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  1. The members of Team Kimberlin have no truth to tell, no morals to follows. The only tools they know are lies, fear and intimidation. When those tools no longer work, they have nothing.

    The members of Team Kimberlin produce nothing, depending on lies and scams to bring in oblivious grants and contributions. When those lies and scams are revealed and made well known, Team Kimberlin will cease to exist.

    I think that’s what Andrew Breitbart was hoping would happen, before he died. McCain, Walker, Hoge, and others are all doing good work. The truth will set everyone free, one way or the other.

  2. I’m not sure this proves the desperation of Team Kimberlin. The problem is that BS is the waterboy and can’t take credit for being on the team proper.

    But he can take credit for being awful and disgusting, yet again.

    • If they don’t understand “cousins”, then don’t expect them to get “junior/senior” correct, either.

      Math is hard, and Cousin Bill has demonstrated his innumeracy, sigh, AGAIN.

  3. Could an unbiased objective observer, seeing the great umbrage a certain denizen of Elkridge has taken to this post, reasonably infer that said individual is a member of Team Kimberlin?

    Things that make you go hmmmm…

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt is a festering pig, undeserving of respect, or sympathy and when he dies, undeserving of a decent burial. I’d suggest hauling the bloated carcass to the rendering plant but I shudder to think of him being incorporated in to some poor dog’s kibble. Best to dig a deep (and wide) hole and roll him in; pour in the kerosene and toss in a match. Two days later a twenty-five pound bag of lime and back fill the disgusting filth. I guess you’d have to get EPA to declare the site a brownfield after that. Perchloroethylene is probably safer to manage than that putrid scum.

    • Oh, and make no mistake, Bill, you won’t live forever. Someday, your miserable pathetic excuse for a life will mercifully end, and Team Lickspittle will have had absolutely nothing to do with it.

      And what will you have left behind? Years of meaningless drudgery for the government? Children who will have nothing to do with you? No, nothing but hate, vitriol and shame.

    • CB is no more than a slug who has made an absolute mess of everything that has happened his way during his brief sojourn on this planet. As a husband, he seems rather boastful that he was repeatedly cuckolded and has uttered words that seem proud of that imprimatur. He seems to be upbeat with the fact that his children, now grown adults, want nothing to do with him. He adopts only those who are the true deviants of society, much like a dog or wild animal who rolls in disgusting offal just to mask its smell from other predators, except that CB is no predator in the classic sense of the word. He is more like the African hyena living on the carrion and refuse left by others.

      CB’s morbid adulation of and fascination with ‘The Bomber’ reminds one of Sunday comic cartoon character Charlie Brown’s worship of Joe Shlabotnik, a fictional baseball pitcher who never seemed to rise to any glory whatsoever. CB’s frenetic defense for and attempted justification of all things Bomber simply categorize him as a immature rogue elephant who, by virtue of his unfulfilled visions of manifest glory, is condemned to grovel in absolute squalor amid abysmal surroundings bemoaning what could have been, but for his unfaithful mate who apparently could not get from CB what she found elsewhere to her happiness and delight as well as the cruel fate of dementia exacerbated by a shakiness brought about by the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. CB, ever alert as any jackal, seeks to justify his atrocities as a consequence of his condition and therefore excusable under the law. As with anyone who studies the mechanical aspects of the Law, CB’s level of understanding misses the real point of his situation. He requires prolonged counseling and institutionalization in a mental facility where he can get treatment. However, his disease is such that he cannot appreciate just what damage he continues to do to himself.

      Some have suggested a more Christian approach to CB, but I posit that he is beyond all rational normal help except for those of us that are able to pray for his immortal soul that he evidently has sold to Satan, the Evil One. Clearly the internet is his drug of choice and it has facilitated the absolute destruction of his life.

      When I ponder Jabba’s fate and legacy, I can only think of one word:


      ’tis a fitting end, indeed.

    • Well said sir, but I must take umbarage with your libel of hyenas. They like all God’s creatures serve a purpose. The hyena of Africa, much like the buzzard or crow of Europe and the Americas, rid the environment (classic) of rotting corpses, thereby eliminating breeding grounds for disease and vectors. Bill is either a disease or a vector; like a virus or mosquito his usefulness on this planet is exceptionally limited. And like a virus or mosquito he has no greater purpose than to feed and salve his own pitiful existence in abject ignorance of the inevitable end. When that end does come, I will pray for his immortal soul; but my personal faith is sorely tested with regards to the effacacy of those particular prayers.

    • Heh,
      Hey Hoosier, Notice that only the biographical descriptions/denigrations get responses from the dim-bulb? It’s almost like he craves the attention… oh, right.
      This puppet master thing is fun!

