But, Your Honor, I’m Pro Se

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin repeats that whine in every court appearance and in almost every written pleading. It’s beginning to look as if he’s worn out that excuse.

Judge Joan Ryon: “Don’t even use that with me.” Kimberlin v. Walker, et al.

Judge Roger Titus: “The Plaintiff is no stranger to the processes of this Court … he commenced numerous cases in this Court  …” Kimberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked.

TDPK is running up against the principle that “[l]iberal construction does not mean that a court can ignore a clear failure in the pleading to allege facts that set forth a claim cognizable in a federal district court.” Solomon v. Dawson, Case No. 13-CV-01951, ECF No. 5. (D. Md. 2013). That ruling was by Judge Paul Grimm.

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  1. Don’t worry. BK will inform Judge Grimm what he (Grimm) meant when he wrote that. Because, given all the time since that opinion was issued and the various cases Grimm has heard, Grimm might be confused about what that means and BK will be able to clear things up for him.

  2. Heh. I hope that will be in the forefront of Judge Grimm’s mind during the upcoming federal sanctions hearing regarding the forgery of a federal court summons sent to non-party Twitchy in an attempt to delude Twitchy into believing they are a defendant in the instant case.
    If so, I believe that will leave a large mark (perhaps a fatal one) on the instant case.

  3. This isn’t as much a “dead horse” as some think it is. And no it doesn’t make our esteemed host here appear vexatious to point out that the plantiff in the case seems to whine about this constantly…
    If someone who is filing a case wants to constantly whine about being pro se, find a lawyer who will take your case and pay up, drop the case, or follow the rules.
    It’s not quantum mechanics, or even rocket science…

    • As I reminded someone on Twitter, if Kimberlin didn’t keep forging documents and then trying to excuse his behavior by pleading that he is “just a pro se plaintiff” and if he would just follow the rules, no one would be mentioning it. But I don’t expect them to understand that. Hell, I don’t think they have grasped that in the past day alone they got stabbed in the back again by a “friend” and that their good friend had to admit, for the second time, to a judge that he deliberately forged a document he submitted to the court. In his world it’s a “check box error”.

      • Interesting that it seems to have taken a full 24 hours to figure out what the spin on this was going to be.

        So now I guess I’m supposed to go back to having my beard pulled out.

        A) The vast majority of women, a majority of which I am a member, don’t have beards.
        B) Even if Grace and I were in the infinitesimally minute group who did have beards, the phrase talks about pulling out one’s own beard, not having others do it for you.

        But the tweets did provide some amusement, so I suppose they weren’t totally useless.

      • It was no error. The post office didn’t make any error. He didn’t pay for restricted delivery, or check the card he filled out himself, requesting any restriction of delivery. He checked the box to make the court believe the mail was sent with restricted delivery because otherwise his service would not be counted as valid. He also said to the court, the documents spoke for themselves, so he didn’t have to swear to the court he sent them restricted delivery.

        I wonder what the point of that was. Well, no I don’t. If and when busted, he would say “sorry you can’t read documents, your honor. They tell a pretty clear story, but I never said anything except ‘here they are.'”

      • For some reason Schmalfeldt thinks it’s “retarded” to mention that Kimberlin has now had to admit to two different judges that he forged documents.

    • Not so off topic. It includes the hapless pro-se gambit (which failed) and admission he checked the box to make it appear to the court like he mailed an item to a defendent with delivery restricted. He didn’t but he meant to. Sure, the post office ignored him and his unchecked card and didn’t charge him for restricted delivery but he NEVER pays for restricted delivery, even though there’s no other way to get it.

      • So…what Kimberlin is telling this judge is that the USPS is conspiring to send all of his official court documents (which are required to be sent RD) in all of his cases…regular certified mail, just to get Kimberlin in trouble?

        Does that sound familiar to anyone? Like how the feds conspired to blame Kimberlin for that silly little bombing brouhaha back in the late 70’s?

    • Nicely done. Thanks, Aaron.

