In Re Case No. 5T00087071

This morning I met with an Assistant State’s Attorney from the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office. The subject of our meeting was the disposition of the charge of failure to obey a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt.

My meeting had certain similarities and certain differences compared to the meetings concerning Bill Schmalfeldt that Aaron Walker and Lee Stranahan had with that office.

The principal difference was that the prosecutor was polite and respectful of me. His conduct was at all times professional.

The principal similarity was that the decision to drop the charge had been irrevocably taken before the meeting. This is troubling because the purpose of the meeting was to provide evidence not contained in the charging document so that a proper decision could be made. Evidence apparently was to have no bearing on the disposition of the case.

I am disappointed.


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  1. I am very confident that CB had many meetings with Howard County officials and politicians in which certain other players (read paralegals and other advisers) played a most dramatic part. The key lesson here is that this matter has to be handled in Carroll County where you are a resident and where the crime occurred! Not to worry, CB is due for a rather unexpected shock….soon, very soon.

  2. What is up in HoCo with peace orders? Do they just not like dealing with them unless it’s a clear cut case like a guy who beats up his ex? I can think of a few other things, but I’ll just think them darkly.

    • Howard Country cannot handle the PO’s they already have on the books due to more serious violent crimes and the fact that people like CB are as numerous as fleas on a wild dog. This was, in all probability, a political decision based on CB’s whimpering. Don’t worry as this will pump him up to even greater evils and someone will eventually put an end to it.

  3. I guess because there has been no actual violence, it is not worth the ASA’s time.

    Is there some way to appeal to the judge who issued the order and extension that this is at least contempt of court?

    Remind me again why we have laws.

    • Around here the way it works is one could file a motion complaining of a violation but that would be a for a finding of civil contempt, not criminal. For a criminal charge or criminal contempt, the regular protections of the accused apply.

      OTOH, a civil hearing could be changed to criminal by the judge and the hearing suspended while arrangements are made. Of course, the judge could order the “suspect” be remanded during that time…

      Some of you may have watched trials on tv and seen such things, or similar. For example, during the trial of the Florida [expletive deleted] who was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old, a young man in the spectator section flipped off one of the prosecutors. The judge was made aware of it or saw it himself. Boom. During a recess, the judge arraigned the kid and had him put in jail.

  4. Unca Biwwy has now decided that Mr. Hoge lied about the meeting, because he referred to a male ADA and Biwwy has been talking to a female one. So Mr. Hoge is going to be in BIG trouble because he’s lying about a meeting.

    Biwwy is no way near “end stage PD” based on his typing ability. But either his mental status is questionable or he’s got some “friends” feeding him total BS.

    • he’s full of BS, seems to always have been, and will continue to be for a looooong time.

      so sad that such a sick twisted freak gets to get his rocks off bothering others and the state says that is OK, rather than helping said freak get help…

      Oh well, just further proof the best way to deal with Twinkie is to NOT deal with him…
      Ignore, block, and continue ignoring and blocking till he finds someone else to harass, eventually it’ll come back on him big time.

      • He’s admitted dementia. At least some of the BS is a symptom of his illness. Neither we nor he can know which is real and which is deliberate. What a way to go through life, huh? Not having any clue what’s real and what’s the dementia…

      • That’s his function….to make you feel not very Christian, then you have become like him. Imagine the rage he feels every single moment of every single day. Unremitting, unabating rage.

        Remember, he is reacting primarily out of incredible rage.

      • Fair enough point, Tao, and think you for reminding me.

        He’s now saying that it’s my fault for spouting off before reading that he had got confirmation. I wonder what that says about his two posts claiming that Hoge was probably lying and was going to be in big trouble (also written before confirmation)? LOL

      • Christians aren’t expected to be perfect.

        I’d bet a whole lot that the reason he is so quick with the insults, particularly (and so very laughably!!) insulting the intelligence of those much smarter than he, is that he’s heard those words all of his life. I’d bet a whole lot he’s never been respected or even accepted as one of a friendly group, but has always been the object of scorn and derision.

        That’s why he doesn’t care about the past or even the present of those who claim to his face to be his friends, but who use him and mock him behind his back. Even in that he’s not special – they don’t have friends — they only have enemies and pawns. If you’re not one, you must be the other.

      • Still laughing about his absurd (demented!) certainty that every falsehood is actionable. Geez… the stupid is strong with that one.

  5. If the ADA has already decided they are NOT going to see justice done, then why did they bother to waste their time and yours at an apparently pointless meeting?

    It seems undeniable that the peace order was ignored, no, FLAUNTED, by Schmalfeldt. What does it take to get a prosecutor in Maryland to do his job?

    • If the MD rules allow it, the next violation should maybe go to the judge via a motion and skip the prosecutors.

      I think it’s likely that they feel they should spend their resources on felonies, as others have suggested. I can see their point; I wish they could see the points of those victimized by the vile, vicious, serial cyber stalker.

      • I think I meant what I said. “Flout” would have been another option and perhaps more commonly used in this case…

        past tense: flaunted; past participle: flaunted
        display (something) ostentatiously, esp. in order to provoke envy or admiration or to show defiance.

  6. WarEagle2

    his physical condition maybe is what is holding them back – its a dollar and cents thing – incarcerating Bill would cost a lot of money – for a non physical contact –

    Its what they do – Its why I left managing a large DA’s office – never easy to give everyone the justice they seek to those who need the justice they deserve

    it rarely adds up.

    • Thanks. That does make sense. I am aware of the high cost of incarceration but my response was more visceral than logical. Gotta think things through…

      • in the end – there is a budget – its not unlimited – the sa office has x to spend on y

        this would take 100’s of man hours in addition to treating him

      • Leroy

        you have to go to trial, even preparing for a gj would take up more time than they could justify

      • It’ll go on until he picks on one of the “more equal” animals, just as occurred with Deb Frisch.

