Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ is running out of straw men to argue against.P-O20140327a

Taking the last bit first, it’s been demonstrated that the IP address in question was not associated during 2012 with the Brazilian website he keeps mentioning.

Schmalfeldt is also lying about the relative timing between when the SWATting comment was sent and damage from Sandy.SWATcommentAs can be seen above, the comment came in at 12:29 in the afternoon. Sandy came ashore around 8 pm in New Jersey. Most of the damage to Baltimore Gas & Electric’s distribution system occurred north of Baltimore beginning in the late afternoon. (Howard County, which is south of Baltimore, was relatively lightly hit.) The Gentle Reader should also note that the Cabin Boy™ never claims that he lost either power or Internet connections, or, if he did, he never says when the loss occurred.

Oh, and one more thing …

LGbylineatBU20121030The Cabin Boy™ says that he had abandoned before the date the SWATting comment was sent. Yet, he was promoting it in his byline at Breitbart Unmasked on 30 October, 2012, the day after the comment was sent. Indeed, he continued to promote it in his byline there until 25 November.

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  1. OOOoooOOOOoooOOoohhhh
    that’s gonna leave a mark..

    better go get some popcorn for the backslide cover the ass parky shuffle tomorrow..

  2. He has been pwned so many times over this, it’s becoming cringe-worthy to read each new revelation. How much humiliation can he stand? A lot, obviously.

  3. When asked to show how he can’t have two services going at once, he does suddenly start going on about something else. I just enjoyed that he started claiming all this right after posting how he couldn’t remember things, so even ignoring his veracity issues in the past, how are we supposed to believe that he can just remember which service he was with when, especially given the frequency with which he changes things?

    • As cited by others, there doesn’t have to a web presence on a domain for someone to use the email functions of that domain … simple to do what Billy did (according to the heared on the email) is to use an email as MX record …

      • As for paying for service being important to using the email, we dropped SNET internet service over 4 years ago. I can STILL use my address through mail2web. (I’m sort of surprised, you’d think at some point they’d purge the old stuff, but about once a year I sign in and there is all the junk mail, including stuff received that day.)

      • So if I can still send from my old email, that I haven’t paid for in over 4 YEARS, why shouldn’t someone still be able to use a service after only a month or so? Of course, as long as he owns the domain, it’s forever; if he doesn’t, as long as the server hasn’t purged his mailbox, he should be good to go.

      • Heck, if you know how, it is not necessary to even have a mail server to send email – if you know how.

        Receipt of mail, in the conventional sense, does require a known point of presence, but there are several schemes, widely known, that allow cooperative “email” without the use of conventional mail servers.

        A bit of technical expertise, and a smidgen of thought gives rise to a “one time pad” email scheme that I may just have to run off and implement….hmmm.

        • Which was used by Kimby to send the sealed discovery docs to Billy, thanks to buddy Neal’s hacker knowledge …

  4. Hoge, I have to admit that this at times.. is entertaining.. When I say “entertaining” of course I mean ridiculous to watch two grown (old) men go back and forth at eachother (the way you two do) but comical. I think you both enjoy it as much you both protest.
    Why don’t the two of you just leave eachother alone? Is it really necasssary to keep going to court? You can’t sit there and convince others who are not “right wingers” that his words actually affect/effect you.
    Don’t call me a left or a right winger either. I can’t stand either. I hate politics. Both Parties take any chance they get.. I’m not going there.
    I only know about this because one of my followers follows this story and is so gung (sp) ho for the right. Bless her.
    Both of you are two stubborn old men.
    Ok, I know its coming, I am going to be called a troll. Let the name calling begin.

      • You beat me to it. So typically Neal, a bent concern troll with the added fillip ofr being able to denegrate both parties (demonstrating Neal’s antipathy for Bill).

      • Do you suppose that when Neal comments using his ex-wife’s name that it occurs to him to pay her the child support he owes her?

        Probably not, I’m guessing.

      • Hey Nancy-Boy:

        To quote Jordan O’Neill from the movie GI Jane:


        (Sorry if this offends, but it was my first thought after reading Nancy-Boy’s troll message and it certainly felt appropriate, even for a Sunday)

      • Ok, now this is bullshit. I know who Neal is and that is out of line. Neal is a hacker among other things and I am not.
        I just think this is all silly.
        I was sure I would be called names, to be called “Neal” is is innappropiate and uncalled for. Fight all you want, if that tickles your fancy – have at it.

