I Don’t Think the Cabin Boy™ Likes Me

P-O20140328It’s interesting that Bill Schmalfeldt seems to feel that I want to see him and his buddy Brett Kimberlin sent to jail. What I want is to see them brought to justice along with the other members of Team Kimberlin. Now, it’s possible that jail could be a part of that, but that’s not my call. There are other possibilities, and I’ll leave those decisions for the proper authorities.

57 thoughts on “I Don’t Think the Cabin Boy™ Likes Me

  1. And BS will of course let us know more since he does have another famous countdown clock up right now for the possible demise of his “blog”. BS will tell us that he will be taking his “blog” down because of Hoge induced Lickspittle abuse, or because his PD won’t allow him to continue. If it’s for the 1st reason, 100-1 the “blog” will be back up within a day or two.

  2. Heartless is posting detailed information on the internet concerning the size of your daily “massives” in such nauseating details as to ensure immediate regurgitation. Heartless is compulsive stalking followed by publication of the most intimate details of one’s life with absolute and complete disregard for the consequences of said publication. I note here that Cabin Boy still fears the arrival of a certain party from Florida whom he mistakenly “outed” without concern for the truth. Heartless is condemning his frail spouse to a life in a decrepit ramshackle “single-wide” in the “low-end” area of Howard County.

  3. I’ll start taking wagers on how long the Fatboi’s blog shutdown will last…we finally have a doomsday clock! I am starting with 4 hours…anyone?

  4. Ratt22, Biwwy assures us it’s NOT a doom clock. It’s Biwwy “giving folks a chance to take action before saying what I plan to do in the absence of that action.”

    I can only assume that he thinks something glorious is likely to happen on the legal front for TK, or that the HoCo SA is looking into him.

    • Well, we are pretty sure the SA told him to take a long walk off a short pier already based on his last “woe is me” diatribe. Things are looking extremely bad for his terrorist buddy, so all I can think of is that he will continue to whine and not much else. That is what his life has come to.

  5. Like a cockroach, he’s complaining about getting caught in the light of Truth and having to run away to another dark recess.

  6. Woke up from my nap to this! Now I’m having an excellent afternoon watching him alternatively preen and extort. Yes, extort because he is exhibiting all the traits of a bullying extortionist. If you don’t do something unspecified by this time, it will go bad for you …
    The mafia controlled entire cities and collected millions of dollars. That my friends is the basis of an actual criminal enterprise/conspiracy. Oh, for someone to have proof of involvement of at least one other person! What a criminal RICO case that would be once the proof is handed to the FBI …

    • I seem to remember hearing about a dead president who might have known how certain webs were woven. Perhaps, one day, he and the FBI will have a conversation. I guess time will tell. 😉

  7. Has anyone else read the comments on the Cabin Boy’s latest at Liberaland and thought Obewon sounds like a guy whos has spent a little too much time perched on the pointy end of a broom handle?

    I know Bill said he wasn’t goingto engage Lickspittle trolls on Liberaland; but it seems an AWFULLY BIG COINKYDINK that he’s got Obewon ready and waiting to do it for him…

    …just my opinion…

    • You mean the third article of his three articles over there that he’s managed to make about him?

      • I have noticed that Wee Will Ferguson has made his appearance as well. Whenever Bill knows he is screwed and can no longer cover his lies, he yells for Wee Willy to come in with his own lies and try to provide cover. Seen it on twitter a bunch of times, now he is doing it on LaLaLand. Question is, how much is he paying little Willy to make such a fool of himself to try and deflect from Bill’s humiliation?

  8. Poor Bill. Spends all day writing. Twitter, his blog, other people’s blogs. A L L D A Y he writes. Good thing he has all that time on his hands since he has a disability that doesn’t allow him to earn a living writing……..oh and he says the Social Security Administration hit his blog today*. Fear pee and a quick shutdown so they couldn’t see what a prolific writing he is and what our tax dollars are buying them in disability payments? Hmmmmmmm.

    *Or it could be Sam’s IP from up the block. You never know with the Cabin Boy. Remember when “Betty” turned out to be a bot? Remember how he keeps doxing the wrong people? Remember when he had to block the “lickspittles” from reading his blog…but he was looking at IPs from SEO companies? Remember when he couldn’t figure out

    • Interesting how he thinks a post suggesting that he’s worried about SSA seeing how much he writes when he’s disabled from writing is “admission” that the person making the post “ratted” him out.

      And of course, one can only be ratted out if one is doing something wrong. If there is no “there” there, then one can not be ratted upon, right?

      That would seem to be an admission from him about what he thinks is the true severity of his disablity.

