In Re a Copyright

The Cabin Boy™ has posted the following tweet concerning me:@PatO201404211906ZI have made no such claim.

I advised Amazon that Chapter Thirteen of My Slow, Journalistic Death appears to infringe my copyright on a blog post. It is my understanding that Amazon has taken the position that the apparent infringement violates their Terms of Service and that the ebook is being removed from the Kindle Store.

UPDATE—AmazonCopyrightEmailUPDATE 2—PatO201404220024ZNo, it isn’t.


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  1. He also stupidly says you are tying to goad him into contacting you. The man does seem to have abandoned all rational thought processes.

  2. Looks like Bill thinks that if he uses the term “Fair Use”, it magically allows him to cut and paste entire posts from someone else’s website. Not surprising.

  3. Big difference between owning the copyright on a portion of a book and OWNING the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel. My request was to request the book be held from release for sale and distribution if my name is used anywhere in the book as I have not given permission for such and I would request the hold for my attorneys to verify that there is no cause for a libel tort prior to publication or distribution.

  4. Seriously, has CBBS ever heard of the concept of “fair use”, and how it relates to copyright?

    You were quite correct, and he’s an idiot on two obvious grounds: first, having infringed your copyright; and second, saying something as stupid as you have claimed “ownership” of garbage.

    • Most people think “Fair Use” excuses a lot more than it really does. Just search for a music video on Youtube. People will repost clearly copyrighted content with “This is fair use under 17 USC 107. No infringement is intended.” As if that would protect them.

      Simply ridiculous.

  5. Bill,

    Why don’t you contact your thesis advisor at the imaginary school of journalism you attended along with the PR gut at the States Attorneys office and with the imaginary christmas eve Elf clerk at the judges office…

    Tell em you have Parkinsons and you need to be able to steal others property

  6. I have two questions regarding comments in this thread.

    First comment: “he’s an idiot on two obvious grounds…”

    Second comment: “Saw this coming a mile away…”

    Questions –
    1. Only two obvious grounds?
    2. Only a mile away?

  7. Was that nice officer who stopped by the shack the other day – was he in your imaginary class too.

    BTW Amazon is reviewing your activities on line….

    Including your Twitter stream oops!

  8. And of course, since the Cabin Boy claims Mr. Hoge has just made a terrible, terrible mistake, I suppose now would be an appropriate time to ask:

    How are things proceeding? 🙂

  9. Smashwords does not publish inflammatory hate speech books


    3. Infringement.

    3a. Removal of Infringing or Defamatory Work of Author. Smashwords takes claims of infringement seriously and may take immediate action upon notice from someone claiming to be an Infringed party and pursuant to our DMCA policy [see policy at end of this document]. Generally, upon receipt of a written notice from a party infringed or defamed by Author’s material (or someone purporting to be his agent, publisher, attorney in fact or assign), Smashwords will remove the Author’s Work and reserves the right to remove any and all information about the Author, the Author’s Work or the publisher from the Site.

  10. Ooh, a terrible, terrible mistake! So nutty, yet so entertaining.

    I love how he’s “hastening his own demise” by reading and reacting to this blog. Like I stated earlier, he just can’t help himself. Nut.

  11. How cute. They’re crowing that the book is back online. Actually, it just hasn’t been taken down yet.

  12. Considering Rove made the web sites selling CB’s crap remove everything with his image, can’t wait to see what Rove’s lawyers have to say about a “book” on Amazon claiming he gave political access in exchange for sexual favors with a man.

  13. Bill’s saving grace is – he has to actually sell a book for it to be published libel – so he’s good for a while

  14. For those that are smarter than Cabin Boy, I will explain.
    Maybe Cabin Boy’s use of our honorable host’s blog post was “Fair Use”, maybe it isn’t. I don’t care and neither does Amazon.
    Because “Fair Use” is a defense to an infringement action. In other words, in a copyright infringement claim, if the plaintiff can prove infringement then the infringer may still not be liable if they can prove a valid Fair Use defense.

    Amazon is uninterested in a fair use defense, because they don’t want to defend an infringement suit at all. That’s why no reputable publisher relies upon “Fair Use” for copying others works into a work they publish. That’s why reputable publishers will obtain permission for any quotes that they use from another’s works. Reputable businesses don’t take the risk except in very very extraordinary circumstances.

    Beyond that, you know as well as I that once a human being in Amazon read Cabin Boy’s bizarre ravings, they pulled that crap off their website as fast as they could.

  15. I guess Unca Biwwy owes a few people, including poor “Silly Nancy Gilly” (or is it “Silly Jilly Gilly” or “Silly Nancy Jilly” — he really can’t keep anything straight anymore can he?) an apology. Or three.

