Déjà Vu

I was scrolling through one of the Cabin Boy’s™ screeds over at Liberaland (Yes, that’s an active link. Colmes runs a safe site.), and I saw something that looked familiar. It was the avatar of one of the pro-Cabin-Boy™ commenters. I went looking through some files, and, sure enough, I found another use of that avatar.avatars

The use of the avatar shown on the left is from a comment made during the autumn of 2012 at a now-defunct website. The one on right is from the current Liberaland comments.


UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ seems to think that I need to explain the provenance of the avatar on the left. I don’t.

First, if anyone in law enforcement wants to see the source documentation, they have but to ask. I will cheerfully assist them with their inquiry. Indeed, it may be that a copy of the source document is already in the hands of a law enforcement agency.

Second, Schmalfeldt knows when he was using the Liberal Grouch persona and the editor@liberalgrouch.com email address when he was commenting on blogs in late 2012. He knows where he made comments. And he can guess who gave me that information. What he doesn’t know is what else I have, and that should be a matter of concern for him and his associates.

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  1. I said yesterday that he had his socks with him. Too many glowing comments stating the Schmalfeldt position on everything. Writing style is his too. If it walks like a Schmalfeldt, talks like a Schmalfeldt and smells like a Schmalfeldt, it is either Schmalfeldt or a broken sewage treatment plant …

  2. J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, AFAICR. Cut him some slack.

    (And about the least original piece of clip art to use for anything not connected to the Cult of the Sub-Genius.)

  3. Not a super original or rare avatar. It gives suspicion but no proof.

    Interesting to see that I’m now a ‘threatening lickspittle’. Do I get a badge to go with the new rank?

    If someone did report CBBS, do they have any less cause to report potential government waste fraud and abuse than other people had to call CPS because a kid looked ‘effeminate’?

    • Gawsh, I wish I was considered to be a ‘threatening lickspittle.’ What does one need to do to accomplish that level of admonishment from Oedipal Cabin Boy?

      One thing we all need to remember is that they also dole out SSD for people with mental disorders, so he’s probably collecting legitimately.

    • Both, threatened the woman in WI to make her tell him who Jerry Fletcher was (an old “journalist trick of the trade” and “investigative technique”) and actually did on Lee Stranahan and his wife, several times I believe.

      • he’s alternatively said he has and he hasn’t called CPS on Stranahan, depends on what day it is….

  4. here that…its crickets from Shaky’s twitter feed….

    the other sound is the interwebz laughing at him.

    • That echoing sibilant sound resembling water swirling down an old fashioned high volume toilet?

      • After using it in a blog and going on and on and on about how he proved it wasn’t his and how hoge has/had committed PERJURY!!!!! by claiming it was his on twitter,..
        why is he surprised that I recognized it??


      • If it’s something that Bill wouldn’t have noticed or remembered, he assumes that the only reason anyone else would is because they are GUILTY!! He has no clue of what, but you must be GUILTY!! and the HoCoSA will sort it out for him.

      • I remember another use of that IP address by him … I remember it quite well in fact. The avatar too … summer of 2012 I believe …

    • Biwwy is screeching that that’s not real, that Mr. Hoge is committing perjury, and he better show where he got that from, right now, because Biwwy has no memory of ever using that avatar anyway.

      This from the man who told us all that he didn’t remember defecating only moments after it happened this morning.

      • “Biwwy is screeching that that’s not real, that Mr. Hoge is committing perjury…”

        Hey, Bill — perjury doesn’t cover something posted on a website. It means you’ve lied about material facts while under oath.

        You know, like your close personal friend Kimberlin was convicted of.

  5. Apparently Unca Biwwy thinks our host has become a master forger. If the original of that screen cap is not produced immediately (or at least before business on Monday) Biwwy will be contacting the HoCoSA with another charge of forgery.

    • why exactly does our esteemed host “have” to show a damn thing to Twinkie?? IF he’s manage to harass LE into bothering Mr. Hoge, then they, LE are the only ones Mr Hoge has to show anything to…

      Twinkie is just digging for more info to hopefully cover his very large ass before his shaky pile of fraudulent charge cards collapses on him…

    • Heh. And he’ll get another “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” email response. That he interprets as pending charges for John.
      Because … LICKSPITTLES!!1! and PARKINSON’S!!!1eleventy!!

      • I would rate that he got an email – as much as he had a conversation with a closed office on xmas eve. You know if he got an email that gave him any hope he would post it

      • I like the suggestion that they are trying to decide what charges and against whom said charges would be appropriate. That could be taken more than one way. Just sayin’.