      “J: We’re back on the record.  So… much as I want, very much, Mr. Kimberlin, to fine you for what… for altering the receipts, I can’t find any authority in the rules for that.  Given the posture in which we are here, which is a motion for sanctions not for contempt.  Under the discovery rules, they don’t apply.  So I am going to deny the request to dismiss I think that Judge Burrell has sort of passed this, there’s been another attempt, she’s determined there’s been service…  I know that’s disputed and you can still maintain that with her but um, I’m going to deny the motion.”

      *A motion for sanctions not for contempt.* So, her hands were clearly and statutorily tied. But, tis beyond clear she wanted to stick it to Kimberlin, and stick it to him good. Again, much appreciate you transcribing the hearing. What a sawed-off, disgusting, lying weasel the domestic terrorist is.

      • It may appear that she is telegraphing that there should have been a motion for contempt filed rather than for sanctions.

        But that ignores the fact that she could have levied a contempt charge right then and there without anyone asking for it. The order not to put forged documents into evidence is already in place (as in rules of evidence) and she does not need defendants to point it out so that she can rule on it. She witnessed the contempt in her courtroom, she got the admission from the plaintiff right in front of her – she chose to do nothing.

        See my analysis below – anything that will not hasten the demise of this case is going to fail before these judges. I would not put any hope in a rule to show cause generating a punishment from contempt – because the judge could have done it already, and she did not.

      • Notice it starts “We’re back on the record.” Makes me wonder what went on off the record….

      • I say it is important to put the judges on record as evading their responsibility to punish frauds upon their own courts. If a motion for contempt is not made, the courts can plausibly excuse their negligence by arguing, “We hinted the defendants ought to have filed such as motion, but, for whatever reason they chose to not file.” If a motion for contempt is filed, then the court will be placed on record as effectively condoning Kimberlin’s actions if they don’t hold him in contempt.

    • They are supposedly supposed to use some o’ that “sorcery” and mind-reading. He doesn’t check the box when filling out his card, he doesn’t pay for it. But they are supposed to know. And he gets special Brett rates because magic.

      • More like magic marker, a few odd weeks or months later when he has to pony up proof of a legitimate attempt at service.

  4. librarygriffon wrote:
    “B) Even if Grace and I were in the infinitesimally minute group who did have beards, the phrase talks about pulling out one’s own beard, not having others do it for you.”

    What? I have a beard now? LOL!

    I’m assuming your comment is in reference to some Baghdag Blob gobbledygook. I haven’t been on Twitter since last night. CBBS *has* accused me in the past of being an Ali sock — so, I guess a leap to I have a beard fits in with his random delusions. Weirdo.

    • I thought it was on twitter, might have been that weird rambling blog post, but somewhere last night he was talking about the Lickspittles going back to pulling out LibraryGryffon and Grace’s beards.

      So for all it’s general nastiness and stupidity, it did provide some genuine laughter.

      He can’t decide if I’m a sock for Betty or for Paul. I can hardly wait to see who I am next.

      • Maybe one day we’ll find out for sure who we really are if/when he tries to FAILdox us. Heh. In the meantime, try to keep yourself closely shaven, would ya? LOL!

        I’ve been over to Baghdad Blob’s Twitterfeed since I made that post and I didn’t see any drivel regarding beards. Must have been posted on that cesspool of a blog he maintains. Being as I ceased visiting any-and-all of his blogs a long time ago (I think the last one I hit on was a “Team Schmalfeldt” one or something), I wouldn’t have seen his “beard” comment nor anything else he spews forth from that deranged noggin and posts for his “vast audience.”

        Who knows? Maybe I’ll give it a visit one of these days when I could use a good and hearty laugh at stupid.

      • Well, I know he used to think I was Johnny Tyler, but he’s sinced moved on to either Roy Innes or Owain (who he also thought was me), I believe.

        And of course, We Are All Kimberlin Unmasked. At least we are since We All Stopped Being Trayvon, or something.

