THEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms)  is a mission to investigate what causes auroras in the Earth’s atmosphere. The program is run by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and not by the agency just up the road that forgot to buy both vowels.

I have never had any connection to the program.

UPDATE—I found this attempted comment while taking my morning coffee break.TK201404041329ZOf course, the IP address doesn’t belong to Amazon.IPlookup20140404Not only that, it’s not actively assigned.NoMatch

Hi, Neal!

UPDATE—Ooooo! Struck a nerve, have we? This comment just came in attributed to my late mother.TK2014041542ZCan you say “desperation”?

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  1. Incidently, I invented, and demonstrated for management, a 92-byte remote root exploit, yesterday. From a distance, over a network, I opened a root shell on a locked-down system that doesn’t even allow conventional logins.

    The older engineers I work with all “squeed” with joy, the younger ones were confused, bewildered, and astounded, the IT guys are now giving me the whale-eye and mumbling to themselves, and management can’t decide whether to celebrate having a real hacker on staff, or to fire me.

    Why did I do this? We had a customer experience an exploit, and the PHB in charge said “that’s unpossible!”

    Hacker pride required it…

      • That’s good to hear. I upset IT at my last job on a number of occasions by pointing out that any system’s security is usually only as good as the last known hack. I suspect that they just really didn’t want to think about it, what with being a hospital and having to worry about HIPAA.

        They were much more worried about the damage I might do to their server if they let me have a web page for my department which I could actually update myself, and the dangers of answering surveymonkey surveys (OMG someone might find out your e-mail address! ???).

  2. Team Kimberlin are so cute. They think we’ll take a single down ding on every comment made after about 8:30 as serious?

    • Well Baghdad Blob has to find something to do with all the time he used to spend on Twitter….Another account memory holed….like people didn’t screen cap his entire TL for… reasons. Does he really thinks deleting content makes it disappear?. LOL

      • Does he have a new account yet? Or have his “friends” actually convinced him to stay off the internet for the time being?

      • His “friends” would never convince him to shut up. They need him to be the distraction. They guy that regularly screws up so bad that it takes the spotlight off them. Look at xidiot asking him why he never fights back and just takes it all the time.

        Shorter – Probably, but I haven’t looked.

      • I wonder if he understands adding content to this blog is form of contact. Not more than a technical breech of his PO, I suppose, unless he started making multiple passes, but it would be like him to toe over the line, wouldn’t it.

      • I hope he keeps the same graphic on his new account, with the big ZERO on the chest. I guess a little honesty slipped out. 😉

  3. Anyone else think the comment in Update 2 sounds a LOT like what the Cabin Boy has written about our host before?

    • Wishing death? Check.
      Calling him “Hoggy”? Check
      Pain and mockery? Check
      If it’s not Unca Biwwy, it’s someone doing a pretty damn good imitation of him.

      • Also check out xcitizen’s twitter feed. It’s like Bill has taken that over as well……or was xcitizen tweeting for Bill? Either way, they sound remarkable similar with the threats, doxing etc over the past few days.

      • Biwwy kept telling us how poor his physical condition and coordination were, and we could never figure out how he could be so sick and type so well and so fast. One of the more obvious possibilities was someone tweeting for him,

    • Gosh yes, seems very like him. Not smart enough to win a debate; not man enough to even try, especially if it requires fact-finding; but frequent fantasies of torment to his enemies? Yes, very much

  4. I suspect that whenever Hoge is mocked by his enemies, it is music to his ears. Like my Dad used to say whenever the USSR was outraged about something, “We must be doing something right.”

    • “If you’re taking flak, it meas you’re over the target”, or one of the many variations on that phrase.

  5. That second update comment was probably Biwwy. Here’s his update from P-O:

    UPDATE: My blogging here and at Liberaland will resume when Hoge’s latest bogus charge is dropped, or the Law Enforcement Community steps up to the plate to deal with my allegations of Mr. Hoge’s extortion, perjury, stalking, harassment and misuse of electronic communication for the purpose of harassment.

    He seems to be unwilling to recognize that by charging him while taking no action against Mr. Hoge, HoCoSA is dealing with his allegations.

  6. SHORTER UPDATE: I have no self-control and don’t know when to shut my ginormous, lying cakehole and will only make matters worse for myself, therefore I have to step away from social media.

    It. Won’t. Last. (See: “no self-control” comment above.)

  7. no five down votes per entry today? The lightshow on the previous link was actually a lot more interesting than random spook behavior. Reminded me also of a game that existed some years ago called Plasma Pong.. before lawyers got involved over the use of the term “pong.”

  8. Mr. Hoge. Regarding the original post, you reference omission of the vowels in THEMIS; that leaves us with THMs. In water chemistry this would impute tri-halo-methane(s). Are you implying that we might be dealing with the toxic byproducts of the eradication of pathogens through modern sanitation?

    I mean, the interwebz do seem to be free of CBBS for now.

  9. PatriotWhistle’s twitter feed has reverted to bury tweets and gather-followers mode, adding nothing to the feed but RT’s of group additions.

  10. Posting tax returns? even then he misrepresented the data – good lord!

    If he has done nothing wrong then he has nothing to worry about -..

    For a guy who was just sayin he wants to be left alone…. Still on the attack posting Stranahans image and video

    100’s of thousands of cached pages and audio of your own words Bill await you.

    The star witness against Bill Schmalfeldt will be Bill Schmalfeldt,,,,

  11. So all of this started when Andrew said these guys need exposure – for their own words and deeds

    The only crime is that we didn’t do it sooner so he could be alive to participate

  12. After much insane paranoid trolling by Barrett Brown et al, I once changed my twitter handle to “Team Themis.” These doofuses seized on this as proof of conspiracy.

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