Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ seems to be losing his grip on reality. He’s published the following over at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it.)—P-O20140405I have never claimed that Bill Schmalfeldt is faking or exaggerating his Parkinson’s Disease. Indeed, I have suggested that he may be failing to recognized how profoundly it might be affecting him. Last October, I raised the possibility that he was experiencing the onset of Parkinson’s dementia. Just a couple of months ago, Schmalfeldt admitted to the onset of dementia in a letter to Judge Grimm when he tried to stick his nose into The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness. (Scroll down to the bottom of the second page.)

I believe that Bill Schmalfeldt has a serious medical condition. I’m not competent to diagnose it, but his symptoms seem consistent with Parkinson’s Disease with the onset of dementia. However, that does not provide any cover for his behavior. He began his acting out years ago and began harassing me over a year-and-a-half ago, so his present condition has no bearing on his culpability for his past actions.

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  1. I won’t accuse him of faking or exaggerating his condition, but he does use it shamefully as a reason not to hold him legally accountable. Not in a “I’m too insane to be liable” sense, but in the “I have parkinson’s therefore I should never be charged with a crime” sort of way.

    When I was facing Brett’s false charges against me, I told my lawyer under no circumstances to rely on the fact I was disabled. I did not want to smear other disabled persons to mitigate my own sentence, something too many defense attorneys are willing to do: smear the whole group to get your client out of trouble.

    But Bill is too willing to throw all other parkison’s suffers under the bus to protect his evil.

  2. I have no reason to doubt his doctor’s diagnosis.

    I have no faith in his ability to self-diagnose accurately.

  3. Indeed, it’s Twinkie’s decision to attempt to hold our esteemed host legally responsible for any/all comments made by others that he doesn’t like.
    Mr. Hoge himself hasn’t publicly made any statement, on this blog that I’m aware of, where in he questions whether or not Twinkie’s condition is fake or exaggerated.

    But when a commentor says something like, “how can someone with “advanced Parkinson’s disease” type 30 error free tweets in less than 20 mins with screen caps and links???” (which is something many of us wonder, especially considering how adamant Twinks is about how NO ONE else tweets from his account), he takes it and runs as far as he can with it…which is about 3 ft.


    • Because a Parkinson’s tremor is what is called a stationary rather than a moving tremor. The hand tremors happen when the person is not moving the hand. Once the person starts moving the hand by typing the tremor disappears until the hand stops moving.

      An essential tremor occurs when the sufferer starts moving.

      So I would say the severity of his tremor depends on how advanced his Parkinson’s has progressed and how effective the medication he is taking calms his tremor.

      • It isn’t he diagnosis that is questioned. Bill has claimed in the recent past that he is suffering from “end-stage” Parkinsons. Even with deep brain stimulation and the fact he also claims to be suffering from the tremor-reduced PIGD type of the disease, you would see marked reduction in both the fine motor skills and strength in the muscles, especially the hands, making his prodigious typing and posting skills inconguent with his alleged end-stage diagnosis.

      • Www Tannyo, your analysis might be correct IF tremor was the only symptom of PD. It isn’t. In fact, it isn’t even the symptom most likely to cause difficulty typing. It is also a symptom which does not affect Bill.

        Bradykinesia, or “slow movement” is what primarily interferes with a rapid typing speed. It is evaluated by having the patient tap his fingers together as fast as possible. Bill performed this test in a video and scored a 0 (unaffected).

        The third major symptom of Parkinson’s is rigidity. This causes the muscles to be constantly tensed and tight, causing stiffness and discomfort. When it affects the hands and arms, it can slow typing speed. Bill has told two stories on this. First, he said he never had any rigidity. When some of us began questioning just how “advanced” his condition was, he switched to saying he has some rigidity, but the DBS controls it.

        The only motor symptoms which seem to affect Bill are postural instability and gait disturbance. He has difficulty standing and walking. But as unfortunate as that is, it does not elevate his overall condition to the point where he should be talking about the disease “ending (his) life”. Cognitive effects like dementia could be responsible for his pathological need to be the most disabled guy on the block, as well as accounting for his obsessive mistreatment of so many people, including our esteemed host.

