In Re Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al.

RICOMadnessI have had several requests for an update of the status of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness. While I usually refer to the case as Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al., it is properly styled Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al.

As of noon today, PACER shows the following:

1. Neither Twitchy, Dan Backer, The American Spectator, nor Lynn Thomas have been added as parties to the case.

2. There is no order shown on the docket granting or denying TDPK’s motion for a second amended complaint.

3. There is no order relating to possible sanctions against TDPK for sending the forged summons to Twitchy.

4. All the dates for oppositions or replies to open pleadings have passed.

This means that both TDPK’s motion for a second amended complaint and the possible sanctions against him are still pending.

If the Court were to allow the second amended complaint, then there will be another round of motions to dismiss from the defendants, oppositions from TDPK, and replies from the defendants. If the Court denies the motion for a second amended complaint, then the pending motions to dismiss are ripe, and the Court will proceed to consider them on its own timetable.

Stay tuned.

35 thoughts on “In Re Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al.

  1. Thanks, John. A very clear and concise update. Much appreciated.

    As always, lifting you and your co-defendants up in prayer for a swift conclusion to all of this nonsense in a way that serves all of you in the name of justice. God bless.

  2. Thank you for the update John!
    Perhaps Judge Grimm is as weary of this debacle as we spectators (and defendants) are …
    (Damn Dragon software keeps trying to enter the word eclipse when I say “insert ellipse”).

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  3. Good God he doesn’t even try to be even the tiniest bit honest anymore does he? Guess he is trying to outdo his Master Kimby.

    , bipolar, self-described “highly-functioning sociopath” who has obliquely threatened to kill me on behalf of WJJ Hoge III on several occasions

    Even I’m stunned by his complete lack of any shame in the outright lies he is now putting out there. Does he thing anyone will believe this crap?

    • No, Fatboi is a certified liar…so it is hard to even believe his “crap!” And coming from a “journalist!” No, a “turd in a punch bowl!”

    • First – Ka-Ching! Another month’s rent, zero dollars. Frankie, you should come visit.

      Second – wait a minute: is CabinBoy now saying I’m Frankie? I’m getting to be a lot of people…let’s see…
      I’m Johnny Tyler
      I’m Frankie
      I’m Palatine Pundit (and where the hell did he go, anyway?)
      I’m @dallenberg
      I’m Batman
      I am Spartacus
      I AM WHO AM
      I’m Billy Milligan
      I’m KimberlinUnmasked
      I’m Grace
      I’m Chris Heather
      I’m Roy Innes
      I’m Norman Bates (but he got caught)
      I’m Ted Bundy (him too)
      I’m Charles Manson (sensing a pattern)
      I’m Shirley Ardell Mason
      I am the very model of a modern major general
      But most of all,
      I’m Bill Schmalfeldt.

      Patrick Grady is just a guy I made up. The guy who got doxed in February doesn’t exist. Palatine is just a spot on a map I picked out. There’s nobody at OfficeMax by that name. Those pictures I posted are from random searches. I have no idea who they are. I photoshop so much crap together it all blurs together. It’s been great fun fooling you all pretending this nonexistent sociopath is stalking me, but it’s all a bunch of horse manure.

      There’s no one coming to kill me.
      I’ve never spoken to the Howard County State’s Attorney.
      I don’t have Parkinson’s Disease and my wife never had cancer. I’ve never had deep brain therapy or staples in my skull.
      Photoshop, every bit of it.
      I don’t even know Brett Kimberlin.
      I’m just an old retired guy having fun mind-humping another blogger and his commenters.

      The only things about me that are true are the story of my first wife cheating on me with my best friend and the fact that none of my kids speak to me.

  4. Fatboi can have mine: He wouldn’t know what to do with it if it bit him in the butt!

  5. See how I did that?

    I made this clever comment over here, and mere minutes later, I post a screen cap of the fake stalker’s post that I completely made up, complete with new photos of his wife, whoever she is, and call him crazy.

    I’m a damn genius!

    • Even more amazing, the blog post says it was posted three hours ago, but the post it’s screencapping is only an hour old.

      Did you steal the time machine again?

      • I have my own. The chameleon circuit is broken, and it’s stuck in the shape of a single-wide mobile home.

      • I don’t always go straight for families! Sometimes I go for the workplace, other times friends or girlfriends. Whatever it takes.

        I got bored, so I made up Grady. I have no idea who the woman is, and I don’t care. It’s just a Photoshop, and who’s going to see it on my reader-free blog?

  6. Who are these “down-twinklers”? How many are cell-phone fat-fingers, and how many CBBS socks?

    And could he please stop trying to “dox” people? It’s cringe-making to watch, even through third-hand mockery.

    • No, he can’t stop. He is driven by his “urges” and is obviously not in control of himself – neither voluntary nor involuntary responses …

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