  16. It’s been obvious for at least the last six months or more that Bill’s memory issues are getting worse, and so are his cognitive abilities. Some of his otherwise irrational seeming levels of anger at everyone are probably because at least on some level he recognizes this and, who can blame him, it scares the crap out of him.

    Why else would he spend so much time trying to prove how smart he is, with constant belittling of anyone who disagrees with him, calling them stupid, and dim, or lacking “intellectual capacity”. It’s partly projection, but it’s also that only by proving to himself that he’s still better than others can he drive that scary demon back into its hiding hole, even if only for a while. He has to keep repeating this, because the demon won’t ever go away, because it’s simply reality.

    And of course part of it is just that he’s a world class narcissist, who was probably not told no often enough as a child. If he wants something, it’s his. If someone does something which he doesn’t like, obviously they are wrong, not him. It’s why he can with a straight face tell someone to get off his Twitter timeline, because it’s “rude” if one posts to someone else without permission. How many times has he posted to various Lickspittles’ or Mr. Hoge’s timelines using @ without permission? Same with his ideas of appropriate “journalistic techniques”. OK for him to use, evil and unfair for anyone else.

    It’s really amazing what sorts of delusions people can continue to hold in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    • Poor Bill. Even his inclusion of actual intelligent content (albeit stolen from this blog including the scintillating comment section) he actually loses out to a DMCA take-down notice and a C&D pending review by attorneys for potential libel tort naming the author, publisher and all distributors …
      Poor, poor Bill. So envious, so needy, so pathetic.

    • Sadly, I think the answer is never. It would require recognizing reality, and I think he’s too far gone to do that.

      • ^^^^^ This. He makes his own reality where he is some sort of a hero. Take a peek at some of the previews of his books. He is always the superhero. Maybe it stems from the fact that he knows he is weak physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Who knows with the Cabin Boy.

  17. Ahhhh. You don’t often get a bitchslap of those proportions, with such satisfying contact, kinetic transfer and penetration. Leaves you feeling energized and refreshed. Well played. Well played.

    • I don’t really expect to see much until after lunch. By that point he’ll have figured out how to pretend it never happened or that he actually meant for it to happen, the way a cat does after it’s done something really stupid and inelegant and you’ve laughed at it.

      I’m not sure how he’ll sell having meant for it to happen, especially with all his bragging tweets yesterday, but I’m sure he’ll give it the old college try.

      Either that, or we’ll have to deal with a wall to wall, hours long pity party with non stop tweets further proving the lie that he can neither type very fast nor speak more than a sentence at a time for his VR software.

      Either should be very entertaining. Get the popcorn ready folks.

      • Or he’ll spend the morning deleting the tweets where he bragged. It’s a toss up. When dealing with the Cabin Boy you never know what path of stupidity he will choose.

      • He is predictable. Always tries to cover the stench of his own vile nature. But as you noted, there are people saving his tweets for posterity. He can run from his stupidity, but he can no longer hide it.

  18. He’s prolific though. He released another book. Adding blasphemy to his list of sins, it appears. Such a good Catholic…

    • Oh, but he claims it’s not what believes, but what Mr. Hoge and the lickspittles (heh, my phone’s auto fill wants to say “lack skittles”) believe.

      He has to grossly misrepresent others’ beliefs so he can continue to delude himself that he follows the “true” way.

      If he didn’t take such delight in trying to psychologically torture people one could feel sorry for him.

    • Commander Quaalude tries to be “shocking”. He fancies himself a Howard Stern type.
      Minus the brains, money, hair, audience, stability, real house, woman worth looking at. You get the point.

      Don’t worry. This latest tome will languish somewhewre for a decade and not garner a single review.

      I’m gonna miss him!

      • I just checked, and amazingly it’s already got two reviews. They won’t help sales much though I fancy.

  19. This is interesting, in his new book, Bill has fobidden the borrowing of his book!

    Goodbye libraries.

  20. So, has he convinced Amazon that it can’t be part of the Kindle lending library? Not that I imagine it would be one of the more popular titles. }8)

  21. Journalistic Death is back, under a new title over at (Brain Dead (How my killers are using my own brain to murder me)

    It’s like playing Whack a Mole, though that’s more fun.

    • Fatboi will never hear of an editor? Damn thing still has misspellings and how, in the hell, are people going to click links in a hard cover book???

      • He’s a professional editor! How dare you question his abilities! /sarc

        I think we rushed him. By taking down the smashwords edition, he just had to get his journalistic brilliance out there for the masses, and couldn’t be bothered to take the time to fix piddly little issues like that. *snerk*

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