70 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Speaking of unaccomplished, I see where CB has swallowed the Blue Pill again and is now reverting to Podcasts to gain attention. Maybe, he should take a “Selfie” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdemFfbS5H0)

      • Draw attention? HAHAHAHAHA.

        Admiral QuakesAlot’s only listener is in his mirror. With the exception of the talented Mr. Fagassin and Pugsly, the shaver of eyebrows, emulating a trick since there was never a man in the picture to teach him otherwise.

    • Unbelievable, but Bill has a point here:

      Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman 27m

      A billion podcasts in the world, but Hoge’s technically incompetent readers think I’m doing it to “draw attention.”

      Morpheus, a thousand lashes with a wet noodle for you. We all know Bill’s broadcast have absolutely ZERO listeners, so it is impossible for him to gain attention from them.

      Instead, as hard as it may be, think of it as aural masturbation.

  2. Oh my – Someone’s panties are as twisted as their personality. Back to “the butt stuff” again…

  3. Well, if he makes up stories about clerks on Christmas Eve, pretends charges weren’t warranted by his deviant behavior, & claims bombers for friends, you can’t really expect him to understand the basic premise of class & accomplishment. In his pathetic little world, calling me “OLD” is supposed to crush me, I suppose. I”ll be 50 on Tuesday, and I think I look pretty damn good for my age. Lol If he thinks he’s “accomplishing” anything with his childish insults and lies on Twitter, it’s no skin off your nose at this point. Let him keep spiraling into his sad, pants-pooping, dementia-driven Hell. He deserves it and then some.

    • I”ll be 50 on Tuesday, and I think I look pretty damn good for my age.

      Uh, WE will be the judge of that Dee, the dirty old men of Hogewash.

      Sounds like we have a Rule 5 here. (that should get the boys stirred up)


    • He’d be pitiful if he wasn’t so full of hate and anger. Instead of engendering admiration for coping with his handicaps, or even pity, he continues to emphasize his loathsomeness. Instead of inspiring sympathy, he increases the schadenfreude. He is a testament to the fact that sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

      On top of all of that, he’s in a perpetual jealous rage at our host due to Mr. Hoge’s many accomplishments, friends, and admirers; things CBBS has never had and never will. Hence his paranoid need to connect our host to any and every single thing he perceives as negative, especially if on this site.

      This is true even when he’s not mentioned and his offense is proof that he knows what he is. When he lashes out at you, texasslant, you laugh it off and we laugh along with you. (BTW – No way you look anywhere near 50 in that pic!)

      OTOH, when he sees anything negative even though it’s not directed at him and there’s no reason for him to take it personally, he does. Because he knows what a creepy crawling craven coward he is. Worse yet, he knows that we know.

    • Hey, girl! You are gorgeous, classy, and accomplished.

      CBBS? Ginormous. Deranged. Loser. BAG ‘O FAIL. *ick*
      He knows it, too. Hence, all the misdirected rage.

      Look inward, C(reepy)BBS.

      • As demonstrated by him saying my avi is my post-gangbang look. LOL As usual, he latches on to the most women-degrading, abusive thing he can daydream about. Poor Gail. She must have Stockholm Syndrome to stay there.
        And thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  4. Looks like Willy’s pulling out all the stops on his radio show tonite in order to pass the one listener milestone.

  5. RT this if… RT this if… RT this if… RT this if… RT this if… RT this if…

    *blahblahblah* No RTs, of course.

    Someone needs to take their night-night meds and step away from the intertubz. Wow.

    • He doesn’t understand that the only people who actually read his twaddle do so to mock him. Hence, anyone who would RT him is blocked and can’t.

  6. Wow. Just wow. Bill Schmalfeldt just referred to military members as “Sojer Life Taker(s) and Widow Maker(s).”

    Hasn’t Bill Schmalfeldt claimed to have served himself? THIS is how “veteran” Bill Schmalfeldt refers to fellow soldiers/veterans. Unreal.

    • I can only imagine his reception at the local Subvets if they knew the crap he posts about everyone, especially service members, women, and the disabled.

  7. librarygryffon wrote: “Seriously. After doing those things, you fell like you’ve done something necessary, something which will make life a little nicer, if only for a few minutes. Somehow I don’t see that as a result of listening to Biwwy.”


  8. Who needs to go to the zoo to watch a monkey masturbate and fling poo when Twitter pipes Cabin Boy right into your living room? Comedy gold tonight!