        Except Jerry Fletcher. He’s Leonidas, and THIS…IS…SPAAARTAAAAA!!!!

  5. Once he gets himself rechecked back into the Hotel Graybar he’ll have enough idle time on his hands where he can aim for over 200 pro se lawsuits that he’s personally filed. Or even more. Hey, with the time he deserves, he could spend the rest of his life filing pro se lawsuits, so the count could go much higher. There’s an upside to that.

  6. The reason why he continues to whine about it is because this is key to his strategy. It costs him nothing to waste other people’s time. Like the dropped sanctions motions on his part – that won’t count against him anywhere, but the people he had filed the motions on bore a cost, no matter how minimal.

    Judge Ryon got “mad” at him. And the practical result of this is? Well, we find that Maryland courts can take NO actions against BK proffering forgeries to the court. First, there is no direct sanction they can order monetarily directly in the court, and that is on the record. It is no longer an open question, it is a closed one. Judges have LOTS of discretion in what they can do, and yet, Judge Ryon, no matter how “mad,” chose to do nothing. While she could find no legal basis for sticking BK with a fine from the court for what he had done, she could easily have chosen to award attorney fees to Ostronic for having to combat the fraud. It is a total no-brainer decision, entirely within her power to do – yet, she chose not to. Was this motion for sanctions posted? I think so, and if I recall correctly the motion requested attorney’s fees as part of the remedy. So it isn’t like it is something the judge would have to come up with on her own. The solution was already provided, and it isn’t like there is a question as to whether she could have done it or not – she could have, and she chose not to.

    Likewise, she chose not to take any action in regard to the case as a remedy – again, a solution already provided to her. She could have said, well, Mr. Kimberlin, I cannot make you pay a fine for what you have done here, but I can rule that 1) your service is defective and 2) since you have shown bad faith in your actions in the suit against Mr. Akbar, I am dismissing this in regards to him. Again – totally within her power to do. It happens all the time. And clearly the judge recognized that she had this power – if you read the transcription over at A2B then you can see that the judge considered the option and *chose* not to execute. She accepts that an alternate service has occurred (even while acknowledging that that fact is in dispute) and chooses not to act differently on it. She also says she could dismiss the case, but she won’t because it will just start the case all over again. Think about that – the judge here is angry at BK, but refuses to take an action against him that she acknowledges she has the power to do and at a minimum she hints would be an appropriate remedy. She won’t dismiss because she knows that BK will just come back. And she doesn’t even come close to saying the words vexatious litigant or implying Rule 11-like sanctions. Her stern warning not to do it again means what, exactly? She has already laid out that the court cannot and will not take any action against him – so why exactly would he stop providing false documents to the court? He is *still* peddling his “assault” and visit to the hospital story despite what everyone can clearly see with their own eyes, because he is still getting some traction with it.

    So, if this judge motivated by insult to her courtroom and evasive behavior right in front of her won’t dismiss even a small portion of the case due to admitted misconduct, then no judge in this court, under any circumstances will dismiss the case, because “it’s just going to be a way to start this all over again.”

    The judges along the way are going to allow this to go to jury, no matter what.

    I suspect that MoCo courts are annoyed by this whole thing. I doubt they even care that this is a Left v Right thing (I know people want to say it isn’t, but it is). I am sure that they would love to get this thing out of their hair. And the only way to do that is let it get to jury and let that result happen. Because then, either the jury sides with Kimberlin (remember, these will be Montgomery County’s finest citizens listening to the sad tale of how the bad, mean, Republican men were trying to break up Kimberlin’s happy little family) or the jury sides with the defendants, and then some appeals court has to deal with this circus.

    So I would not expect any rulings in favor of the defendants, ever, if the result of that ruling is to prolong the process.

    I think that the strategy here is to look at how to file motions that will speed up the trial process while still being advantageous to the defendants. Lengthening the process is to BK’s advantage because he has no costs – and is not what the court wants, either.

