82 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Puddin’ Head is back. Looks like his tweets will be “all book, all the time”, at least until he gets pissed.

  2. I wonder if he’s aware that people are now just contacting their local LEO whenever he illegally doxes them?

      • I think the most important avenue for exploration is why Gobbles’ offspring hat him so much.

        The first part of this is the fact that Gobbles has taken such pride in the fact that he was cuckolded not once but according to him many, many times. What is so shameful about this is not only did he stamp and obviously lovely woman with the scarlet letter of infidelity, but how much he seemed to enjoy it.
        Secondly was the branding of the offspring of said cuckolding, if in fact it occurred the way Gobbler said it did. Regardless, the shameful way he described the story, in his words, would fill any child of said union with murderous rage and hatred. Simple fact, it didn’t have to be said and Gobbler’s insane drivel has ruined yet another life. Perhaps Janina should be given a forum in which she could address the real truth. Perhaps social workers should be encouraged to attempt closure and healing from Gobbler’s cruel tactics.

        In order to be believed, Gobbler must first publish a sworn statement on a neutral forum wherein his Navy records and his federal workforce records are included in their entirety. Eventually, it’s going to come up in a court trial anyway, so Gobbler – make it easy on yourself. Why would it come up?

        Impeachment of a witness. Your paralegal can explain it to you…….if he dares! Remember, practicing law without a valid license is a felony!

        Gobbles (short for Joseph Goebbels), you are under the microscope now. It is time to come clean and admit the truth!

        Perhaps then we can ascertain if this brain malfunction occurred during gestation/

    • Between his “d0xes” and his tax returns things have been rumbling and tumbling in the back of my mind … If Bill left the Navy because of a knee injury … If Bill was a GS13 step whatever with the NIH (and other departments/agencies in the government) … If Bill “retired” from a government job due to his Parkinson’s Disease (which I regard as very real and a very tragic disease that affects Bill much more than he admits) … I have a few questions that have been at the back of my mind since early this month. I don’t expect Bill to answer them as I am just a guy, nothing special, not a “journalist” self-entitled to demand answers! I just have some niggling questions that perhaps the answers to them are known and I just missed them, so help me out here if you know the answer!
      1) Why is Bill’s pension so small?
      2) Why are the Social Security benefits so small?
      3) Does Bill receive a VA disability payment for his knee injury in the Navy?
      4) If not, why not?
      5) What is Bill’s discharge status, did he receive an Honorable Discharge or a General Discharge (which would explain so much)?
      6) Does Bill receive treatment at a VA facility (not just Parkinson’s, but other medical treatment too)?
      These are the niggling thoughts that are rumbling and tumbling in my mind!

      *** Nota Bene:The opinion expressed is solely that of Paul H. Lemmen and the posting of the contents of this comment does not imply agreement with or approval of this comment nor does it’s use convey any responsibility or ownership upon the blog owner.

        • Heh. Well, I posted a link to the online pdf of my military record request and DD-214. I have nothing to hide. Does Bill? (Rhetorical question).

      • 1. I haven’t discussed anyone else’s salary. So we shall not discuss mine.

        Is it just me or did he not go on at length about how he was making almost 6 figures for years and how he doubted many of the Lickspittles could claim the same etc? He brought up his salary many times, now he wants to clam up. Curious that.

        • Not curious, typical that he dissembles … Remember that when dealing with Bill, everything he states as a fact is a falsehood and everything he states is a lie is truth. Also, as with everyone on TK, every accusation against anyone is in fact what they themselves are doing …

      • This is an effective way to deal with The Gobbler. Clearly his pension and penchant for extremely cruel treatment of innocent others does not square with his so-called GS-13 status.
        Gobbler, its time to face the truth and come clean….as if that were ever possible!

  3. http://wp.me/p4tZ2Q-v

    This is a private blog, you’ll need to request access, which a couple of LICKSPITTLES!!! have already received. I believe you’ll find it worth the effort.

    To prove bona fides, follow @brainsrfood and send a DM. Or just send a tweet. DMs get higher priority.

