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The Gentle Reader who has been following The Saga of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness should not be surprised to learn that TDPK has been caught in yet another lie on a court pleading. When he filed his reply to the oppositions to his motion for a second amended complaint in his vexatious Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. lawsuit, he certified that he served a copy on me by U. S. Mail on 9 April.ECF 119-certThe envelope containing the copy mailed to me bears a postmark of 11 April, 2014.postmark20140411The judge in the RICO case has already admonished TDPK in a Letter Order about diddling with service of pleadings on the defendants. It’s stunning that he’s still trying to pull that crap. But what’s really mind-boggling is that he filed that bogus certificate on last Wednesday, the same day that another judge let him have it for misleading her court.


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  1. Your use of the word “diddling” makes me think of the little terrorist’s “inappropriate” relationships with young minor girls. The point is that in both cases, he was doing something that good people would find shameful.

  2. I notice if he’d actually sent it on Wednesday, then you might have gotten it on Thursday since you live so near him. But he waited another 2 days until Friday, depriving of you of 1-2 business days plus the weekend to respond.

    As I said elsewhere, I figure Brett Kimberlin owes Seth Allen at least a hundred bucks. And his whiny little terrorist ass can go back to jail for repeatedly forging court filings. Although I’d sure also like to see him go back to jail for the murder of Julia Scyphers, as there is no statute of limitations on that.

  3. Oh, and note that if Kimberlin had put a stamp on the mail and dumped it late in a mailbox, the cancelation would be a day late. But here the date is the date he actually stood there and bought that postage.

    He commits perjury with every filing.

  4. Gonna need a database administrator pretty soon to keep track of his perjury, forgery, and document alterations –just in his court filings.

  5. SPQR hits the nail squarely on the head with each post as do your other posters with regard to the little terrorist! What is so particularly egregious about this instance is the way the little boomer continues to say “F#ck you!” to the entire system. Like Cabin Boy, the inner rage must be immense although I suspect Shorty is angry because he was born into non-royalty whereas Shakey is mad because he was born without a soul.

  6. Thinking about easy ways to bring this up.

    Maybe ask the court to clarify whether plaintiff’s Motion to File a Second Amended Complaint has been entered. Then note that the time to respond to the Second Amended Complaint should be based on the date the plaintiff served the full redlined copy; his opposition to the various responses opposing his motion.

    Then note that while the Opposition recites a mailing date of April 9, 2014, the opposition was not actually mailed until April 11, 2014, and therefore the period to reply should be based on the later date.

    Just a suggestion, not legal advice, obviously.

    • That might be a valid argument if one was rushing to file an opposition and ran short of time. Now its not relevant.

      I expect the opportunity will come, to put before the judge the fact that Kimberlin is a serial perjurer.

  7. This IS the reply, though: BK’s reply to oppositions. No surreplies. He’s counting on the judge being utterly unwilling to sanction him when he can whine “what difference does it make” and his dilatory filing “not mattering” in a way that justifies a punishment besides he is entitled to pro-se snow days. The cumulative evidence of bad-faith FUs to the court’s and its instructions (not just the defendants) pile up, though. He’s playing with fire, as firebugs do. (FWIW, locals remember him having an unusual fascination with fire as a kid).

    • Maybe the federal court will accept a request for judicial notice for the purpose of making the federal court aware of the recent findings of the state court, with the other frauds included in the notice, of course. ;0

    • TDPK has said in his latest filing that the motion to file an amended claim was granted. Defendants have an opportunity to file an answer to an amended claim (14 or 21 days I think).

      If the motion was granted, then the time period for the defendants to file an answer to the amended complaint started ticking when the amended complaint was filed. If the motion has not yet been granted, then the time period will start when the court officially grants the motion.

      Even if the motion was already granted, the various defendants can ask that the time period to answer the amended complaint should begin when the plaintiff served a proper redlined copy (Apr. 9-11), not the improperly presented copy originally filed.

      • From the letter order 3.21.14 : “To clarify, Plaintiff was given permission to file a motion only, and was not given pre-approval to amend his complaint. To the extent that Defendants may wish to oppose the motion, they may do so provided that they comply with the length requirements set forth in paragraph B.5 of the Case Management Order, ECF No. 97 (providing,inter alia, that opposition memoranda shall not exceed fifteen pages). As explained in my earlier Letter Order, the time to respond to Plaintiff’s complaint—be it the First or Second Amended Complaint—is tolled until such time as Plaintiff’s Motion to Amend is disposed of.
        See Letter Order 5”

        Unless you think Grimm will be willing to prejudice the defendants based on BKs declarations about ambiguity that went before (in letter #5), the time to reply to either amendment will remain tolled until the judge rules on BKs motion to amend.

      • That’s why I suggested asking the court about the status of the pending motion, rather than filing an answer or motion directly. If the defendants want to get proof of TDPK’s forgery into the record, they need to find some way of doing so.

        Simply tattling to the court is not going to endear our host to the judge, even if he is correct.

  8. Maybe the Federal court will act on this. Have they ever in the past? I mean, the guy has filed 100 cases. it isn’t likely this is the first time he has conducted himself this way. He probably has a sense for how much he can get away with. Worst thing that will happen to him is that his case gets thrown out.

  9. He is the metaphorical equivalent of Sharon Stone in the police station in “Basic Instinct.” Whatta yah gonna do, arrest me for smoking?
    Of course we don’t actually know if Kimberlin ever wore a short white dress. We hope not. Cause that would be creepy.

    • Given the predilections of those few outlined in some of The Other McCain’s blog, perhaps the view in “Basic Instinct” would be similar albeit much more distasteful and obscene while concomitantly explaining the fascination with and diddling of little underage girls.

  10. Just as an FYI, correctional facilities are exponentially more violent than they were when BK was incarcerated.

    A smaller, now older fellow like himself would have an extremely rough go of it if he were to be sentenced to additional time .

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