    • Well, then:

      Brett Kimberlin is a convicted perjuror, drug smuggling, serial bomber with some really creepy pedophilic habits (I think the guy is $500 away from a windowless van with “Free Candy” scrawled on the side). He is a liar, a cheat and a thief. In the old west (romanticized) he wouldn’t last a day.

    • The truth is she did give him “pro se” slack, despite sharp words to the contrary, and because she could, not because she had to. She let him pretend he altered his proof of service, and because he might not have known better. She’ gave him the benefit of the doubt, though she had ample doubt, she spoke it in her actions AND her words.
      If she had a clearer picture of the extent of BKs forgy past she would not have had so much reluctance to act, or at least less excuse not to act.

      • When I read the partial transcript Aaron put up, I thought she said that she could dismiss, but that would merely cause the whole business to begin again? Or did I skim that too quickly?

      • She was unwilling, apparently, to dismiss his claims with prejudice. THis wasn’t merely a case of his service being defective, and that defective service being moot at this point – it was a case of fraud upon the court. Which bad faith document-doctoring provides some justification, but again, she gave the slack she said she wouldn’t give. She could have awarded attorney’s fees, too, because BK’s improper document alteration created the controversy before the court.

    • A question for our esteemed host and his talented co-defendants. Shouldn’t we have seen the tax filings for Brett, I mean JTMP and VRUS from 2012 by now?

      Would refusal to comply with discovery be grounds for contempt?

      Can discovery be delivered to the court (as in Walker v. Kimberlin) and withheld from a litigant pending satisfactory response to discovery? I.e. nobody gets nuthin until everybody satisfies da Judge that they are responding in good faith.

    • I never think of this as a left/right thing. It’s a hideous sociopath thing, a conman’s thing. Brett’s targets/victims come from every walk of life and assorted political persuasions. I don’t give a hang about any of his purported views; even if he had any talent for promoting them, which he doesn’t (he’s as obnoxiousa delusionally grandiose no-talent famewhore as there ever was) he hasn’t ever had any causes that weren’t truther-level stupid. I also don’t think he really believes any of that garbage or cares much about it except to extent it puffs himself up in importance or makes money for him.

      • Very, very well said start to finish, Onlooker. I don’t think he cares about anyone or anything but himself, with his only political interest being what politics/politicians can do for him.

        Those who think the vendetta is related to politics in any way should consider that the recent spate of lawfare began with a suit by the Horrid Homunculus (HH) against left wing liberal Seth Allen. The right side of the aisle came into HH’s view when Mr. Walker provided some pro se help to Mr. Allen. One must never, even provide any aid to a HH enemy or they will PAY.

        It was never about politics – it was the tiny terrorist’s impotent fury at having his violent, felonious past publicized.

        For anyone who’d like a refresher, Mr. Walker has a “blockbuster post” with much detail and proof at his site: http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com/p/brett-kimberlin-saga-and-how-you-can.html

      • I have to agree. Making Brett Kimberlin into a right-vs-left thing plays into his hands since it taps into the impulse on the left to protect him from right-wing attacks, and it plays into the right’s impulse to get distracted from his sociopathy and talk about partisan politics instead.

        It’s also a little like if someone asked, “Should I buy this potion from the faith healer?” And instead of talking about what’s wrong with the faith-healer’s claims, you turn it into combat between people of faith and atheists. Note that many sociopathic or narcissistic cult leaders like Jim Jones use loyalty to a belief system to help buttress loyalty and protectiveness to the person himself.

        That’s all I’ll say about that for now. I think a lot of people already agree with this but the point is that the left/right thing totally plays into BK’s hands and you should all try to short-circuit it even if it means you have to be nice to someone who likes Obama… and even someone who wouldn’t return the favor to you. Two wrongs making a right, and all.

      • OK, one more little comment. An example of making this partisan would be if Brett did something criminal (which I’m sure he does all the time) and you pointed and said, “See? Leftists are so bad!”