  9. Today is Palm Sunday.
    BS has often claimed to be a Christian.
    On this first day of Holy Week, his Twitter timeline is dripping with obscenity, filth, and hatred.
    Go to church, Bill.

    • I’m sure he could get some one to take him. If he wanted to.

      And by my count, that’s at least 10 people making comments in this thread, not three. Biwwy is so caught up in his rage and denial, he can’t see straight.

    • He only claims to be Christian when he’s appealing to pity in order to get John to shut down or delete comments.

      “If you were really a Christian, John, you’d do it.”

      Like everything else in his life, it’s only there for him to use as a shield or hammer, then to be discarded.

    • And washed your hands.

      And made TDPK use Tor to download the sick stuff HE was looking at while you were hitting refresh on this page with your free hand. Wouldn’t want you to get popped for having that kind of filth tied to your IP address. That’d be TRAGIC.

    • Who has 16 books? Bill? That must be his entire “Fun with Dick and Jane” collection! Or Hardy Boys Mysteries, Happy Hollisters or Nancy Drew …

      • There are 58 books in the Hardy Boys series, and my kids devoured them.

        Good stuff…not great stuff, but anything that is a page-flipper for a seven-year-old gets a thumbs-up from me!

        • Exactly. They foster a culture of reading and from reading we get not only knowledge but an inquisitive mind, one not easily quenched and one that does not easily accept any old statement that doesn’t square with their acquired vault of knowledge. The major reason our publik skools no longer focus on reading and vocabulary skills. Those skills free the mind and allow lucid thoughts and questioning …

    • For Fatboi, sixteen is the first thing that popped into his small brain housing group- I think they are coloring books…those don’t require any thought to publish!

  10. Question – as an indie author (two books to my name, trying hard to get a third out by the end of April), I had to include my royalties as taxable income. Didn’t Schmalfeldt post a tax return recently that showed absolutely zero income? Does that mean he sold no copies of his books in 2013?

  11. I think Biwwy needs to produce a diagram of which commenters on this list are “socks” of who. It should be very amusing.

  12. Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman

    Fuck you all, right in the eye! I will die. I may never sell another book. BUT I HAVE WRITTEN 16 of them! So, again, FUCK you.

    One of you point me toward a book you’ve READ, let alone written. Coloring books don’t count. Where are YOUR radio stations? YOUR Podcasts?

    So, fuck you. I tried. I continue to try. That’s what optimistic people do. They strive. Losers sit and bitch about the people who try.

    If I check Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, how many books will I find written by WJJ Hoge or any of his toads?

    How many subscribers on YOUR podcast? How many books have YOU written? How many have you SOLD?

    Oh, before I say good night? My radio station is 5 days old. How many listeners do YOU have on YOUR radio station?

    Good night my little sock puppies! Such GOOD little sock puppies! Make sure you listen to the show! LAWS MAY BE BROKEN!

    50 comments from four people. Socks. Non Persons. I am honored. Now tomorrow, to glean through the really offensive ones and report.

    And bingo! My work here is done. Enjoy your misery, losers. pic.twitter.com/xkUdQPUaAP

    I may have Parkinson’s disease, or I may be faking it. My doctor thinks I have it. But Hoge isn’t quite sure. Dr. Heather, however…

    Does your mommy still wipe your butt, Chris Heather? Or do you wipe hers? Do you call that “game night?”

    one more! Come on, Chris! You can do it! Just one more comment!

    Are you mad at me, Chris Heather? Was it FUN to frame that nice old couple in Oklahoma? Did you make $50?

    Oh, man. So close. Two more. 48 comments from three people. Although “people” is kinda stretching the truth.

    Did you learn neurology at Embry-Riddle, Chris Heather? Is that how you learned how to diagnose neurological diseases?

    I’d take you for a walk, Chris Heather, but I don’t walk so well. Unless I’m faking it. Am I faking it, Chris?

    One of your “Friends” did a photo shop of me leading you around on a dog leash. Wanna see it, Chris Heather?

    Is that something you “learned” at Embry-Riddle, lying sack of failure? Chris Heather. Unemployed, Hated by former friends. Useless.

    Three more to go! Then we can call it a night. Tell me, Chris Heather. After a date, do you ask your former friends to smell your finger?

    But how could ANY woman touch you without being drunk, stupid, or all of the above, Chris Heather?

    I don’t blame her for drinking. I bet she was nice looking once, before the alcohol made her all fat and doughy.

    Or do you fuck your pillow when the drunk GF isn’t around, Chris Heather? Or a warm piece of liver?

