O’Malley’s Obamacare Site to Bite the Dust

WaPo is reporting that Maryland will be scrapping its Obamacare website and replacing it with the same technology used by Connecticut. The Connecticut site is one of the few that sorta/kinda works.

I guess Gov. O’Malley wants the mess cleaned up before he kicks off his Presidential campaign.

6 thoughts on “O’Malley’s Obamacare Site to Bite the Dust

  1. If the CT site is working, it’s the about the only thing being done by state gov’t that is. Only state in the union with negative GDP growth last year. Some of the worst unemployment figures in the country too.

  2. I am betting O’Malley’s campaign slogan will be either, “Just like Agnew, only slightly more photogenic!” Or, “O’Bama was so good we need to elect another Irish president!”

  3. An astonishing display of incompetence by Democrats. Four years, uncounted billions of dollars, and they can’t figure out how to sell something to someone on the Internet.

  4. Millions of dollars spent on another useless Democrat program. Fortunately, it will be solved by spending more millions of dollars on another useless Democrat program.

    No need to worry. If this program doesn’t work, elected representatives are prepared to spend millions of dollars on yet another useless Democrat program.

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