        The reality is that sociopaths and narcissists usually have kind of idiosyncratic and malleable personal beliefs, even if they identify more with one team than the other. And there are convinced conservative sociopaths out there too, so don’t try to take that path out. Actually, even if ALL sociopaths were total leftists, it is still tactically stupid to make it about politics because you risk alienating the other 99% of leftists who are not sociopaths but ARE opposed to, say, bombing people and committing fraud in court.

      • ” Making Brett Kimberlin into a right-vs-left thing plays into his hands since it taps into the impulse on the left to protect him from right-wing attacks, and it plays into the right’s impulse to get distracted from his sociopathy and talk about partisan politics instead.”

        Well, of course, but the fact that the defendants go to great pains to state that this is not a left and right issue hasn’t stopped BK from going ahead and doing it anyway. And no doubt it has an effect.

        “An example of making this partisan would be if Brett did something criminal (which I’m sure he does all the time) and you pointed and said, “See? Leftists are so bad!””

        Well they are, but that is beside the point. Part of the shield that protects BK is the fact that he furthered the Leftist agenda in attacking Dan Quayle. Some one of the responses (I think it was one in the Federal case) got it wrong and said that this happened in 92 for sitting VP Quayle – it wasn’t, it was after Quayle had been named running mate for GHW Bush, and while it did not succeed in scuttling Quayle or getting Bush defeated in 1988, it was all a part of the brick by brick constant attack strategy that did result in defeat for GHWB in 1992. BK’s flag was carried by Joe Biden and Dick Durbin – and those people have not exactly faded from politics.

        And ultimately this particular conflict is more about Rep Weiner than it is about Seth Allen. So, sure, it sounds lofty to say that this is above politics. And I am sure that BK doesn’t have any particular iddeological bent, but a lifestyle of selling dope, running guns, and chasing underage women is going to find more fellow travellers in the Democrat Party than the GOP. I don’t think anyone could argue that. My point is, BK has the angles figured. People are trying to play chess or even multi-dimensional chess against him, while he is playing Royal Fizzbin.

      • Earl, I haven’t seen anything to indicate BK was interested in Weiner; that was Neal’s thing.

        In your post you acknowledged that multiple defendants have asserted the lawfare is not political. I’ll go with their judgment on that, especially since all I’ve seen backs up those statements.

      • I think it’s fair to say it’s not political for the defendants.

        However, I think it’s all about politics for the pirate crew.

      • Jane –

        “Earl, I haven’t seen anything to indicate BK was interested in Weiner; that was Neal’s thing.”

        Neal is all tied up in this thing. The whole lawfare thing against *conservatives* was his brainchild, using BK as the frontman in that effort is no doubt his idea. Why do you think that there is an “Indict Breitbart” and “Breitbart Unmasked?” (And why, of course, would pictures taken by BK and Craig Gillette be published there?)

        NR stated that the State and Federal cases were vehicles to get the identity of Ace of Spades. Why Ace? He was one of the main protagonists in the Weiner affair.

        BS is all up in this – and who does he rail about? Breitbots.

        Now, there is another thread here, and it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it is less crazy than the whole Team Themis thing.

        Weiner’s wife is from a family that is mobbed up in the Muslim Brotherhood.

        BK keeps referring to AW as the author of a “Muslim hate blog.” He always refers to the “Prophet Allah” and often adds “Peace Be Upon Him” afterward. JTMP makes a big deal about being a platform for Muslim artists (and they got a lot of their funds from the State Department for that, where Weiner’s wife was chief of staff to the Secretary of State….)

        NR and JTMP and BK and Kevin Zeese are deeply involved in the Occupy movement. Is that related to the above? Good question, isn’t it.

      • Thanks, Earl. I understand the point you’re making. However, I still agree with the defendants that this is not about politics. That BK got help from NR and uses a pet cause to raise funds doesn’t change his primary motive which, imo, is shutuppery.