    • DM is impossible unless you already follow the requester. Tweet only is possible once one follows you. Check your interactions …

  4. Gee, Willy’s feeling so good about himself this morning, I hate to point out the obvious to him.

      • Well, there’s an Italian union member from north Jersey (cue the Godfather theme) who’s good with a bow and arrow who probably isn’t very happy with him right now, because I ain’t HE!

        • Heh. You should tell said union member to report him to the local LEO as harassing by posting information about him and unfounded allegations. New Jersey is sure going to be P.O.’d at the HoCo law enforcement folks before long …

  5. Willy, I’m trying to do you a favor before you step on your crank again, IT. ISN’T. ME.

    But by all mean, give your new friend a call, I’m sure he’d love to meet the guy who called him a douchebag.

  6. “Lickspittles leave me alone, I leave Lickspittles alone. Lickspittles keep poking at me, I poke back. It’s really JUST that simple!”

    Two hours later, he is making fun of a lickspittle that has not mentioned him. But he doesn’t do anything first. Nooooo,.

  7. Now he’s issuing death threats:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    Goodbye, Robin Wesley Causey. You just died to me. You are dead now.
    11:34 AM – 19 Apr 2014

    • But he was haranguing Howard Robin Earl Causey earlier. Why has he suddenly decided a different guy is dead?

      • Pretty much. 8)

        I assume it’s the same reason he can’t keep my name straight either. He couldn’t remember my first name this morning at all and kept ranting about someone who doesn’t exist anywhere except his fetid imagination.

        He had the nerve to call me chubby. I don’t recall ever commenting on his weight, but hey, he’s fat so I must have taunted him about it, right? Anything he can use to try to humiliate his targets is OK for him. (He’s a great proponent of “free speech for me, but not for thee”.) His memory issues must be getting to the point where he can’t even remember who he thinks has done what to him.

  8. You know, days like today it really seems as if the cuckolded Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt is looking in the mirror as he spouts his vile dreck. He describes himself, sees his true self but deflects his viciousness onto others. I guess if I was that disgusting, I would too.

    He’s not busy preparing for a family get together tomorrow. No grandchildren will ever visit him. He admits his dementia and admits virtually every waking hour is spent online. As we all know, that time is spent cyberstalking and harassing, as shown by the peace order granted against him. Does he respect that order? Of course not. He respects nothing and no one, including himself..

    In his dementia addled brain, he justifies attacking complete strangers because someone else annoyed him. His attacks are always justified, according to him. But he has no power. He is totally worthless, with zero value in any way. He has no intellectual weapon to use against those who upset him, so he attacks someone else.

    His entire life is filled with “getting even”. However, those who are the subject of his pitiful wrath are not the ones who’ve hurt him. He did that all by himself. The reason he is so alienated is because he alienates all who come into contact with him. Even his own children will have nothing to do with him. How many volumes does that speak? And whose fault is that? The same person who spends literally every waking hour lashing out and making a fool of himself in the process. Having humiliated himself again, he becomes more upset, and lashes out more and more, at ever varied targets. Meltdown, rinse, repeat – the train wreck in progress is hard to ignore.

    Bill Schmalfeldt will continue living what’s left of his miserable excuse for a life looking for victims on the internet; sitting in that tiny area where he doesn’t really fit because he doesn’t really fit anywhere. He’d be pitiful if he weren’t such a repugnant piece of filth. Even the Kos kids are repulsed by him. Even his own children are ashamed to be related to him.

    Bill Schmalfeldt will keep wrongly seeing himself in others and lashing out at that evil he sees, never being able to put the pieces together to understand that it’s all him. It always has been. It always will be, because he’s just not smart enough to understand why he is so roundly rejected. No decent person would choose to be associated with someone like him.

    He’s like the ultimate horror/freak show; so frightening to realize people like him roam freely to wreak whatever pathetic havoc they can manage. Too stupid and powerless to do any real damage, but so creepy and disgusting, just to be on his feeble radar is revolting, even nausea inducing.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is an unmitigated buffoon, an unwanted loser, an impotent ball of misdirected fury and hate; and is much too stupid to put the pieces together to figure out why, much less how to fix it.

    What on earth would he do with himself if our host decided one day to close this blog? How would he spend those endless hours we all now occupy? He has nothing… he is nothing. And if that day comes, he’ll finally realize it.

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