        • I caught that but the moldwarp hasn’t let that fact sink into his brain (such as it is). That email is as much a threat to his as it is to the person he reported and perhaps even more. That depends upon how many unfounded reports he has made to the HoCo SA’s office. Criminal harassment could be a result. I don’t know the specifics in MD but in FL it could be a misdemeanor or a felony. Depends on how many times BS has violaqted the PO and how many times he’s filed bogus criminal charges …

    • Judging by the tsunami that occurred this afternoon at Bill Schmalfeldt’s trailer on his computer and the absolute smell of real FEAR when he realized that the Social Security Administration was looking into his affairs, I would strongly suggest that this be the topic and subject of some detailed investigative journalism. For Cabin Boy to be ripping off taxpayers in ways we can barely conceive, one can only imagine that he, in fact, may well be ensconced in the same jail cell as was once his esteemed master. Perhaps he can even go on the same diet.

      Where there is smoke, there is FIRE and the smell of fear is strong with this one, Luke!

      • A good point was raised on Twitter: perhaps a ‘medical retirement’ was proffered in lieu of a for cause firing. Given the union protection of GS employees, the latter action is not one undertaken lightly.

        A tactic also used to encourage an employee to move on is to stick them in an office doing nothing. Given how proud CBBS is of his current situation, this would have/did backfire. He would have been/ was happy to get something for nothing.

        Last observation: why is a former gs13 living in a trailer park? Their pay is above the national median. Drinking? Drugs?

  6. I love how Biwwy says that Hoge has to show him proof that the address was used by Liberal Grouch or he’s going to add another charge of forgery to what he’s already given the SA, and then when I repeat him, I’m the one who’s stupid? Biwwy’s admitted his memory is going, and we’re supposed to believe everything he says based on his memory?

    I can believe he got an email today, but I’d not believe a word he said was in it without a confirmation from the SA’s office itself.

    • Um, Cabin Boy, “forgery” doesn’t cover images posted on a website.

      Forgery is what your close personal friend Kimberlin does, apparently out of reflex.

  7. Heh, he’s a great example of someone who’s “proof” isn’t, because he doesn’t understand the technology.

    Of the domains he listed that are still valid, none of them point to the relevant IP address anymore. At one point, sure, those domains pointed at the IP address, but they don’t at this time – and given they still fall into the same IP range, I’d guess it’s someone hosting some servers on a dynamic IP address and just updating the DNS record when needed. (I do the same for a voice server hosted out of my basement closet used by a bunch of gamers.)

    Unless he’s hosting his website from a server sitting in his own house, the IP address he’s using and the IP address for his plethora of sites aren’t going to be the same.

    • I noticed that although that IP registration was good thru 2014, the last update of where it went was September, and the comment from that IP was made in October…


  8. What the hell is Willy talking about? I was at work most of the day and I guess I missed some relevant factiod that puts IP addys, avatars, emails, HoCoSA, and being in court on Monday together.

      • OK. It’s been weird, but I think the basics are:
        Biwwy took his blog offline with a doom clock set for 6pm, saying that depending on whether folks did what they were supposed to or not, he would decide what to do with his blog.

        Around then we found out that Biwwy had found that someone from a Social Security owned IP had visited his blog. He was positive that Hoge or one of us lickspittles had “ratted him out”.

        Sometime before 5 he brought his blog back up, without much info.

        Over the next few hours it came out that he had contacted the HoCo SA about supposed acts of perjury committed by Mr. Hoge. One of his complaints was that an IP which Mr. Hoge had said was his during the harassment cases wasn’t his.

        While discussing socks commenting over on Biwwy’s posts over at Liberaland, someone commented on one of the avatars. This was familiar to Mr. Hoge, who dug out an old screen cap of liberal grouch using that avatar, which showed the IP, the very one Biwwy swears he has never used.

        (It might be worth pointing out that on his blog today, Biwwy had a post NOT about Mr. Hoge, discussing the symptoms of his advancing PD, which include memory issues, as in not being able to remember defecating while still on the toilet. Sorry for the image. But it does make one wonder how he can swear he doesn’t remember ever using that avatar, and expect us to know that he’s right.)

        Biwwy is now trying to extort Mr. Hoge to give him the proof that the IP was attached to LibGrouch or he will contact HoCo on Monday and ask them to file another charge of perjury and/or forgery against Mr. Hoge, while calling the rest of us stupid and dim.

        Meanwhile, we’re laughing.

        I think that’s the general outline. I’m sure some other lickspittle can fill in stuff I’ve missed.

      • Tom, I left out a LOT. And now, Biwwy is assuring us that he’s going through all his files and can’t find any instances of him using that avatar anywhere. I can believe him, he’s probably wiped everything. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  9. Went, against my usual self-made rule, and looked at his “letter.” It’s pretty clear he’s pestering (in his usual pestery way) and the reply uses the most neutral language possible to tell him to simmahdownnow. No specific person and no person at all will get “charges” unless the facts support it.