        I don’t question that Bill has PD. But the one consistant factor in Parkinson’s is that eventually, the disease stops responding to all the available treatments. In Bill’s case, they still have a full quiver, so I question his characterization of it as “advanced”, and calling it “end stage” is just ridiculous.

        I considered mentioning just how long it took me to type this, just to provide a point of contrast, but I have never been comfortable with being an object of sympathy or pity.

  4. Mr Hoge: Bill’s street address was redacted from the letter, but it’s still on the envelope attached to the file at the end. That should probably be blacked out too.

  5. CarBuncle’s (hereinafter CB) latest challenge on his web site to this blog’s host is both alarming and sad. It is alarming because it clearly demonstrates just how detached from reality both he and his “handlers” have become and secondly, just how woefully depleted is his ‘arsenal’. The alarming part of these symptoms clearly point to a rather rapid decline in mental acuity and capability which, in my opinion, necessitates immediate institutionalization. Clearly, CB is no longer capable of conducting his affairs and now requires a legal guardian.
    It is sad because CB has been reduced solely to creating great harm both to himself and his dependents by virtue of his impaired mental faculties while on the internet as well as in his communications with the outside world. Perhaps, as he claims, he has reached the ‘end-stage’ of his disease and, as such, requires immediate placement in a capable care facility where he can be monitored and treated as required. Clearly, he has reached a point where his presence on the internet is causing great harm to all, including himself. This is sad because he evidently is not even aware of how much damage he does to himself with each communication on the internet as well as in other public and private fora.
    It is tantamount to watching a train wreck in slow motion. I pray for his deliverance and his soul.

    • I was beginning to wonder about that too. There are suggestions that he was the one working the PatriotWhistle twitter account when it attacked Paul and me the other day. Whoever PW is/was was extremely worked up over the entire concept of “hospice”. Suggestions that one could be eligible for hospice without being yet bedridden were being reacted to as if they were personal attacks against PW.

      Which makes me wonder if whoever PW was had had hospice suggested to him/her as something to consider right then, or in the near future. If Biwwy is deteriorating this quickly, perhaps his doctor had suggested it to him, and the thought of his own death, contrary to what he frequently claims, scares him.

      • The BS link to that super-rage would be to his mother, of course. Her experience (and therefore his), would define all, given his meta-cognitive issues.

      • That also crossed my mind. I just didn’t see why he should get so irate over someone using hospice at an earlier stage of their last six months than his mother did. But then I’m not suffering from Biwwy’s mental issues either, thank God, nor am I a psychiatrist/psychologist.

  6. A special day indeed. I agree with Mr. Schmalfeldt. From the last paragraph:
    “Your honor needs to be aware of the nature of these people…”

    Very true. Adjudicated harasser, serial bomber. These guys are building terrific resumes.

  7. As a “Professional Journalist” (Snicker) The Cabin Boy should be more aware of the proper usage of the English Language. As a former High School teacher, I would have exercised my red pencil on his letter to the judge quite heavily.

    • Not me. An F-, and a quick note to mark it up, himself, turn in the markup, then start over and write it again, if he wants to pass.

      Why waste my time marking it up? Those who are *actually trying* do need my help, why should he be allowed to be a time thief and deprive them?

  8. I don’t know if I agree Hoge. I’ve heard from some people that BS may be faking or exaggerating the symptoms of his disease. I haven’t heard that BS actually has Parkinson’s except from one original source: Mr. B.S. himself. I don’t consider him exactly trustworthy or truthful.

    The rules of pleading do not require that you blindly accept someone’s self diagnosis or assertion of medical condition. If it’s relevant to the case, he can prove it by testimony.

  9. Bill Schmalfeldt has posted a letter in the past from a physician affirming that CBBS indeed suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. Take that for what it’s worth as CBBS did have his grimy, deceitful hands on it first.

    With that said, I personally do believe Bill Schmalfeldt is afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. However, if he is convinced he is currently in the “end stages” of this horrific disease… he has set himself up for a very, very rude awakening.

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