      • I only know about this because one of my followers follows this story and is so gung (sp) ho for the right.

        I know who Neal is and that is out of line.

        Hi Neal!

      • Mr. Hoge,

        Are you suggesting that Neal “Know himself” in a Biblical sense?

        Because that is an insult both so creative and so polite as to be worthy of much praise.

        And just in case you are not making a biblical pun, may I appropriate your words for that selfsame purpose here?

    • I would merely note to Neal that folks that aren’t really political state they are neither “liberal nor conservative.”

    • Many individuals take their First Amendment rights quite seriously, and will protect and defend them at great personal cost.

      When the aforementioned succeed, we all win. Instead of ridicule, judgment, and name calling — a simple thank-you would be more appropriate.

      And, I will refrain from calling you a troll, albeit the title would apply. With that said, your hypocrisy is showing. For someone who expresses disdain for the left-wing, you are more than well-versed and appear quite fond of their tactics. *eyeroll*

    • Might Be Neal (hereafter known as “MBN”) has a tentative point. I really don’t think CBBS has quite reached the “point of no return” yet. I suspect that if he announced that he was done with the whole Kimberlin mess — and actually kept it — he might actually escape unscathed.

      He won’t, for two reasons. The first is that he would have to admit — if only to himself — that he had been wrong. He wouldn’t have to admit that Hoge et al are “good guys,” but that his side are worse “bad guys.” And he doesn’t seem to have the strength of character (or sanity or sense of self-preservation or common sense) to do that.

      The other reason is that he’s invested too much of himself in this. The last time I looked at his site (his recent re-making has made it unreadable to me unless I allow scripts, and I’m sure as hell not gonna do that), pretty much every single thing was about the Kimberlin mess (whom he avoids mentioning as much as possible). While Our Host here has a high ratio of DPBK (and CBBS is a subset of that) postings, he does do cool astronomy postings and Pinky & Brain riffs (one of which was not original, I have to say), among other things.

      In other words, if the whole DPBK mess were to go away tomorrow, CBBS would have nothing left to rant about — but Our Host would have other topics. Plus, Our Host would probably be relieved, while CBBS would fight like hell to bring it back.

  5. Its odd that Bill Schmalfeldt would claim he “abandoned” a website he subsequently promoted. Surely, owning a website is not a direct admission against interest. A “liberal grouch” would seem to be a bit of a curmudgeon. Curmudgeons seem more like quaint movie characters than odious people. What would be the point in denying something so innocuous? That is, unless, stating so could be an indirect admission against interest.

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

    Hoge is spending a lot of time on one charge out of SO MANY allegations.

    and the harassment under 3-803 and 3-805. And, oh yes, the forgery with intent to deceive.

    And once he’s done with that, we can go over the other 10 perjury allegations the SA is considering. Then we can start on the extortion,

    that he felt I was approaching or pursuing him in a manner to give him REASONABLE fear of injury or death.

    If he has exculpatory evidence, I can ask the State’s Attorney to stop considering THAT charge of perjury. But then he will need to explain

    Because I am alleging he lied under oath by claiming I sent the comment. He lied knowing he lied because he is a liar.

    So, here’s what Hoge should do next. Provide proof that I sent the offending comment, or apologize and STFU. One or the other.

    Wow 135 plus words in 180 seconds blowing almost to a word a second on twitter……

    For…a …. man… who…. claims….. his….. condition…… is….. worse….. because…… of….. PUPPIES!

      • And you should see how much he tweeted out now. No way that man is physically too disabled to write. Especially since he’s claiming he wrote SIX large blog posts on the day in question.

      • but HOW could he have blogged six times with NO power, huh? Huh?? HUH?!??!

        OH yeah, he realized THAT lie was busted so had to come up with another one…


      • I agree that it’s pretty clear that PD symptoms do not slow Bill Schmaldfelt’s typing. I mean, if Bill Schmalfeldt, aka Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt, etc., is this fast, with this excessive quantity while suffering the disabling ravages of PD, he must have typed the equivalent of 6 copies of War and Peace daily before the onset of PD.