  10. Oh, and Willy, IANAL, but it seems to me like it’s a bad idea to publicize the fact that you are extorting information out of somebody.

    • I’d say don’t tell Biwwy that so he can make more rope to hang himself, but I doubt he’d take the hint.

      And anyway, quite a few of us have it screen capped. }8)

      • If anything, telling Willy not to do something just makes him want to do it even more. Example? Pretty much any post John has made concerning Willy.

      • Too true. I keep expecting that at some point, some sort of self-preservation instinct will kick in with that man, and thus far, I’m still waiting.

  11. Now, the patently transparent and obvious deception and extortion attempt that Biwwy is now perpetrating has been screencapped and saved from his TL, correct?

    This is a rhetorical question. (That means it doesn’t require an answer, Biwwy, you can put the dictionary down)

  12. Bill Schmalfeldt:

    You are in way over your head! You need to consult a real licensed attorney now!. Not a pro se paralegal, but one who is licensed! Believe me, the pro se paralegal will cut you loose in a New York second! You have seriously injured your standing before any court by your actions today and may well be looking at serious federal time. Lawyer up now and get off the internet before you do yourself any further harm.

  13. Why is he posting messages on Twitter and expecting Hoge to answer him? Indirect contact is forbidden by the PO.

    • I seem to recall that he was quiet proud of the fact that he wasn’t obeying the agreement which came out of the mediation. (He claimed that Hoge broke it first, but then also said something which left me with the impression that he had probably never really meant to follow it anyway.) That the 366 “bogus” charges were dropped in his mind just proves that he won’t ever be charged, so he keeps doing what he wants to. The only thing that will stop him is probably actual jail time and/or significant fines. Though I’m not sure about the fines.

      • Nope. He was piss his pants scared and still is. If he were truly convinced of his invulnerability, he would resume @ replying out host.

      • To a point, but he obviously thinks he’s found a way around it, because he’s constantly warning Mr. Hoge, so he’s assuming indirect contact at the least.

  14. UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ seems to think that I need to explain the provenance of the avatar on the left. I don’t.

    Need is such a small, simple word. You’d think that even a simp like CB would understand it. And you’d be wrong.

  15. Someone screen capped his blog post demonstrating his memory problems, I hope. Oh how I’d like to be in court the day that is introduced into evidence.

    • I’ve saved it, though it’s missing the screen shot of the Potty Time Star certificate.

      Best quote:
      “It’s the simple stuff. Not remembering what the name of my website is until I sit and think real hard and recall it. Having to write down my various passwords lest I become unable to log on to ANYTHING. It’s a memory retrieval problem. Where in Alzheimer’s your brain doesn’t know what a file cabinet is, in PD-D, you file information away in the file cabinet, but forget where you filed it until someone reminds you and THEN, there it is.”

      And a man who says he is beginning to suffer from this, expects people to believe that he is correct when he says he doesn’t remember ever using a particular avatar. Riiiiight.

      • I seriously question Cabin Boy’s claims regarding these “memory lapses” of his being a result of PD-D. The dude’s www footprint is unbelievable. IMO, the fact he cannot readily recall his website name(s)/passwords/avatars/email addresses has everything to do with the vast number of them and the compulsive need to change the information every other day/week/month. Parkinson’s Disease Dementia? *pfft*

        His Twitter account(s) alone are proof of this as he changes his avatars/backgrounds/handles/names/bio info/fonts like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Tis the sheer magnitude of his presence on the internet — coupled with his utter lack of ability to commit and see anything through for any length of time.

        Oh… and, he’s certifiably stupid… so, there’s that.

  16. Perjury as in intentionally lying under oath? I think not? Forgery, as in altering a document with the intent to defraud? I think not. Bill needs a copy of Black’s. I think we have been giving Acme Law way too much credit. It is Humpty Dumpty’s dictionary that he is using.

  17. Oh, he’s already decided Hoge has committed FRAUD!! and if Hoge doesn’t come clean by tomorrow morning he’s turning it all over to LE….

    and we can trust this is THE TRUTH!!1!!1 cause Twinkie is the one saying so…

    I don’t think so. I just really hope when all is said and done, he winds up getting treatment and not just rotting away in prison.

  18. Sociopaths like Cabin Boy are an unfortunately common part of my daily practice. Ran into one this week in fact, a sociopath that even physically resembles Cabin Boy had been living off his mother’s good will for decades. Now that his mother has passed away, with the only asset being the mother’s home, Cabin Boy’s Twin is surprised to learn that he can’t keep squatting in the house. Instead, it must be sold to pay the estate’s creditors claims and then to split the remaining equity among his siblings.

    Cabin Boy’s Twin spent some time screaming at me on the telephone this week. I made sure he knew that the portions of the legal bill spent dealing with the sociopath would come out of his share of the estate.

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