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It’s sorta/kinda interesting to watch the signs of desperation popping up among the member of Team Kimberlin. There are signs that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin himself is in over his head. Take a look at these clips from the second amend complaint he filed in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance suit.BKvAW2013SAC-14BKvAW2013SAC-115Notice that he inserted a paragraph number in the middle of paragraph 14. That shifted the paragraph numbers in the remaining paragraphs. Also note that paragraph 115 is followed by paragraph 103 causing there to be several paragraphs with the same numbers. That error was present in the original and first amended complaints, but TDPK did not bother to correct it in the second.

One of the requirements for filing an amended pleading in Maryland is that a marked up copy showing the changes be provided along with the new version of the pleading. TDPK has not yet served such a markup on my lawyer, and, given the stunning lack of attention to detail in his second amended complaint, I wonder if he bothered to do any sort of checking of his pleading before he filed it.


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  1. If he had any attention to detail – he wouldn’t have filed in the first place………………

  2. Signs of stress and overload. Inattention to detail is almost always a sign of overload. Frequently the conman gets tripped up by not being able to have a second set of eyes to review things because by their very nature, the things he is attempting to do cannot be reviewed by anyone else lest his secrets become known. I don’t think Brett trusts anyone enough to let them see more than a small portion of what he is doing. He compartmentalizes everything. In doing so, small errors creep into important things, leading to a massive failure, akin to a giant tripping over a shoestring.
    These small errors will trip him up. Small errors not detected due to overload and stress. The whole house of cards will come tumbling down. His non-profits will be shown to be false fronts to avoid paying the judgement against him and to fund his lawfare (as well as his personal lifestyle), his vexatious lawfare will be revealed as simple greed with a large dash od shut-uppery in a dual attempt to collect quick cash to fund the forcible removal of information detrimental to his scam (he hoped that by including large, deep pocket corporations in his RICO claim, some of them would treat the case as a nuisance and settle for a cash amount he would then use to press his various claims in an effort to keep the truth of his background and current scams from being revealed to the general public and most especially to keep it hidden from his targets, (i.e., his donors).
    Those tangled webs he has invested so much time and effort in weaving not only will trip him up, but are being rent by publication of his malfeasance.

    • If I understand correctly, the case would then move to consideration of the various motions to dismiss the FAC. It would be as if the SAC had never been filed.

      • The FAC in the state case survived motions to dismiss from three of the defendants. A motion to dismiss the FAC from one defendant is still pending. One of the defendants named in the FAC has not yet been served.

        All the motions to dismiss against the FAC in the RICO Madness are still pending and will become ripe if that SAC is not accepted.

      • Wouldn’t the SAC, if accepted, give rise to another round of MTD by all five defendants?

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  4. In a sane world this would mean that the whole thing gets thrown out for sheer laziness and lack of care.

    However this world is often not sane and our society likes to support “victims”. So we can hope that BK has worn out his victim card with this particular court.

  5. If it wasn’t such an imposition on those who are victim of this attempted institutional shutuppery, this would actually be comical. “In over his head” could qualify as the understatement of the decade.

    This little weasel needs his pee-pee whacked.

    • I agree. Sadly, over time Bill has become non compos mentis and is in dire need of a guardian ad litem.

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