        In addition to Bill Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland:
        – being adjudicated an internet harasser with a Peace Order granted against him;
        – with a reputation as a constant liar who will continue to lie even when the truth would better serve,
        – who is known for the most foul harassment including: harassing parents who had just suffered a stillbirth over the loss of their child and continuing the harassment for nearly two years; attempting to cause others he’s never met to lose their jobs; and including multiple false complaints to various agencies attempting to interfere with child custody in families he doesn’t know;
        – and who has such and incredible lack of self-awareness he cannot see the hypocrisy in his upset over his suspicion that someone had reported his voluminous output of text, but he wouldn’t hesitate to interfere with another’s livelihood and brags about it; live-tweeted his mother’s death and seemed to expect great sympathy even from those he’d tormented at length and including the mourning parents he’d so viciously attacked over their stillborn baby; and so very much more…

        …let us not forget that Bill Schmalfeldt, aka Liberal Grouch, in a letter sent in an attempt to influence a court in a case to which he is not a party, well, Bill Schmalfeldt admitted he has dementia.

        So, while Bill Schmalfeldt certainly remains prolific, the many issues that cause him to be unable to work as a writer are possibly more due to the admitted dementia than to PD.

        TL;DR – Bill Schmalfeldt’s admitted dementia may be the cause of his inability to work as a writer. But he’s such a liar, who knows whether he ever actually was a professional writer or what physical and/or mental illness(es) and/or symptoms he really has.

  7. The Swatzi’s are coming! Everyone look busy!!!!!

    Meanwhile at the halls of Justice aka “This is Howard County”……….

    The auto email response has been activated…..

  8. This is bullshit.
    I will be the first to go on record and say that things would not be so bad if Neal or B.K. were not involved.
    You all are worse than a bunch of mean girls. Shame on you all for thinking and calling me a hacker. Calling me “Neal” is just as bad as calling as a hacker.
    You are all mean.

  9. I was particularly entertained by the question in light of this very reasonable, very simple, and very possible answer:

    Laptop. Battery.

    The fact the comment was made nearly 8 hours before Sandy made landfall is but another indication of the overall malleability of the Cabin Boy’s reality-based castle in the sky.

    • Patrick Grady –

      Agreed, ignoring the fact that this happened prior to, not after, Sandy’s landfall, a laptop battery won’t get you everything.

      I live on Long Island, and lost power during Sandy. We lost power on our street absurdly early, about 11:30 AM, prior to landfall (a branch fell on the power lines, only our block was effected.) We could run the cable modem and laptop off the car adapter, and still had internet when we went to bed. I still had cell phone service when work called to request I respond to a (data-threatening, not life-threatening) emergency. So at about 1 AM I still had cell phone, and I also checked internet and it was up. When I got back at 2 AM the battery power to the internet and phone had both gone out. No cell phones, and no internet because of the power failure. That is, the cell phone tower was down because of no power, and the local cable repeaters were down because of no power. I have no idea if the cable went out because of our local 1 block outage or the wider neighborhood outage that hit several hours later, but you can certainly lose cable based internet when the power goes out for a few hours.

      [insert obligatory joke about time travel and ponies…]

      • That sounds about right. Our area lost power around 2pm on Monday; I was at a conference in Woodstock, VT and lost IM contact with my family around then. But the power was back by the time I got home around 2pm the next day. (And the tree that took out our car had already been mostly cut up; a 50+ foot, 5 bole willow belonging to the neighbors about which the entire neighborhood apparently had a pool on when and in which direction it was going to come down.) And although we were one of the few areas of any town with power in the region (I love local power companies instead of CL&P!) we had our cable internet back as soon as the power was back up. If we’d had a generator, we possibly could have been online during the whole thing.

      • Librarygriffon –

        No, you missed my point. Admittedly I was wordy and unclear.

        a) You can lose the internet when the cable repeaters on the street lose their batteries after a power outage. Ditto cell phones. After a few hours without power, they’re done.

        b) This doesn’t matter if you post 8 hours before the storm hits, even more so if you post before the storm hits but misses your location.

        Even with a generator if the cable coming to your wall has no signal, you have no internet.

        My only point is that the statement of:

        Laptop. Battery.

        is insufficient if your power is out long enough.

      • Oh, yes, I did know that (my parents had that problem with their phone, ATT forgot to ever replace the batteries in their substation, so they were gone the instant power was out.

        I’m trying to follow too many subthreads at once I think. 8)

  10. This is the last I am saying on the matter:

    1. I am not Neal or associated with the scum bag.
    2. I see how this works; Because I think it is sillly and childish how two grown (old) men go back and forth at eachother means I am Neal.
    3. Yes, I did say it was entertaining at first, because it was, then when you look at the whole picture — it is silly.

