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DB Capitol Services has filed its opposition to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion to file a Second Amended Complaint in the Kimberlin v. the Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

TDPK’s reply to my opposition is due next week.


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  1. Pretty much a copy and paste of what everyone else has filed. But I guess it’s hard to come up with new ways to describe how badly Kimby’s SAC is flawed.

  2. I kind of like this line “unnecessary verbosity and blatant disregard for organization.”

      • He sure is awfully proud of that summons. He’s posted the screen cap four times, interestingly with a different url each time, though they do indeed all seem to be of the same document.

      • Caught him on his latest article writing hate speech = forwarded it to States Attorney’s office and we are researching any various statutes that he can be charged with in Florida, Tennessee, an in Maryland for hate speech.

        Or am I? Or is this satire? Or is this just an opinion? ooooh…..

        Notice how he rationalizes violence so quickly though – interesting – especially when cooperating with the super secret investigation inot all of us…

      • Receiving a summons in a criminal charge Mr. Billy Crystal Frischfeldt? – I’m going to go out on a limb here and wildly speculate that Mr. Hoge is NOT the one currently under consideration for criminal charges despite the warm moist breathing assurances from a location once on wheels recently

        Ankle bracelets are useless though if you don’t move around – hard to get a baseline…

        Hey word count time!!!!

        In 6 minutes a blog post with 171 words and 5 tweets with 102 words – a blazing 60 plus words a minute composing – plus screen grabs plus 50 to 60 commands to post tweets and blogs bringing this mornings word count to over 75 words a minute

        getting close to the best in administrative typing skills out there folks 1.1 to 1.2 words a second! Key strokes has got to be close to five per second

        Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

        I have no idea what I allegedly did, but I’m sure I will find out when the police deliver the 13th summons from this vexatious litigant.

        And why did he file THIS time in Howard County when his previous 366 charges were filed in Carroll County?

        And now, for the 13th time, I will have to entertain police officers serving a summons because of WJJ Hoge.

        I see this as proof that WJJ Hoge intends on harassing me into my grave. I have not contacted him in any way

        Hoge files yet another criminal charge against me, #367, this time in Howard County.

        Meanwhile at the hall of Justice in Howard County:

        A answer was given to the complaint by Mr. BillyCrystal Frischfeldt – in the form of a summons for Mr Frischfeldt to appearance before a judge to face potential criminal charges.

        Naturally he declared victory

  3. —-
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets · 39m
    And now, for the 13th time, I will have to entertain police officers serving a summons because of WJJ Hoge.

    Yes, “because of WJJ Hoge” and not because of his B.S.’s own behavior.

    This kind of transference is typical of sociopathic behavior. It reminds me of Theodore Dalrymple’s book “Life at the Bottom” where he talks of prisoners who say they’re in prison because they had gotten in an argument with someone and “the knife went in.” Not “I stabbed the guy because he ticked me off.” No, the knife just spontaneously incurred a will of its own and went on a slashing spree, completely out of their control.

    So it’s Hoge’s fault that B.S. violates the peace order, because otherwise it would be B.S.’s fault, and that simply cannot be. On the plus side, if Hoge were writing B.S’s tweets, that would explain B.S.’s prolific output given his debilitating disease, am I right?

    • Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets
      Today is the first day of Parkinson’s disease awarness month. WJJ Hoge celebrates by filing his 367th charge against me.

      Playing the victim, oh-woe-is-me, card much?

      He really does seem to think that his PD gives him carte blanche to do or say whatever the heck he wants and no one has any right to complain, no matter how offensive, abusive, harassing, or libelous his actions are.

      • All I know is that if I ever get cursed with PD, I hope my case is as “severe” as Schmalfeldt’s.

      • he just typed over 75 words a minute this morning for a time span of over 6 minutes – as well as composed a several hundred word essay in stupidity at another blog

        I doubt walkers, canes, gurneys, neck braces, nurses with IV’s are going to sway the SA and the Judge as much as they used to.

      • More ammunition for the SSA IG’s investigation into the Matter of William Schmalfeldt

      • I still think he’s using his feet, as well as his hands, to get all that info out to “nobody”. As I said previously, the illness/pity doesn’t work with me. It could also be the work of a twin (which would answer alot of questions). One Fatboi couldn’t think all this stuff up; but two would fit the bill.

  4. 17s Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

    …Howard County State’s Attorney day just about a year ago. Smart play on his part, really. His stupid followers will buy it. And he can…

    52s Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

    …for trying to protect himself against my vile evil, which we suborn here in Howard County, if you recall the Everybody Bother the…

    1m Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

    I have not contacted WJJ Hoge. I have not violated the PO. This is a play on his part so when he’s arrested, he can claim he was

    Blazing speed in 48 seconds 3 tweets 75 words in forty-eight seconds getting close to JFK’s speech patterns

    A proud achievement on National Parkinson’s day!

    • If you google Biwwy Moldwarp’s “Everybody Bother the Howard County State’s Attorney Day”, funny thing, but all you get is “Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day”

      I wonder why Biwwy can’t tell the difference between blogging about and bothering?

      I wonder if the folks at the HoCoSA are getting as tired of his prevaricating as others are?

      • Yes they are tired they just sent him a criminal summons

        Remember these people are as liberal as they get – imagine if he had done this in Texas, Tennessee, or Oklahoma?

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