        Having his criminal acts publicized reduces his ability to raise money and also affects his standing in the groups to which he aspires. He wants to be “big” instead of the tiny little thug he has always been. He wants to be a rock star in the mold of Bono, perhaps. But it always comes back to the money and supporting his Mercedes lifestyle without having any skills, talent, or working a real job, imo.

  7. Aaron “Worthing” Walker wrote:
    “I won’t say much, but you might be speaking too soon… ”

    Heh. Wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

    I was very disappointed the sawed-off domestic terrorist walked away solely with a tongue lashing. Just trying to wrap my head around the judge’s decision. I still don’t like it (but, the motion being for sanctions vs contempt helped my understanding a bit). And, considering IANAL and have very little experience with lawsuits and the legal system (PTL!), I, at times, need issues regarding the law spelled out to me relatively clearly and simply — layman’s terms, if you will. Unlike the vexatious litigant of a lying weasel, I don’t tend to run around pretending to be something I’m not. For example: I am a chick. And, a beardless one, at that. LOL!

    • Don’t forget the inevitable appeals of any unfavorable ruling, too. This judge seemed to have a pretty good clue what she’s dealing with. Dismissing the suit, deemed the harshest of sanctions and almost never to be done, or leveling fines would have almost certainly been overturned by the appeals court. Then, as she mentioned, everyone would be right back to where they started. And that would be after the delay, hassle and expense of an appellate case.

      Federal law is hard, at least for me, but my understanding is there is very little in the code to provide fees before the end of a case and it’s not automatic then. Federal law just doesn’t seem to want to give fees unless the behavior has been very bad and the case is over, at least from what I’ve seen. Hopefully one of the attorneys admitted to the federal courts will weigh in and clear it up for us. If you’ve read, for example, the Prenda saga at Popehat, you know what I mean.

      PS – Grace, I saw your post to me on the other thread. Thank you. 🙂

  8. Dear Bill,

    I listened to your video to the point where you asked us commentators to spend time with you and get to know the real you. That is always a good idea – so good that I would suggest that before you dox someone maybe you should return the favor – call them up have a conversation

    Also maybe you and the wife can visit the Stranahans, see how they love their children, maybe get to know the woman you assumed was a prostitute.

    Better yet look up the Delong family – get to know the victims of Brett Kimberlin

    EVEN BETTER yet – Bill, why don’t you sit down with Mrs Kimberlin just the two of you and listen direct – no Hoge or Arron or EPWJ filters – listen to her heart wrenching story

    When you hear all that – welcome to the party over here – after everything that has transpired you are welcome over here – I think you have shielded yourself from the truth – and go out and seek it.- seek it where it matters – no one over here harmed a soul, tried to kill americans – yes some can peel bark off trees – so what – I would love to argue politics with you than supporting terrorists.

    We can argue we can debate – but the Clintonian personal destruction tactics – don’t work

    For god sakes man fling off those chains don’t leave this world attached to Brett Kimberlin, Neal skip the Kids Rauhauser – swim on your own be remembered as a man who did a brave brave thing and confronted those who manipulated him at his weakest. Your anger at John to me is really anger at your situation and the fact you went so far down the Kimberlin road – turn back Bill, just turn back – no shame in it.

    • I would never spend time around the Cabin Boy because you are known, in part, by the company you keep — and CBBS snuggles up to a murderer quite frequently.

      • Aaron big changes like I hope he does are not easy, and take a lot of courage to do – if he does – I hope you and your wife can find somewhere that you can forgive him

      • “no I’m not, I have faith”

        CBBS is facing a horrible fate at the hand of Parkinson’s, yet continues to act like a monster. Any redeemable person would have taken the stark reminder of mortality and set their life straight.

      • thank you but its easier for me to say than have to undergo what Aaron and his wife, John, Stacy, Pat have gone through – just to voice their opinions

        Bill keeps wanting to be left alone. what is really vexing him is his conscience, what he is transferring to John is his own internal angst at what he has done and the inevitable confrontation with mortality – he can change – he has the strength –

      • Now, now, Shakes the Clown. You know I have been beating your ass for YEARS before any of these folks ever heard of you. I don’t need anyone on this page to tell me what kind of scumbag you are. Remember, Erin? Now. Please die.

