26 thoughts on “Mostly Cloudy

  1. It isn’t this website. In fact, if you word cloud this website, there’s something that’s rather conspicuous by virtue of its absence.

  2. I see the Cabin Boy posted his own word cloud. What he won’t tell his 2 readers is that comments are included in the count. Of course his blog has very few comments because he “friends” don’t read it and he won’t allow comments that challenge his delusions. But our host allows us Lickspittles to go off topic and talk about the Cabin Boy’s latest failures when we want thus driving up the count of the times he is mentioned.

    Poor pathetic little man. Reduced to monkey see monkey do for everything he reads here. I can’t imagine a life without family or friends, just sitting in my own filth obsessing over someone else all day every day. If he weren’t such a vile man I might feel sorry for him.

  3. The word cloud would require Fatboi to read and comprehend; I don’t give him that much credit. The only creative thing he can do is lie (and he does this rather well). I’m sure his blog will have something referencing the word cloud today; being unpredictable in his lies does make it difficult to guess what he’ll say. Maybe he’ll break out the doomsday clock?

    • CB never mentions his Vietnam service. Overweight, poorly educated, and stuck forever as a REMF (we all know what that means) who is only able to bully others to gain even a modicum of respect. Imagine having to tell the truth that you spent your days in country doing menial tasks at the Newport Docks ferrying garbage in your sole role as a trash barge because you were so overweight that your only utility was to float. No wonder he hates so much!

      • If he served in Vietnam – he deserves our respect for that – Its odd though that he proudly wore the uniform to protect his fellow americans against those who would try to kill them – yet today he protects a terrorist bomber against his fellow Americans

        Sad really, but his service is one of the many good things Bill Schmalfeldt did in his life before he decided to bury those deeds under a 100 ton pile of excrement

  4. Well, it appears I was mistaken about a couple of things:
    – I expected “LICKSPITTLES!!!” to be capitalized and larger, indicating a much higher popularity, or
    – I thought “Hoge” might be the only word in the cloud…

  5. what you cant see, is all that cloud fits in the space between a giant ‘A’ in the word Anal, as Twinkies favorite subject.

  6. I’m guessing this cloud generator filters profanity or else we’d a lot more of the usuals.
    I am however surpirised at the lack of “DIAF” one of his favorite go-to’s when his palms get sweaty and he is swept off to his happy place.

  7. It says alot about Unca Biwwy’s fevered imagination that the second largest word after “Hoge” is “perjury”. Though if both forms of “attorney” were combined, they might edge it out. This is what I got when I did an RSS dump of my blog, and it includes a huge posty on Biwwy. http://ow.ly/i/5a4w9 You can see that inspite of that post, stuff pertaining to Biwwy and Team K is by no means the largest stuff. I should add that the cancer references are about one of my cats. She’s 13, had surgery a while back, and this weekend we found another lump. 8(

  8. Ok, guess I have to come back and start making Twinkie comments again. No need when he was ‘gone’, but if he’s back, we need to point out his lunacy

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