Mars in Opposition

Water_ice_clouds_hanging_above_TharsisTomorrow, Mars will be in opposition to the Earth. That means that the planets’ orbits will be aligned so that Earth is directly between Mars and the Sun. Mars will be 180° opposite the Sun in the sky. It will rise in the east at sunset, appearing as a bright reddish star.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

3 thoughts on “Mars in Opposition

  1. These really ate wonderful palate cleansers! Thank you for making my commute more pleasant every morning.

  2. I remember a close approach of Mars in the early 1970’s, where, over the course of two months or a bit longer, Mars could be observed to make a big loop against the background stars, as Earth caught up to, then passed Mars.

    I was grinding my own telescope mirrors at the time, and could hardly wait to finish, so I could see Mars through my own telescope.

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