      • I would too, under two conditions: first, that he be interred, not cremated (and just how big would THAT urn be – a half leg?); second, that I be able to attend the burial with a full bladder, but not to leave with one.


      • One of the saddest series of court hearings that I ever participated in concerned two brothers so totally consumed by their hatred of each other which eventually resulted in a picture of one brother urinating on the grave of their mother which was then sent to the other brother. This battle then began in serious earnest with each brother absolutely refusing to acknowledge the other, in any way, while still communicating the vilest of threats and personal insults at each other. Sadly, evidence was adduced at one hearing (and subsequent hearings) that the mother, in fact, had loved them both equally. The two brothers were so consumed by jealously and hatred that they never saw just how futile and worthless all the energy consumed in their battle had become. Brothers, united by blood and a mother’s love, doomed to hate for all eternity.

        I have seen CB “dox” or cruelly libel and harass those with whom he disagrees in ways that remind me of these earlier incredibly sad courtroom scenes. The sad thing? CB’s unrelenting, unremitting hatred of all with whom he disagrees and his steadfast refusal to moderate his cruel actions.

        I sometimes imagine if CB ever wonders who will “water” his permanent grave or marker?

  9. EPWJ wrote: “Aaron big changes like I hope he does are not easy, and take a lot of courage to do – if he does – I hope you and your wife can find somewhere that you can forgive him.”

    With all due respect, imo, forgiveness is quite different than reconciliation. I have had a few different times in my life where I have had to dig deep and seek forgiveness for someone who has horribly wronged me, but that is a far cry from me reconciling with them and ever allowing them anywhere near my life ever again.

    One must remember that Bill Schmalfeldt’s vile, hate-filled behavior did not solely begin when his relationship with the sawed-off domestic terrorist did. Nor have his actionable desires to personally destroy others been limited to John, Stacy, Lee, Lauren, KimberlinUnMasked, Ali, Aaron, Aaron’s wife, Patrick, his ex-wife Janina, etc. There is quite a bit of history to consider here, and very sociopathic, compulsive, and sordid patterns of behavior where CBBS is concerned.

    May he one day perform a 180 and completely change his ways? Possibly. God most certainly works in mysterious ways. As far I’m concerned, and this is coming from someone simply sitting in the cheap seats, I would never trust him as far as I could throw him.

    Just my .02.

    • I agree – its going to be very difficult or those who were wronged – but the process has to start with Bill

    • We saw what happened when Stranahan accepted his apology and agreed to let bygones be bygones. What was it, a week before CBBS was attacking him about the stillbirth of his child and blaming Lee for her death? It wasn’t long, and the attack was vile, evil.

      The attack came out of the blue to Stranahan who wasn’t even tweeting with CBBS at the time, iirc. CBBS was angry at someone else and in his lashing out, went to a familiar and apparently favored target, the Stranahans.

      I hope EPWJ is right and I know you’re right that God works in mysterious ways. All things are possible through Him. But I’ll believe it when/if I see it for a sustained period which is more than a week.

      • Yes. God does works miracles. But, we are to have a spirit of discernment, as well. CBBS has much to make amends for, and if he ever were to set out on such an endeavor, it would prove to be a very long and difficult road for him with many bumps and numerous setbacks.

        I simply don’t see him having an ounce of what it would take nor the perseverance and fortitude to see it through. Your mention of his last go-around with Lee Stranahan is a perfect example.

        But, first CBBS would have to be willing to at least admit he has done anything wrong in the first place. I just don’t see it happening, I’m sorry to say.

  10. Tuesday was cheesesteak.
    Wednesday was crab cakes.
    Today I shopped. A lot. Cash & carry.

    Now I have a trunkful of toys and industrial cleaning cleaning supplies.

