16 thoughts on “Another Day in Court

  1. I love that a certain someone seems to be implying that it is either unusual, or improper, for defendants to make a motion for sanctions…
    Oh, and also implying it’s for something like formatting issues, rather than for FORGERY.

    • Well, we can hardly expect someone to admit that someone’s friend might have issues with the truth and legality, now can we?

    • I noticed that. He is too much a coward to actually admit that Kimby already admitted to the court the forging of the Twitch summons.

    • Fatboi is a complete moron and sits there making “bigs” in his Depends waiting for the outcome of today’s hearing.

    • Of course, our mystery person is probably A-Okay with plaintiffs filing motions for sanctions, as Brett Kimberlin has repeatedly done.

  2. Yesterday I had a cheesesteak for lunch. Today I enjoyed excellent crab cakes. Wanted to see a ball game but the home team is out of town today. Tomorrow, I may do some shopping at a local hardware store. Possibly a wholesale cleaning supply store as well. Could be a messy weekend.

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