    You can call me all the names you want, but I am not Neal or associated with the S.O.B.

    I still stand by what I said; I think Hoge and Bill are two stubborn old men who both want to be right.

    Whatever is so bad about that warrants name calling, just shows your character.

    Fight all you want, sadly, by the looks of it all, I am starting to think that some of you like seeing Hoge and Bill fight and would be disappointed if Hoge and Bill did stop.

    I’m out.

    • I see you aren’t responding to serious posts, that says volumes. However, let me repeat my point. If you think ignoring BS is something that works, go lookup Lee Stranahan’s interactions with Bill.

      Also, could somebody post the tweet from BS stating that in order for him to leave you alone, you must not only refrain from posting about him, but BK also. That is how it works. And that isn’t acceptable.

    • I find Hoge’s fact-finding expeditions exposing Bill as a complete liar very informative and even educational in a lot of respects. I do not believe it’s a fight between two old guys on the internet.

      After watching what Bill has done to numerous people – including and especially women – I hope that someone some day finds a way to stop him from continuing to dox innocent people, go after their jobs, threaten them with losing their children, report them to various government agencies to harass them, etc.

      In my heart of hearts, I believe that person to be John Hoge. But I could be wrong.

    • “1. I am not Neal or associated with the scum bag.”

      Prove it. On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog.

      “2. I see how this works; Because I think it is sillly and childish how two grown (old) men go back and forth at eachother means I am Neal.”

      No, because you try and cast it as something it is not, you are suspect.

      Doesn’t help that you use Neal’s phrasing, either, as recognized by those of us who have studied his acknowledged writings.

      “3. Yes, I did say it was entertaining at first, because it was, then when you look at the whole picture — it is silly.”

      Silly, as in 366 (still chargeable) charges of harassment, or silly as in a dozen or so SWATTings that are all tied to Brett Kimberlin?

      “You can call me all the names you want,”

      Count on it…we’re quite good at mocking, laughing, and pointing.

      And we haven’t even gotten to the comfy chair, yet.

      ” but I am not Neal or associated with the S.O.B.”

      And yet your writing has many of Neal’s “tells” in it. Odd.

      “I still stand by what I said; I think Hoge and Bill are two stubborn old men who both want to be right.”

      You are welcome to your opinion; Don’t expect us to ignore the evidence we’ve collected just on the pretended outrage of an obvious sockpuppet.

      “Whatever is so bad about that warrants name calling, just shows your character.”

      Name calling versus chargeable harassment, SWATTing, and lawfare from the opposition…hmm, perhaps you are right, and name calling is an overreaction. NOT.

      “Fight all you want, sadly, by the looks of it all, I am starting to think that some of you like seeing Hoge and Bill fight and would be disappointed if Hoge and Bill did stop.”

      Well, perhaps you are right. However, there are plenty of criminals and nut jobs on the Internet, so I suspect we will find plenty more name calling opportunities, into the future, long after justice has been meted to Team Kimberlin.

      “I’m out.”

      Really? I have my doubts…

      [Word of the day is “meted” – incorporate it in all encrypted communications sent to lickspittles.]

    • Once you have been harassed non-stop, had your well-being and the well-being of your family threatened, and have been on the receiving end of bogus, time-consuming, and expensive lawsuits… get back to us with your “silly” drivel.

      In the meantime… traffic… go play in it.

      • Yeah, and “Nancy” seemed pretty familiar with Kimberlin – enough to call him “B.K.”, while Schmalfeldt is “Bill”, but our host is “Hoge”.

        Classic Rauhauser tell…he always uses last names for his opponents.

  11. How in God’s name did he figure that? I had mentioned on my blog, on Twitter and on previous shows that I was unable to drive a car, hadn’t driven since 2009. Even then I needed a cane for short distances and a rolling walker for longer distances. True, we had never met, but how does any REASONABLE person get a REASONABLE fear that I am threatening his life or serious bodily injury based on what you’ve read or heard!

    Ahh the picture with the automatic weapon in his hands with his finger on the trigger – yeah glad that wasn’t anything threatening

    • Gee, he also knows a guy who did time for setting bombs. Last I checked, or at least according to what I see on TV and read in the papers, it is possible to hire people to do your dirty work for you, and he would seem to know the sort of people who could hook him up in that way.

