520 < 1000

While I was off living in the real world this afternoon, the Cabin Boy™ was demonstrating that his math skills are as poor as his reading comprehension.P-O20140406

First, October, 2012 was only about a year-and-a-half ago—as I have noted.

Second, a word search of this blog shows that there are 520 posts that contain the word “Schmalfeldt,” including this one.SchmalfeldtSearch#Desperation

18 thoughts on “520 < 1000

  1. And I’ll bet 4 out of 5 of those posts were responses to another Bill Schmalfeldian attack

    you see only bill has the right to write

  2. I’ve capped that post. Sort of. After 73, that is SEVENTY-THREE screen caps, each taking a page on Word and only slightly overlapping the page before, I just highlighted the rest and copied and pasted. At the end I did another 2 screen caps,

    The entire file is 243 pages and 12.5M of file space.

    And yet you are the one with the obsession?

    Oh, Biwwy, if I was truly obsessed, I would have done screen caps for the whole damn thing. But I’ve got better things to do with my time.

  3. The new “Bill” of rights

    Bill’s first amendment applies only to him – Freedom of the Press only applies to the established religion of the worship of underage Ukrainian Girls

    The 2nd – you have the right to bend over and bear what he wants

    The 3rd – refers to the mandatory quartering of enemies of the country who plant bombs at teen gatherings

    His 4th through 8th amendments refers to his absolute power and authority to search to demand to punish to fine and imprison any one who dares to question him upon his throne of pipebombs, junior bras, DCMA notices, unopened law books and overdue child support notices. His grand jury consisting of the supreme court manned by the Bomber, The child care neglecter, and a random guy named mark will give you a speedy process on your way to indefinite imprisonment and electronic contact

    His 9th amendment gives his imaginary listeners all powers that he has not already illegally seized

    The last amendment limits the rights of those he has decided to victimize

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt, would you please do another post counting how many twitter posts or blog posts you’ve written in the last year attacking Hoge?

    I know you won’t, so I’ll preempt your response with the facts:

    – You deleted them and didn’t keep copies, so you can’t do an accurate count.
    – Plenty of others DID keep records, so if we ever need a count, one is still available.

    Have a nice day.

    P.S. most of your posts are totally disgusting and filthy, especially compared to what Hoge writes. It doesn’t matter how many times Hoge writes about your shameful behavior: he is right and you are wrong.

    • or how many different blogs

      or how many times or names he called Lauren Stranahan

      Or how many times he asked about the tragic passing of a little girl

      Or how many accusations he has made

      Or how many claims he is a trained journalist who went to “journalism” school

      oooh the things he has claimed

      I noticed the 367 charges may increase soon if the judge feels that he is still trying to contact John

      • Thanks EPWJ. I actually find these questions more interesting than the one I asked.

        Adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has definitely attempted to contact Hoge over and over again in violation of the peace order. He’s not too bright, but he knows enough to realize it’s not in his interest. He can’t resist, though, because it’s too tempting for him to be filthy and awful toward people.

  5. Where does one find a page or an app that will parse and generate a word cloud of someone else’s blog?

    And I suppose more importantly, why bother?

    • I’m getting a completely blank screen. Is something wrong or does it mean he has nothing to say? That would be an improvement from what I’ve seen of his writing.

      • I don’t think you can use the link it generates. It says not to post it. Maybe this will work.

      • Nope, WordPress wouldn’t allow my a href tags. Shame very interesting what the output shows.

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