The Constitution State?

At least that’s what Connecticut was called when I was in school a half-century ago. Times change, I guess. This is from a press release from Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

A coalition of state Gun Rights Prevention Groups will be holding a press conference on Thursday, April 3, at 10:00 am at the State Capitol, 3rd Floor, Old Judiciary Room.

(H/T, Say Uncle) Kinda makes me wonder what other parts of the Bill of Rights these folks might view as expendable.

12 thoughts on “The Constitution State?

  1. Liberals insist on learning the hard way WHY we have a Bill of Rights. I just wish there was some way those of us who already understand this could avoid taking the class along with them.

  2. I’ve had folks in Connecticut tell me that the odds of needing a gun to defend myself and my family are so small, I don’t need one and therefore I shouldn’t have one. I ask them if they thought the Petits were worried about the odds of needing to defend themselves, or if they think knowing what he does now, if he could go back before the home invasion Dr. Petit wouldn’t get a gun. Folks usually shut up about then, though sadly I don’t think any of them change their minds.

    My guess is that the Dems in charge of this state probably think most of the BoR is out dated. Remember we have the law school that turned out Ø. We’re not much different from Massachussetts, except for not having quite as high taxes.

      • “Obama went to Harvard. Clarence Thomas went to Yale.”

        One of them studied; one of them learned to be an “activist”. Both of them are in some of the highest offices in the land, but one of them won’t have to leave until he wants to.

    • I’ve been corrected on Ø’s law school. I guess it’s because he has a CT SSN, as well as an ideology which matches what I’m seeing from that school these days.

    • CT has been very anti-self defense for years. Sometime in the last 10 years or so we had a mayor of New Haven who was trying to ban archer equipment, especially arrows. We have no idea why he got this bee in his bonnet; it wasn’t like there had been a sudden spate of drive by arrowings.

      • I believe the correct term is “archings.”

        I notice that this post contain the words “Uncle” and “Bill.” It’s not really about gun rights, is it? That’s just camouflage…

      • Whatever the correct term, there had been no attacks with bows and arrows at all in the city, so no one had any idea why he decided they needed to be banned. All we could think was that having done their best to ban guns, he thought they should make a preemptive strike upon anything they thoughtblikely to be used by gangs to replace the now illegal and supposedly unobtainable guns.

  3. The mass killings by deranged Democrats are all bummers. They are not however, my bummers. II have requested and have been granted an exemption form any and all future gun-control legislation.

    I’ll no longer abide the nation’s “leaders” (term used very lightly), nor help them in the destruction of our constitution.

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