      Which is why I’m always amazed that he never considers that the people using pseudnyms whom he harasses might also be able and willing to take that route….

      • no I believe according to the man himself it was a modified weapon = fully automatic – according to a podcast at sometime or another…….

        Of course it could be wrong – like it could be wrong that Bill thinks he is a victim here

      • I got a good laugh when he said it was OK for him to have it because he son was an FFL holder. Turns out his son has a “curio or relic” firearms license. Bill totally ignored getting busted on that lie. Well, he ignores getting busted on all his lies…..

      • Hey, if it is a full-automatic, original or a conversion, I’m sure that BATFE will be happy to verify that it has the proper tax stamp, and is correctly registered.

        Bill, your boy has the tax stamp, right?

        If not, you’d best roll on him, because you’re an accessory to a rather serious federal felony, otherwise.

      • And we all know what Bill says. If you think a crime has been committed, it’s your DUTY to report it. Right Bill?

  12. From a distance, it might look like a couple of old guys arguing on the internet. There’s more: Mr. Schmalfeldt has stated clearly that this is connected to the First amendment activities of Mr. Hoge. Leave Kimberlin alone and Hoge, Stranahan, Worthing/Walker et al won’t face trouble. It’s clear some folks have taken it into the real world — threatening BlogBash, showing up at BlogBash, trying to identify folks who comment or blog (including looking up criminal records), suing folks, getting one guy fired and SWATting. Somebody’s going to get killed with that stuff. (Not a threat, just a prediction that eventually something bad will happen if the local cops kick in the doors enough times.)

    I don’t know or care if Neal is Nancy, but I hope Nancy figures this out: As rough as folks can be about Mr. Schmalfeldt, they figure he’s got it coming b/c of the crap on his Twitter timeline and blogs.

  13. Biwwy is trying to emphasize that he had “given up the website” by the time that email had been sent.

    To which I say “okay, so what?”

    I had a domain for years that I used for email (port 25), Telnet (port 23), Usenet (port 119), etc, that never had a website associated with it. Toward the end it became a matter of stubborn pride that my domain not participate in the WWW (port 80). The web is not the whole Internet. It isn’t even a necesary part of the internet.

    The question is when he gave up the DOMAIN

    I suspect he won’t address that issue.

  14. Nancy wrote: “I was sure I would be called names…”

    What is referring to Mr. Hoge as — a stubborn old man — called? A compliment? Nice leftist fail. Typical. The old name-calling-is-good-for-me-but-not-for-thee shtick.

    Do you make a habit out of barging into someone’s home and taking a crap on the carpet, too? Get over yourself… troll.

  15. Question: Has “Nancy” commented on Hogewash ever before, or is this the first time “she” has felt the need to add her .02?

    IIRC, I have never run across a comment from “Nancy,” and I was just thinking it curious “she” jumped in out-of-the-blue to ridicule and insult Mr. Hoge on a thread regarding SWATing. *hmm*

  16. Neal’s MO is to, through various online personae, misdirect and confuse the “conversation”. Exactly as he has done in this thread. I think the carrot is beginning to feel the rabbit’s breath.

    • Yep and yep.

      Me thinks “Nancy” doth protest a bit too much while…
      (1) attempting to come across as relatively clueless with regard to the overall history; and,
      (2) pursuing a transparent mission to discount and ignore the seriousness, specifics, and truth.

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • I suspect that the blog logs will find that little ole “Nancy” was using a TOR browser, an annonymizer, and multiple VPN’s just to leave her “innocent” comment .

        Hi Neal.

        And I’m still wondering who paid for the liberal grouch website since BS says he didn’t. Seems an interesting question to ponder in any countersuits.

      • If “Nancy” is Neal, and I suspect she is, then one must wonder why here? And why now? He knows he isn’t going to change any minds on this blog, so what’s the point? Maybe he can’t help himself. He has a need see himself as the one who controls and manipulates others but perhaps there are things going on behind the scenes that are making him sweat.

      • Good points – maybe leaving a digital trail of anonymous internet users who recognize this “dispute” as (insert TK fantasy here) and just look how the random unknown totally-not-a-part-of-Team-Kimberlin-person was mocked and attacked. /sarc

      • No, of course it doesn’t work – it’s a (very poorly thought out) TK enterprise, after all. Just suggesting a possible intention. 😉

  17. Unca Biwwy is now claiming that he spent the entire day working on six posts for BU.

    If his claim about not having power due to SuperStorm Sandy were correct, how did he “spend all day” working on those posts?