    All dressed up and nowhere to go…

  11. Well, EPWJ’s sincere and kind effort and intentions were well received. *eyeroll*

    CBBS accepting what he has done would be a good first step on a road to redemption and change. I just don’t see it happening — ever. My, word. Why would any of us have reason to believe our own eyes and ears when we can simply believe Bill Schmalfeldt and only Bill Schmalfeldt? Good grief.


    • it seems it is truly beyond his comprehension that maybe some, if not most, of the commentors here HAVE looked at what others have said and what Twinkie himself has said (before he attempted to memory hole it) and after comparing all sides and looking at the evidence to support each side ( or lack of it in most of Twinkie’s accusations) have decided that Bill Schmaldfeldt is a lying sack of shit.

      • This. Indeed, Rain.

        Bill Schmalfeldt likes to believe the majority of commenters here at Hogewash are simply brainwashed zombies. But, the truth is many of us have been following along for a very long time and have witnessed the words and actions of everyone involved and have drawn our own conclusions. The fact we’ve concluded CBBS is indeed a deranged cyberstalker full of lies and shit says far more about him than it does us.

    • I still have faith, Grace, I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said BTW – but I see some subtle changes

      • Faith is very important, EPWJ. I’m a firm believer in it myself. 🙂

        And, thank you for responding back to me. I by no means wanted you to feel I was chastising or judging your efforts. I know your heart is in the right place. Bill Schmalfeldt most certainly could learn something from you.

      • It isn’t subtle changes that will change the world (or a person’s soul). It is that “lightbulb” moment, the “Saul on the road to Damascus” event that profoundly changes a person’s life. And continues to change it over time, always for the good. That “lightbulb” moment of clarity and the opening of one’s soul to God’s grace and action within that soul is not something that can be learned or be led up to. It is instant and profound. The only way it can be proven and believed by others are by the fruits of that instant conversio mori over time. The most often asked question of a person that has undergone such an event is “how could it happen so quick?” and the only answer is that it is God’s action (always mysterious) and the proof of that action will be the fruits of that persons life from that point onwards. Redemption, reformation and reconciliation and the three major steps. These steps will consume the remainder of the person’s life with complete redemption, reformation and reconciliation achieved only upon death.
        I have faith too, thus, I pray.

      • Sorry, I neglected to add this:
        The opinion expressed is solely that of Paul H. Lemmen and the posting of the contents of this comment does not imply agreement, approval or convey any responsibility upon the blog owner.

      • Nah, he probably thinks his actions have a wrong tinge to them but they’re OK in the circumstances since the particular recipients did something special to deserve them.

        That, and there’s the whole sweaty-palmed-happy-place issue.

        But either way I think he needs an excuse to feel like his actions were justifiable.

    • Frankly I’ve always thought that embryriddlealum must have let his anger get the better of him with BS and I wish he would try to move past that.

      Of course BS still manages to be wrong by denying the truth of what he does. NR and BS both act like they think deletion is a lot more effective than it really is. BS’s body of writings – whether or not you include only what’s not deleted – make up a veritable cesspool of filth.

    • It’s a fairly common feature of leftist commentary and thought. They are decidedly one-dimensional and transient. Everything to them usually has only one explanation and usually from the most direct and proximate source and yesterday hardly exists. To them, no one builds their opinion over time and via the gathering of experience and therefore the only believable way for anyone to have an opinion is for it to be given to them. We used to see the same thing on Limbaugh’s show or Fox News regularly. Plus it’s a handy way to mass denigrate the large number of people who are credibly telling you you’re a deranged cyberstalker. If they reached this decision through their own conscious effort they might have a point but you can just stop thinking about them with one swipe of blame.

      • More’s the pity, you are correct!

        *** Nota Bene:The opinion expressed is solely that of Paul H. Lemmen and the posting of the contents of this comment does not imply agreement with or approval of this comment nor does it’s use convey any responsibility or ownership upon the blog owner.

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