  5. I wonder if Bill realizes that such a comment is pretty much extortion per se? He really should listen to RMN(D)/Paul’s warnings about how prison goes for “the sick”. Sure doesn’t sound very conducive to proper management of Parkinson’s.

    • It isn’t. It exacerbated my diabetes related kidney disease to the extent that I am now diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESRD), a terminal condition for which I was enrolled in Suncoast Hospice in their Hospice at Home program because I fully intend to pass in my own bed with the least amount of muss and fuss and lowest consumption of financial resources (Hospice receives $4500 a month for me and the lower the dollars expended on me, the more dollars available to cover the expenses of those without insurance. There are other conditions that I suffer from that are just as terminal (liver cancer) but are not likely to be as imminent.
      Back to Bill. his PD would most likely progress very rapidly to a very end under the enlightened treatment given to prisoners in any system of incarceration. It would most likely end with him in four point restraints babbling away in a locked cell, demented and unknowing.

    • Bill says, “Nope, not at all.” Whether he’s saying he doesn’t realize the statement to be extortion, or that prison doesn’t sound conducive to PD is unknown; either would be a moment of clarity… I wonder if he’s back on the shuffle; Thorazine is supposed to be a decent AP.

  6. I took a break from all things CBBS-related. What I have noticed since tuning in again this week, is that he has gotten worse – he makes virtually no sense. He just babbles and makes accusations in between issuing edicts. He will say that someone said XYZ, I go over to check, and zip. Nada. Isn’t there. He will moan and groan about an early death due to PD, even though he is on record stating that PD is not terminal, and then when people talk about what he wrote, he claims the comments are death threats. Virtually every tweet and blog post is about WJJH. Talk about obsession.

    • I wonder if he has/needs his DBS tweaked (can result in increased impulsivity) or if he has been taking a dopamine agonist. (can result in increased impulsivity and compulsivity).

      • Until recently, CB’s entire regimen of anti-Parkinson’s drugs consisted of:


        No levodopa. No agonists. No anti-cholinergics. Not even any friggin amantadine!

        The doctors said his symptoms were being well controlled by the DBS and none of the standard medications were called for.

        Recently, to show how Mr. Hoge was aggravating his condition, he mentioned that the doctor had restarted him on low doses of PD medicine. I don’t think he specified which.

        Do you see why it bugs me so much to see him whining about being “end-stage” and approaching his final hours? This is a man who has never experienced levodopa-induced dyskinesia (uncontrollable movements) or response fluctuations (the “on-off” effect) claiming to be an authority on the “Parkinson’s Experience”? Hell, he’s never even had tremor or felt rigidity, and he has the audacity to moan about how “advanced” his condition is and how he suffers.

        Fortunately, people are beginning to see through the act every time he breaks a new typing speed record while bitching about a movement disorder.

      • You may not have seen his story about meds fluctuate in this way: there was time not so long ago that he announced he no longer (as opposed to never had) took medications for PD because they had “all stopped working”.
        As he’s told stories to fit whatever suits him on a particular day, who knows what is really true.
        My speculation is that he was on some medication along with the DBS maybe an agonist, and the doc took him off because it was more trouble than it was worth; and if one has been added back now, maybe it’s having some effect on his impulsivity (not so great in one who’s natural impulses are not so nice).

        Or maybe he’s just been telling tales so no one will accuse him of being so disordered, out of pride or something. He doesn’t seem to have much insight into how nuts he is. He reminds me of this poor woman, although his pastimes have a much darker shade: http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/the-unbearable-obsessions-of-parkinson-s-1.1369505#.U0Vew_aMG2x

  7. Warning: New level of stupidity reached. “All he has to do is claim that I have posted a surreptitious comment on his blog, hint that it came from me, and his minions do the rest.”

    So if our host claimed the comment came from Bill (which he did not), why would he have to hint at it? Oh Bill, you really are losing what tenuous grasp you have on reality aren’t you?

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt in four point restraints babbling away in a locked cell, demented and would be karmic justice. No mercy of any sort should be granted to the oedipal troll or Team Kimberlin.

  9. An example of the weird:
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets
    Actually, I’m too busy drinking the blood of virgin babies. That’s someone else making you cwy. pic.twitter.com/ohwkbrrTtY
    12:46 PM – 8 Apr 2014

    Who says that? People will snark about the “blood of babies” OR the “blood of virgins,” but who comments about “virgin BABIES” like this? When I think of an infant, sexuality, namely virginity, does not even register. Is this something particular to perverts, I wonder?

    • And you wonder why his kids don’t want anything to do with him? Couple this with is fixation on men bottoms and…….well, draw your own conclusions.