    The posts were published on the 30th, not the 29th, so how is that proof that he spent all day the 29th writing all six of the? He claims they were posted the previous day on his old P-O blog, but since that’s one of many he’s dumped, it’s not like we can go there and see for ourselves.

    And anyway, who here can’t take a break in the middle of the day to dash off a several sentence email? Writing some stuff on the computer is hardly proof that one didn’t write something else on the computer.

  18. Willy couldn’t write a post to a website because he was already writing on the computer! And any idiot knows you absolutely cannot write two things at once. A simple search will reveal that “tab” technology, allowing you to have multiple websites open at once was only made available in late 2013. In addition, CPU processing power in 2012 wasn’t good enough to allow two different browers to be running at the same time.

    How were we able to live like that?

    • I know. It’s like saying because I sent a few other friends letters yesterday, I couldn’t have also sent you a postcard. Or, I couldn’t have heated up that can of soup yesterday because I heated up a can of peas.

      Are we beginning to smell desperation?

      • First he couldn’t have used an website because he registered a new one.

        Next, he couldn’t have posted the response because the power was out because of hurricane Sandy, even though it hadn’t hit yet.

        Now he couldn’t write a post to the web because he was sitting at his computer writing.

        I really think Willy doesn’t understand the concept of “proof”. Could he really be that stupid?

      • Seriously. I understand he has to take some rather odd positions and then defend them, esp. when it comes to the Little Terrorist. However, this is self-inflicted, he seems to be pushing the whole inane narrative that John is guilty of numerous crimes involving an avatar (?) and other silly issues. Nobody reading this can think any of it rises to even immoral behavior, let alone a crime.

        When he is defending the indefensible concerning Kimberlin, it is necessary for him to say really stupid things. But he is solely responsible for this recent stupidity and I’m wondering why? Any remotely sane person would have dropped it long ago.

      • by continuing his shenanigans in “defense” of himself against the “oppression” of RWNJ, he can claim victim status which allows him to do as he pleases (in his diseased mind) in retaliation to any/everyone he feels is threatening him and actually thinks it makes him morally superior to do so..

        in other words, your typical libtard.


      • “numerous crimes involving an avatar”

        The biggest crime involving an avatar was that movie.

      • THANK GOD!!!! Someone finally said it. That was the worst cinematic mistake since Battlefield Earth.

  19. Willy scribbles:

    I never claimed I lost my power. I never said I didn’t lose my power.

    He is the world’s biggest weasel.

    • Unca Biwwy. FOCUS. You asked how you could have sent an email at a time when most of the east coast had no power. Ignoring the falsity of that statement, the implication is that You.Had.NO.Power. That is what you wanted the reader to infer. I could run it past every single English teacher in my local school system (4000+ students) and Every.Single.One.Of.Them would agree with me.

      Or is basic English comprehension beyond a feeble former GS-13?

  20. Hoge, I need to apologize. I did not realize you have a peace order and this was your goal in the first place.
    As I said; I follow someone who follows this and he filled me in more because I told him you all are calling me Neal. Knowing what I know now, I would not have said it in the first place. At a glance, it does look like two people bickering back and forth.
    I apologize.

    • I thought you had had your “last word” on this?

      Nice attempt at a recovery, Nealancy, but you’ve burned this sockpuppet beyond repair.

      Here’s a coupon for a free sockpuppet, try again.

    • At first, second, and nth glance, you still come across as a rather dim concern troll.

      Mayhaps, Nancy, you should work on not jumping into other peoples’ conversations, displaying your ignorance, being judgmental, rude, and obnoxious, and then having to come back and apologize, later?

      Life is hard. It’s harder when you behave like an ass. It gets REALLY hard when people start remembering that you consistently behave like an ass (see Schmalfeldt, Bill, for an outstanding example).

      Oh, and you owe *everyone* here an apology, not just our esteemed host, IMNSHO. You insulted us all.

  21. Willy wrote:

    “Now, I am no internet geek. But how in God’s name, at the height of superstorm Sandy, with so many of us without power did I use my computer to somehow route a message to Hoge through a server owned by someone in Brazil???”

    Despite his attempts to be clever with this statement, the intent is obvious. You are trying to deflect any blame by putting out the idea that your power was out.

