5 thoughts on “Google This

  1. That we need a bill for this just shows you how wasteful and incompetent government workers are.

  2. More government inefficiency on display. The US Department of State couldn’t be bothered with processing passport claims any longer. So they outsourced this work. To the US Postal Service. Care to guess whether service improved?

    It now requires a “licensed passport agent” to accept your paperwork for a new passport. Because only rocket scientists can take a form, staple two pictures to it, verify two forms of ID, and send it to the passport office. Never mind, this same act takes place multiple times every day in every company in America as employees fill out an I-9 form. (Well, of course, it happens less than it used to in America thanks to other MORONIC government interference in the economy.)

    Call your post office and see how long it takes to make an appointment to hand them the paperwork you completed on the web. Go ahead. Call and ask. And MARVEL at the utter incompetence of the US Government at every level in every task.

  3. It’s the government, so I suppose it is fruitless to point out the superiority of DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

    But not Bing. It’s a good engine, better than Google, but the federal workers are bound to be distracted by the pretty pictures.

    • To be fair “google” as a verb has become generic for using a search engine. And it’s certainly a lot shorter than saying “let me use a search engine to find that for you”. I’ve seen/heard “I googled that on Bing”. Sort of like kleenex for tissue, and among us of a certain age, hoover for vacuum. One hoovers the carpets even if one owns a Kirby.

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