    • Ugh… you are so right. I was thinking that about the email — who thinks like that?!? What kind of mental illness causes such thoughts? And now “virgin babies”?? Does he know any other kind? Just when you think he can’t get sicker, more twisted, more disgusting…

      Well, let’s just chalk this up to there is no bottom with CBBS. He can and will get worse. Bet on it. And it’s not his admitted dementia, it’s him. This is who and what he is.

      Remember too, his own kids won’t have anything to do with him. Just sayin’…

    • You often see weird clunky not normal phrases spring up in his writing. He thinks he’s being a creative writer but his feedback edit loop is shot and he doesn’t catch the hidden demons in his writing. The one I thought strangest was his use of the phrase “f*** yourself invisible”. If you pause to think about it its a hideous symbol of forced sexual dominance resulting in negation of the subject. Total SPHP material.

    • I agree, Reader. “Virgin Babies?” Whose mind works that way? Whose mind goes there? How deep does Bill Schmalfeldt actually have to dig to go even lower than he has numerous times before?

      He’s so gross and so disturbed. *shudder*

      • Now to be fair, he may have been switching metaphors mid tweet, and not edited properly. I know I’ve said and typed some odd things over the years as I start with one phrase, decide to use a different one, and end up with bits of both.

        But then I don’t usually go on about eating babies or drinking virgin’s blood, so I don’t have to worry about mashing those two together.

  10. Actually I doubt that Cabin Boy himself posted that comment. Its too coherent and grammatical in form. Not quite obscene enough to match Cabin’s Boy’s usual output.

  11. I wonder if Bill remembers that for all time, all time, his children and his children’s children are going to have this as a legacy to remember him by – is this really how he wants to be immortalized?

      • Not that one could blame them.

        Unca Biwwy thinks he’s done his parental duty by paying child support, that money was all they needed, and his children won’t ever need any help from family again, because they are all over the age of 18 and married.

        My parents have helped out with driving children to appointments and lessons, and finances during the few times of our marriage when I’ve been unemployed. I remember their parents helping out when my parents bought their first house; the down-payment was low interest formal loans from both my grandmothers. But my family couldn’t have bought a house without them until much later while saving up that down-payment.

        The corollary of that is of course that, as they get older, if the parents need the help, the children will do what they can.

        I don’t think Biwwy will get much help, no matter how much he might end up needing it.

      • I’m very surprised. He just doesn’t seem the type to voluntarily pay, even if he was making six figures and could easily afford it. He just doesn’t have it in him to do even that much for anyone, even his own kids.

      • Shoulda kept reading. Thanks, Rick. That sounds more like the douche we all know, Baghdad Blob.

      • “Don’t forget, Bill himself posted proof that he tried his best to evade paying child-support…”

        Is THIS the ties that bind the Pirate Crew together? Avoiding judgments against them?

      • I think it’s pure evil that ties them together. The fact they all have judgements against them is kind of proof of that evil.

      • As difficult as it is for me to believe, CB once again has posted (under the bannerline “INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS”) further details of the alleged cuckolding by his former wife. After so doing, he then pronounced the youngest child of his marriage as definitely not his, but fathered by someone else. I am astonished at the inherent cruelty contained within CB as he clearly doesn’t understand the old adage, “The more you stir a bucket of poop, the worse it smells”

        Hats off to Cabin Boy (CarBuncle) for such a Christian post.

        He is legion!

      • I saw that one. It’s amazing what he is comfortable sharing, and what it says about him.

        And he seems to not see that he has inflicted at least as much emotional distress on numerous other people. He accuses us of not thinking of him as a person with feelings, but he certainly doesn’t give a rat’s tuchus about how what he says and does affects anyone else’s either.

  12. His poor, poor children. Having a derelict for a “Father” is one thing. Having a derelict for a “Father” who is hellbent on using you and your life as fodder for his sick-and-twisted musings and “agenda” is simply beyond the pale.

    They had no choice in this depraved freak being their sperm donor (or, male “parental” figure, whatever the case *may* be). And, unfortunately, they, too, have no choice when it comes to him invoking them/using them when he feels it suits his disgusting and selfish needs. CBBS does, however, have a choice, and, per always — chooses horribly wrong.

    Bless their hearts. His? Not so much. When it comes to those who do harm to children (physically, mentally, and/or emotionally), my Christian charity tends to get put on hold. What a POS he is.

    And, my apologies if this post trumps our Gentle Host’s request to avoid third-party commentary. If so, kindly delete. When it comes to physical and/or verbal abuse of children, holding my tongue is just not in my wheelhouse.

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