15 thoughts on “It Sure Is Quiet Out There

    • He only hid for an hour or two when he thought the SSA was looking into him. I’m pleased but surprised at how long he’s managing to stay quiet for this.

      Part of me hopes that this is indeed Biwwy figuring out he needs to stop what he’s doing. Now. And part of me is afraid it is going to be the calm before the storm as monitor suggests below. Needless to say, I’m rooting for the first one!

    • In my opinion, CB is fueled by unfathomable rage and hatred ameliorated by his inability to adequately fund serious payback for perceived slights. As such, he often plots grandiose schemes, but cannot see them through. In all probability, he is now a target of interest on several government databases; the kind of databases most of us wish to avoid.

      I agree with monitor…CB is a badly wounded animal, consequently at his most dangerous. When he is tried and sentenced, I believe he will fade away into the footnotes of history. Most tyrannical people do.

      Animals of the same ilk tend to band together for mutual protection. Herds are easier to predict.

  1. Isn’t there a hearing of some sort coming next week? I’ve not got my upcoming events timeline handy.

  2. What happened to our downtwinkles? It’s so difficult to believe they found something else to do, even for a single day. Must be *big* to be more important than that well known Hogewash obsession… /sarc

  3. Always calmest before the storm.

    My sources indicate something’s afoot – the “deep” indicators agree with the “shallow” ones noted here.

    Watch your six.

  4. I think there are some Bullyville hearings concerning NR around the same time. Imagine the pressure they have to exert on Mr. Bill to get him to shut up.

  5. He’s still pushing that Darby vid, which is a joke and a half. Maybex he’s got lyme in his 8th cranial nerve or had to use ototoxic Abx – because if he truly thinks that’s persuasive, he has hearing issues. His voice is kind of messed up, like he has distorted hearing so maybe he does.
    Of course the most likely thing is he’s a crazypants liar.

    The Swatter has none of that guy’s LA twang even in and especially not in unguarded moments. We all know who it does sound like.

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