        Or he actually harms someone.

        Disgusting. The Howard County SA is derelict in his duty, and should be removed from office.

  7. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for your insight into my career, I am sympathetic towards the prosecutors because they really have other things to do until you rise to such a level that they – and when they do – are really going to be in a nasty mood, that they had to back burner felony class crimes to finally handle you – your case and all the violations are soo complex and time consuming – but I have faith that you really don’t know any better and are finally going to shoot yourself in the foot – I have faith –

    BTW what happened to all those criminal charges coming?

    Again – you are not the victim here – you – are still a person of interest with 367 charges filed and so far accepted and discussed and regretfully passed on….

    Not a good place to be

    • I so wish there wasn’t a limit to the number of times one is allowed to “thumbs up” a post because I’d definitely his EPWJ’s several times.

      Luckily, I have a life, including being blessed with children who choose to have frequent contact with me both in person and on the telephone, and many other interests and people, so I won’t take the time to log out and reload the page to cheat the system, unlike the down twinkles lowlife.

      • We all do, have a life worth living – what ever happened to this guy to torment grieving parents and to take up the cause of a man who plants bombs at teen gatherings..

    • I’m no expert, but it seems clear that’s he’s desperate to have some power over anyone, and his obsession just screams a powerless life filled with humiliation and rejection.

      Could any of us within seconds put our hands on a note written thirty years ago? Would any of us bleat about how our former spouse chose to bed someone else 30 years ago and then expect some sort of positive response from others? I would be too embarrassed to mention such a betrayal publicly. Yet he did.

      Now the internet knows he’s a cuckold — from his own keyboard! And he thinks that will earn him the respect he craves? lol what a loser… I mean, it’s been 30 YEARS!

      But no, he won’t let it go or get over it. He’ll hold onto it, just like that note, within easy reach, to continue to humiliate himself and continue to cause others to reject him, even his own children.

      And I suspect he doesn’t know what he did to them, either.

      • The shameful comments he occasionally makes about Janina go to the core of CB’s soul. To not only shame himself before the entire world by admitting that he is a cuckold, he also heaps tremendous shame upon his children from that relationship. No wonder he lives out his days ensconced in a small cage in a rather dreary and seamy part of Howard County. The rage and fury pent up within him must be excruciating indeed.

      • Many people hold on to humiliations, slights and wrongs done to them, real or imagined. These are their treasures, they count them and cherish them as much as Midas did his gold. Just as a miser, they continually weigh upon his mind, being the most valuable thing he possesses. He simply must have them within easy reach and the older they are, the mosre valuable to his sick and twisted psyche …

  8. Fatboi is back to his same ole crap…to bad, I would have made the trip just visit his dumb*ss in jail. I guess he’ll step on his crank at a later date.

  9. Just look at his purported tax forms. All that income and lives in a trailer. Didn’t just move there yesterday either. His kind strikes me as a gold bug stockpiling against the day the “rightwing nutjobs” destroy the economy. Probably has 10 or 20 K$ tucked away under his trailer. or a bunch of smokes or 10 cases of Mad Dog 20/20 or whatever loner drifter bait is popular these days.

  10. Someone is bored, or dealing with OCD. Almost every comment has exactly 3 down-twinkles.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if he’s too stupid to grasp it when he’s again thoroughly discredited to a mortifying degree, as happens regularly here. I wonder if his reading comprehension really is as poor as it appears, or if he constructs, then attacks, a straw man because sluggish as he is, even he knows he can’t tackle the actual point he attempts to refute.

    But then he again copies a post from here to his twitter feed and gives his version of a *devastating* reply, which causes us all to laugh at him and his mindless, moronic, meanderings. Such as this:

    Do you see PD mentioned in my post? Do you see any mention of not having PD or anything remotely similar? Can he really believe that dementia is solely a symptom of PD? lol Time and again, he crushes his own argument by posting the actual comment from here. So sad to be so stupid he can’t even tear up a straw man he built himself. hahahaha

    Again… What a tough way to go through life, not having any clue what’s real and what’s the dementia…

      • As it always has been…

        Bill really could have accomplished something with his life, but always managed to score “own goals” against himself, stumbling from one failure to the next, always the smartest guy in the room, ignoring how others tittered at his grandiose brags…

        He wasn’t always the broken, pathetic man you see, today, but he started down that path, early.

        It could have been different, Cousin, but you always chose poorly.


        And now it is almost too late to make a difference.

        Sad, really. I feel for you Bill, and feel some small guilt, because, truthfully, I could have helped you more, and didn’t, out of disgust for your behavior.

        My failing, and I failed you, too.

      • Leroy: We all fail. Admitting one’s failures and actively working to correct them is our Christian duty to each other and to ourselves.

  12. I thought of this post as I prayed the mid-morning office of today’s Liturgy of the Hours (Psalm 13):
    How long, O Lord, will you forget me? *
    How long will you hide your face?
    How long must I bear grief in my soul, †
    this sorrow in my heart day and night? *
    How long shall my enemy prevail?

    Look at me, answer me, Lord my God! *
    Give light to my eyes lest I fall asleep in death,
    lest my enemy say: “I have overcome him”; *
    lest my foes rejoice to see my fall.

    As for me, I trust in your merciful love. *
    Let my heart rejoice in your saving help:
    Let me sing to the Lord for his goodness to me, *
    singing psalms to the name of the Lord, the Most High.

    Glory to the Father, and to the Son, *
    and to the Holy Spirit:
    as it was in the beginning, is now, *
    and will be for ever. Amen.

    • Oh, goodness. I heart that Psalm so very much. What a deep and exposed yearning for His Protection and Merciful Love. Amen, my friend. Amen.

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