      • He really needs to work on his cognitive skills. Just because he thinks it doesn’t make it true. Well, in his mind it does I guess. Actually I saw his twitter post about it and kinda wondered if that is maybe why he shut his blog down. So in his mind, that means it must be me that “ratted him out”. He isn’t very good at the whole thinking logically thing is he?

        But I think you have a point. The fact that he is scared by it probably means he thinks he does have something to hide.

      • Indeed, everyone should be more concerned when when they see possible fraud and report it, only by doing that can the taxpayer (who ultimately foots the bill) combat and hopefully end fraud and waste…

        I know several people who are disabled and wouldn’t bat an eye of someone suggested reporting them for investigation, they wouldn’t care cause they are not GUILTY of anything…


  9. It was Bill Schmalfeldt who felt the need to inject himself into the situation as, more or less, a human shield for Brett Kimberlin. Ultimately, it was Brett Kimberlin who acted to destroy his own reputation and life. Writing and performing songs about [redacted by me] teenage girls, proposing to a fourteen year-old girl, repeatedly sexually assaulting with her in Maryland when she was fifteen [according to the girl’s sworn affidavit], marrying her at sixteen, blowing a man’s leg off with a bomb causing such pain he choose suicide, and suing his widow all while pursing a career heavily dependent on the good will of the public was self-destructive. Bill Schmalfeldt’s decision to defend the indefensible inevitably meant his reputation would be destroyed in the process. Bill Schmalfeldt’s fully-adjudicated decision to engage in criminal harassment in that defense of the indefensible has caused his life to enter into a downward spiral from which he seems to have no inclination to exist.

    Bill Schmalfeldt, it is you who has destroyed your own life, ruined your own reputation, lied as a matter of course, slandered and libeled without compunction, and worse all in a futile attempt to pursue the counter-factual premise that Brett Kimberlin is anything other than a scumbag of the lowest order.

    Bill Schmalfeldt, I have sympathy for the mother in Wisconsin, Carl DeLong, Lee Stranahan, their wives, and that fourteen year-old girl. I have none for you. You have wished that others “DIAF.” Though you have PD, and may in fact be a nutter, it would be profoundly unjust for anyone else to have the slightest sympathy for you either. I would be a slap across the face of your to numerous to count victims.

    [redacted by me] Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • name ONE* lie that dear billy has told… one*

      *lie must be uttered in latin, underneath a doublewide trailer while holding a shaved gerbil, on the 5th monday of a february.

      • How about naming one of Bill Schmalfeldt’s lies “Frank Lee,” as in “Frank Lee dear, I don’t give a damn?”

        The only lie by Schmalfeldt worth noting is his claim that he has never told a lie. If he can deny that with a straight face he can deny that grass is green, or that the sky is blue. Once that fact is understood, the utter futility of debating anything with Bill Schmalfeldt becomes readily apparent.

  10. Biwwy seems to think that Mr. Hoge will be unhappy if one of his readers turns out to be the one who contacted SSA about him. Assuming that someone did, and it wasn’t just some bored civil “servant’ surfing the web on our dime because there was nothing for him/her to do. Or he/she just couldn’t be bothered to do it. Maybe they read his stuff over at liberaland, and went to the source?

    But even if it were to have been that a reader of this blog filled out the SSA fraud, waste, and abuse form, I doubt Mr. Hoge cares, one way or the other.

  11. SHaky, I reported you to the SSA, the VA, the IRS and a few other three letter agencies…

      • it was my DUTY as a tax paying citizen of this country, to make sure LEECHES like Twinkie do not continue to live off the hard work of other Americans. He’s over there, living in his DOUBLE-wide trailer, probably has TWO ply toilet paper, EXTRA strength depends, hell he probably can afford to SUPER SIZE his big mac meal. For shame.

      • I called Social Service in MD too but they insisted being a tool and a deadbeat to your grown kids was not something they could help with. Oh well.

      • I did give them the back story on Twinkie, they said they would have some friends in other departments look in to it. Wheels are in motion.

  12. And now, behind his blocking of Lickspittles, he’s posting about how Hoge (personally?) ratted him out to Social Security.

    Biwwy, since I know you read these: You can’t be “ratted out” if you haven’t done anything wrong! So by your own admission, you’re gaming the system!

    • Heh. I’m reminded of a saying a dear friend of mine was fond of. I shall paraphrase to fit the thread:

      LG, trying to explain even such a basic logical concept to CBBS is like showing a monkey a pocket watch; he is deeply fascinated by your presentation, but cannot begin to fathom its meaning or significance.

      • Without smashing against a tree limb first to see if he can eat it. Small Balls is getting back some of what he has dished out for years and the poor widdle boy can’t take it…waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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