has the running count on how many ‘contacts’ (remember, indirect are still violations of the PO) made tonight…i’m past one hand now, which, i know, is higher than twinkie can count.

  4. Sad to see my brother like this, if only he hadnt done this same thing to his family and friends, somebody might be there to save him today. Oops.

  5. Is this temper tantrum about Amazon et al. pulling his book because he didn’t actually write it?

    Maybe if he offered to share royalties and acknowledge co-authorship with our generous host, he could get the book back on the market.

  6. Nice 3 hour twitter rant CB. But demanding lickspittles to shut up is not going to work. So give that one a rest. FOCUS on something else.

  7. Good lord, Cousin Bill has been reduced to(paraphrasing):

    “You had better stop givin’ me a sad, or I might just kill myself, ’cause I haz some Parkinson’s!”

    Too damn bad. This situation is your own damn fault, rowboat ass. Grow up, act like a man.

    • He does act like those criminals who when they’re caught tell police “the gun went off”. I suppose in this case, the computer went off.

      For someone who claims to be a practicing Catholic, he sure doesn’t act like he believes in Free Will. All of his problems are because someone or something else did something to him, or made him do something. There’s not much he’s done that he feels personally responsible for, is there?

      hese threats of suicide next month, but he may be too far gone to do it then make me wonder if there is something to my theory that the doctor suggested he should look into hospice for sometime in the not extremely distant future. Or else he’s just trying to guilt us all into feeling bad, because PD! Or both.

    • If you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating.—
      Bill Schmalfeldt (@LiberalGrouch) November 30, 2012

      Ah, memories….

      • I think I missed something related to your comment. Did he accuse someone dead of stalking him?

      • In a manner of speaking, yes. He published a FALSE & DEFAMATORY post on 4/18 wondering out loud why a self-professed bipolar nutjob such as myself should have access to firearms. Then he revealed the results of an apparent criminal background check he did through PeopleSmart.com which identified Patrick Grady as having a permit for firearm training.

        Unfortunately, that Patrick Grady a) lives in a different town, b) is several years older than me, and c) died in 2001.

        He took that post down yesterday, but thanks to the magic of screen caps, his epic #doxfail can be enjoyed forever.

      • Didn’t he also say he was sending that info to the SA? They must really have a blast down there in the office. Probably have a pool on how many idiotic documents they will get from him in a given week.

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