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On 9 April, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin admitted to Judge Ryon during a hearing in the the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al., “I’ve never paid an extra fee for restricted delivery.”

On 11 March, TDPK filed his answers to Judge Grimm concerning why he should not be sanctioned for forging a summons sent to Twitchy in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness and why some of the defendants in that case should not be dismissed for lack of service of process. Here is a section of the Certified Mail green card filed as Exhibit A in his pleading about service of process.ECF 103-AThe Post Office receipts filed as Exhibit B in TDPK’s January report to Judge Grimm on service of process confirm that the Restricted Delivery fee was not paid for the Certified Mail article with that tracking number. So there’s documentary evidence and an admission against interest during a state proceeding that point to Kimberlin’s submitting an altered green card as that Exhibit A.

On the very day that he was answering the court about forging a document, TDPK appears to have submitted a forged document to the court as an exhibit. I couldn’t make up a story like that if I tried.


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  1. I can’t figure out if he just doesn’t want to pay the piddly restricted delivery fee or if his goal is to intentionally cause confusion and chaos in his own case just to drag out the whole thing and cause more problems for the defendants. The other option could be he’s just a dumb ass. Or the most likely, the ever popular, all of the above.

  2. Are forged court documents considered perjury? The reason I ask is because this particular Brett Kimberlin crime seems unusual enough that the justice system hardly knows what to do about it. They do know a thing or two about perjury, though.

      • Tao: Not so much … his bombs were primitive and ill-designed. Highly under powered and of shoddy manufacture.

      • “his bombs were primitive and ill-designed. Highly under powered and of shoddy manufacture.”

        And yet, if as conjectured, intended to draw attention away from the murder of Scyphers, well, they worked well enough.

    • Should be. They are supposed to be submitted as true and honest and original under penalty of. But didn’t TDPK omit that statement from his filings?

  3. Mr Hoge:

    Thank you for your submission, but we must respectfully decline it at this time. The major antagonist acts in a wholly illogical manor. His behavior would be scoffed at by an elementary schooler. Only a complete moron and/or narcissistic sociopath could engage in such.

    • Hmmm. Every con-man and scammer relies on his victims to willingly suspend disbelief in order to ply their trade. BK is applying the same tactics against the court. I pray it fails.

        • Even Bill relies on a willing suspension of disbelief from those who follow his ravings. He has suspended his disbelief when it comes to BK so in his mind, all must do so or risk his anger at being betrayed …

      • It is always ever more costly for him to face up to what Kimberlin really is.

        Brett has probably used this on everyone who’s ever gotten close to him, so by now he has some experience.

      • Schmalfeldt is a vile man of little intellect. He has alienated most people due to his behavior. His regular visits to his “sweaty palmed happy place” have shown people exactly the kind of person he is and for that reason no one wants to associate with him. But he craves being the “good boy”. He needs for someone to give him a pat on the head, so he latches on to Kimberlin, Rauhauser, and their little band of criminals. All his Master has to do is throw him a bone once in a while. “Hey, nice article Bill.”, “Let me drive you to court Bill”. Any small act and the Cabin Boy will do whatever he is told to do. It must grate on Bill in his moments of honest self reflection that he has sold his soul to Kimby for nothing more then a “good boy” and the occasional taxi service.

        • ” It must grate on Bill in his moments of honest self reflection”
          I highly doubt this occurs. There is scant evidence Bill engages in anything more than a facile look at himself. He exhibits zero self awareness, indicative of an inability to actually reflect or examine himself in any way.
          As Socrates said (and quoted by Plato), “The unexamined life is not worth living” appears to ring true once again. Thus the tumult, hatred, anger and envy displayed by Bill.
          Yes envy. I think that envy really drives Bill in his harassment of our host as well as we “lickspittles”.

  4. Apparently BK relies on sheer audacity. Think about the fact that in over 200 years the state of Maryland never considered that someone would submit fraudulent documents in court seriously enough to make it a crime.

    I know, they put on those forms that you are submitting something under penalty of perjury, but it isn’t actually against the law. Apparently you can file any old thing against any old body and it is cost free to you.

    Look at the “assault” thing – you can watch the video pretty easily and see that no assault occurred, and nothing happened that would send a guy to the hospital. Yet BK is making that claim in state and Federal court.

    People keep wondering why he does such things – it isn’t necessarily sociopathic behavior. Because, like Skinner’s rats, he does what he is rewarded for. He made a pile of money as a drug smuggler. Apparently working as a jailhouse lawyer brought him benefits, And no costs. He sued the Feds over not having an electric guitar in prison. He made a pile of money based on his false claim of selling pot to Dan Quayle, as well as undying support from Joe Biden and Dick Durbin.

    He lied right in front of a Maryland judge who was angry, but unable to do a single thing about it.

  5. The Dread Forger Kimberlin is at it again!

    Filed on Good Friday, DE #121 asks the Clerk to enter default judgment against He attaches as “evidence” the very return receipt dealt with above, whose authenticity has been called into question by TDPK’s admission against interest in the state court hearing on 9 April.

    Moreover, the motion ignores Judge Grimm’s order at DE #88 that a motion to amend the complaint (which TDPK filed on March 7, DE #100) would toll the time to respond for all parties that had not yet responded.

    Running low on dough, Brett? Trying to pull a fast one on the court to keep this disaster afloat?


    • What isn’t illegal in Maryland could very well be illegal in a federal court. Folks here have published it is a federal crime to alter a court record. It would seem that the documentation for a default notice would be part of a Federal Court’s record.

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