    Chris Heather will be a MAN as the byproduct of his anger dries into a crust on his hairless tummy tonight. Mommy! Mommy!

    Oh no. He’s gonna make fun of the fact that I can’t even HAVE sex any more, cuz THAT’S what being a MAN is.

    46 comments from three people! We’re almost there, but not quite. Maybe if I say something else about the GF’s drunk “fuck me” look.

    A sluttier look there never was, but you don’t care as long as you’re hitting that nasty ass, right Chris? Hey! I just insulted your GF!

    Betcha I can get that above 50 before I go to bed. Well Chris Heather? Ever talk to your sweetie about wearing black bras under lace tops?

    45 now! God! 45 comments from THREE PEOPLE!!!

    ‘matter, Chris? YOU MAD, BRO?

    Those are the ones I will send to http://Wordpress.com to demonstrate how Hoge is violating the http://Wordpress.com TOS.

    He gets all riled up and crosses the line,and Hoge has to redact what he writes. But he doesn’t catch ALL of them.

    Mommy pays the bills, Chris Heather doesn’t NEED a job cuz Mommy buys the Capn Crunch! So being reminded of what a SHIT he is… oooooh!

    …to stay on the ATTACK. Chris Heather’s friends wanted to be grownups and act like grownups. But not Chris. And why would he?

    See, that’s why Chris Heather’s friends shitcanned him. They wanted to go on with their lives. But Chris felt like a BIG MAN and wanted…

    I’ll check in the morning to see which ones Hoge retracts. The thing about my mother’s “squack” should be enough to get him terminated.

    Wow! Chris Heather has that fuckin’ post up to 43 comments now, he’s so mad at me for being wrong about his worthless life.

    Even FREE blogs like Hoge’s have TOS that if you violate them, HE gets shut down. For good. In the ass. Hard.

    The fun part is watching how MAD Chris Heather gets, and then he crosses the line that will get Hoge’s blog shut down.

    Sorry. I meant “ex pals”. They’re the ones who ratted you out, except for Roy the Fake/Fat/Never Was a Sojer Life Taker and Widow Maker.


    Well, I’m going to make a few comments

    1. A book is written truly when someone actually buys it – how many did you sell last year?
    2. A radio podcast is something anyone can do, but I’m curious where you got the rights to broadcast all that music constantly beyond occasional use
    3. How do you propose to pay for the royalties for the music you have been playing?
    4. Are you going to share the letter from the SA on rejecting your claims against Hoge?
    5. If you are using the website to harass and attack people as today’s screed clearly shows does that violate the terms of service of your TOS and Twitter?

  13. Comedy Platinum for sure –

    The author/editor is going to “glean through” the “really offensive” posts tomorrow… hahaha

    Obviously, he’s too stupid to count how many people are posting here, or his admitted dementia prevents an accurate count. But let’s go with his numbers there… four people, 50 posts, an average of less than 13 posts per person. CBBS has more than 50 posts directed here during the last hour. Around 100 for the day, all by his little lonesome.

    But he ridiculously claims we’re obsessed… hahahaha Lowlife loser spends more time at Hogewash than most (maybe all) of us put together, including our host! hahahaha

    And unlike the clown in Elkridge, we’re chatting with each other, not to ourselves. Look at that twitter feed – to whom is he tweeting? hahaha What a moron.

    Hogewash isn’t the source of his problems. He was reviled before Hogewash was a gleam in our host’s eye, no doubt. His own children won’t have anything to do with him. It’s just a matter of time before our host gets blamed for that too. hahahaha

    • While I don’t agree with all the comments under this post, that further illustrates how far off BS’s characterization is.

      – Over a dozen posters. Which is not at all unusual for a Hoge post and often happens several times a day.
      – Enough variety among the posters that some of them don’t agree with each other. Although, I didn’t feel like arguing today.
      – Many of the posters here are sincerely bothered by terrorist diddler vexatious litigants as well as disgusting filthy harassers who file false reports with CPS and law enforcement. We’re not just reading and posting as part of some amoral contest between political tribes.

  14. WOW
    see what happens when get busy with RL and don’t have time to waste on crazy ol’ twinkies bs?? you miss an epic meltdown…

    JEEEZ he was flipping out…that usually happens right before he changes handles, not after….

    so what set him off this time?


  15. Miss a little, miss a lot. Worked all day and now I find this. He was really ranting. To whom though? Not even his boy toys will respond to him anymore. He tried to engage other people but they ignore him too. Poor lonely Cabin Boy, nobody will play with him. I get the feeling that his entire life has been like that.

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