On Freedom of Speech

One of the themes of this blog is support for the First Amendment, and that includes its free speech and free press clauses. Hogewash! supports everyone’s right to peaceably speak and publish. I support everyone’s right to publish his own blog or comment freely on blogs hospitable to his views. That does not oblige me to provide bandwidth for everyone who seeks it.

Indeed, I find emails and attempted comments like this one rather tiresome.pptoas_whinesSince most of these whiners seem to be left-leaning politically, I’m sure they would appreciate that this is a case where I agree with Chairman Mao, who said, “Let a hundred flowers bloom.” If they’re sincere, the whiners should plant theirs in their own gardens.

27 thoughts on “On Freedom of Speech

  1. I love how people think the 1st Amendment extends to other’s private property. Perhaps they should spend some time reading it.

    • I think they actually believe that the entire concept of “rights” only covers those who are in agreement with them. If you don’t agree you have no right to a blog, or any other personal property for that matter.

      If you agreed with them you’d let their comments stand, and if you don’t, you have no rights anyway, so why won’t you just roll over and let them spew all over your space, since it isn’t really your space anyway.

      My middle sister is a full blown leftie, so I see this all the time. She even has the same condescending manner when dealing with us sub-human lowlifes as Unca Biwwy.

  2. a publisher isn’t obligated to give an opposing viewpoint a voice in the first place, since anyone can be a publisher, and speak their views elsewhere. Especially in the age of the internet, where the barrier to entry is practically non-existent.

  3. Among the most “sophisticated,” there is a deliberate ignorance of the constitution. Sadly, the argument about “free speech = equal access” sounds perfectly correct to some folks who should know better.

  4. It’s not freedom from consequences, if I for instance spoke out about some of my clients political stances – I wouldn’t have clients.

    It reminded me of the old joke told about a moment in a Bern Café in 1965 where an American and a Russian had to share the only table open for breakfast:

    The American was trying to explain our freedom of speech – he proudly said than in Americat he could go to the gates of the white house and yell that LBJ was a SOB!. the Russian screamed back that he too could do the same thing – why he could stand in Red Square and scream even louder that LBJ too is a SOB!

  5. Too many people, and this is acute on the left, confuse a right to speak with a right to be HEARD. What really bothers them is that you are preventing them from committing grand theft audience. They can’t stand that your readers are free from being exposed to their verbal effluent. Its not enough, for them, to spew their vileness on their own blogs – NOBODY READS THOSE. Its the same thing with the petty tresspassers and vandals that commit acts of “civil disobedience” – they are free to say what they like safely on a sidewalk and without a bullhorn, but then nobody would listen, because nobody cares what they have to say. Demanding a “right to troll” and street protests are turds from the same sewer, and they come from the same place – a narcissistic yet insecure realization that other people simply don’t care about something that they believe is important.

    • And these are the same proggs who will insist that the Koch brothers are vile demons who must be silenced because of their well funded speech in favor of there nefarious plot to take over society and leave everyone alone.

    • Exactly. It’s disturbing, the number of people who think having the right to speak means an audience must listen to them.

    • Troll rights -their time has come????

      Its funny have all these lefty interest groups have special rights or demand special rights – from the one’s they wish to take them away from

      So If I have a bakery do I have to bake troll wedding cakes to order?

  6. And on that note, I find that Biwwy’s last four “satire” entries at Liberaland appeared to have been memory-holed.

    The other opinion essays that morphed into being all about him are still there.

    Fess up, now: which of you is responsible for snatching his gig out from under him this time? I need to know so I can send an appropriate gift…

  7. Liberals never seem capable of grasping the concept that ONLY the government can be accused of censorship. Our founding documents and the intent and execution of them by our founders and all successive generations are such foreign concepts to them. You might as well try to put your last trip to Saturn in context for them.

    • Bear in mind that our esteemed host is under a censorous attack through lawfare and shutuppery.

      I’m sure CBBS would love to say that Mr. Hoge is attempting to censor him through the 367 charges filed by the SA; of course that’s based on his own cognitive failures and the inability to distinguish communications about form communications to.

  8. Another issue is that progressives seem to think that they are not subject to criticism.

    Progressives want their say, but attack when the problems with what they have said are pointed out.

    And the attacks are generally personal, and vile.

    Says a lot about the person, and their ideas, that the ideas cannot be defended in a civil fashion.

    I, for one, thank our host for his kindness and generosity in allowing us the privilege of commenting here, as is his right.

  9. So BK has amended his complaint in the state case. RSM hints that it is chock full of crazy just like the RICO case.

  10. You don’t have a right to say anything you want on a forum provided by someone else.

    People who think they do are also some of the first to ban people they don’t agree with.

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