    • He also keeps harping on the “server owned by someone in Brazil” conveniently forgetting that it was, at the time, NOT owned by someone in Brazil. Or his really is too stupid to look up who was using that IP AT THE TIME THE MESSAGE WAS SENT.

  22. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

    “He’s never done anything to ME, but WTF. I need a break from this story, so I’ll hassle some random fuck in Westminster?” Logic?

    Was I thinking, “Hey, this guy is gonna be a pain in my ass in a few months. I guess I’ll fuck with him now, even though I don’t know him.”

    I had no idea who WJJ Hoge was, really, on Oct. 29, 2012. Why would I bother? He had done nothing to me. Yet. So, FOCUS! Be LOGICAL!

    …to comandeer an IP address, something I have no idea how to do, to taunt someone who I had no idea who he was. Logically. Explain it.

    The logical question one has to ask oneself is why I would interrupt my writing of the second most involved and time consuming story of 2012

    136 words in 240 seconds – getting towards the 40 words a minute maybe more considering the extra strokes and the time to compose and edit

    • guess he’s not THAT worried about SSA looking at his twitter feed after checking his blog…
      cause why would they do that??


      • its one thing to type something you are reading and its another thing to type and compose – I cannot imagine the speed and agility that he demonstrates from the early morning he was at 55 words a minute to still 11 hours later at an impressive 39 words a minute – while saying he is suffering advanced stages of a seriously debilitating disease –

        I wish he would stop and I pray for a speedy recovery – but he seems hell bent on damaging everyone he can and this won’t happen –

        I have rarely used the nuclear option of the courts but any DA that is letting him make threats and intimidations is seriously mistaken that other courts are going to treat this stream of constant vitriolic spewing’s as anything but obstruction and intimidation and coercion is going to have a response. I can only imagine the epic reaming in chambers that is going to occur – this man has a peace order and he is trying to circumvent it by trying to convict the victims


  23. Sometimes it is quite puzzling to decide whether Cabin Boy knows he is a liar and is so invested in the criminal enterprise that is Team Kimberlin that he happily tells more lies in his incompetent, contradictory and confused manner …

    Or if he is just mentally ill and his bizarre incoherent ravings represent the surface of his delusions.

    Of course, the answer is more likely “both”…

    • I don’t think so – I have seen people whose just enjoy causing trouble – he thinks he is bullet proof – 366 direct violations and not even a anklet and two months later he thinks he is getting revenge – he has victory disease like the japs after the fall of Corregidor – he is about to be met midway in another Howard County Court Room

      But then again it is Maryland same place that spawned Pelosi

  24. BS writes he didn’t know Hoge in late october and then shows us a tweet that Hoge sent in REPLY to him on September 3rd. Is that dementia he keeps touting?

    He keeps giving Hoge (andby this I mean himself) an “out” by suggesting hoge was duped or made a fool about the IP. liar. “Oh I didn’t send it, give me everything u have and WE’LL get to the bottom of this together”. Classic lib distract and deflect.

  25. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkyBillTweets

    If Hoge has a brain and has not been completely deluded by you fools, he knows what he’s facing. Good night.

    See, where Lickspittle lose is by trying to scare me with shit that doesn’t scare me. I know the cards I’m holding. You’re playing checkers.

    Good night, dim, dim, Lickspittles. Tell your daddy to wait by the phone. Tomorrow’s another day.

    The lickspittles are a dim dim bunch. SSA understands why I was retired. Lickspittles do not. Lickspittles can rage on, like impotent

    83 words in 180 seconds and in that span also linking a stranahan video and pasting it to his blog

    Still attacking people while claiming people are attacking him

    wow just wow

    say it for me

    COX remember what happened to COX

  26. A complete Bill Schmalfeldt timeline would be fascinating, if not completely impossible and more than a bit depressing. For example, it would be interesting to see how many times he’s signed off on a Sunday nite with something like this:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets 50m

    If Hoge has a brain and has not been completely deluded by you fools, he knows what he’s facing. Good night.
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets 50m

    See, where Lickspittle lose is by trying to scare me with shit that doesn’t scare me. I know the cards I’m holding. You’re playing checkers.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets 52m

    Good night, dim, dim, Lickspittles. Tell your daddy to wait by the phone. Tomorrow’s another day.

    It defies belief that he continues with these fantasies.

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