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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is suing my codefendants (Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and Kimberlin Unmasked) and me for a million bucks because we have written truthful things about his past and current behavior and have expressed opinions about him. Here’s an opinion the Stacy McCain has expressed that TDPK imagines is defamatory. It’s taken from paragraph 49 of TDPK’s amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit.BKvAW2013-49That’s an expression of an opinion Stacy holds about Brett Kimberlin, and the expression of such an opinion is protected speech under the First Amendment. You can help us defend ourselves from TDPK’s vexatious attack on our free speech rights. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

Oh, one more thing … I agree with Stacy.

18 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. That the statement is opinion is one valid argument. That it’s the truth is another one.

  2. I think Stacy’s voice software meant to say weasel, or weevil or #$@#$…@##$#… child##$%#@ sometimes it gets lost in translation.

    Personally – I am disappointed that he was holding back…

    Kimberlin went to Russia brought a child back and did unchild like things to her – yeah calling him evil is defamatory?

    Because evil is a step up from what he really is

  3. Actually Stacy McCain was being mild. He brought a bomb to a high school football game. He forfeited the opportunity to qualify for polite words when he did that. Of course he did much, much more than that.

    I hope he and his team find God, Grace and forgiveness. Barring that, a long time in prison and a longer time in hell would be justice.

    • Serving his original sentence would be a good start. Paying restitution another step. Oh how I hope the defendants get a monetary award. Methinks some of them won’t be so forgiving about collecting a judgement.

      • I definitely agree with you, GM. I do hope the judge will see through the ACME Law books and apply the real laws of the land.

    • And to this day he has yet to admit fault. Until the Little Terrorist admits he did it and pays what is owed, there is no forgiveness, either to God or man.

      • Pablo, I’ve often wondered about his choices of bomb placement. Without at all taking away from what investigators (and I) believe was the driving motive (distraction from murder of Juliya Scyphers, the grandmother who had dared to thwart him) for the bombing campaign itself, Kimby was/is) an evil cuss who liked to plan payback and distribute punishments/warnings to those who he felt caused him distress or difficulty.

        If so,his first three “messages”, were unintelligible to anyone, Locals thought at first they might be the work of some teens who perhaps didn’t know what they were about, how powerful the devices would be. It was the tag end of summer vacation, a Friday night. And luckily no one was seriously hurt, there were just a few cuts from flying glass and debris. But I wonder if he didn’t choose placement because he had….enemies.

        This blog outlines the sequence of the bombings (its a bit easier on the eyes than the Star PDFs, and typing them up myself)
        Without detailing them all, (and what follows is pure speculation), I have wondered whether the choice of target might not only have been chosen for show, but personal animus in at least some cases – esp the shopping center bomb, the bowling alley and the ones directed at police.

        The one at the freshman football game parking lot has always bothered me the most on that score. “Jessica” had frozen Kimberlin out by this time, and she was pursuing ordinary pleasures that ordinary kids choose – friends her own age, boys her own age. Perhaps he got wind of Jessica liking a boy at the school, or blowing him off for fun with peers. I’ve often wondered if Kimby believed the murder of Julia Scyphers would have little Jessica resuming her proper role as his personal property in short order, and kindly wished to discourage her independence, and maybe even later, through means of sly implication, make her fear what he was capable of.

        His yellow-pad full of payback demonstrated him capable of elaborate and somewhat obscure-even-to-the-victim revenges. So, I wonder.

  4. Why do I imagine this little terrorist, diddler, TWERP being stuffed into his locker as a teen? Never picked for any sports. NOT EVEN PICKED LAST. Real women looking at him with disgust and real men wanting him nowhere around them because they can see he is a weasel of the highest order. What a pathetic life the little scumbag leads. And those with who he associates? Equally disgusting.

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