19 thoughts on “I’m Still at Large

  1. Congratulations! That you are still at large is excellent news! Some folks slob around the house all day sporting Triple Extra Large, which is often a bigger (no pun intended) contributor to poor physical health than any other factor.

  2. Oh, so you’re going to hide at work, are you? DOOM WILL FIND YOU, HOGE!!!

    I’m reporting this defamatory death threat harassment libel too!
    /Cabin Boy off

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  5. Well, being at large hasn’t been an impediment to Neal Raushauser.

    Does this mean the LSB system be featuring programs loosely based on The Fugitive and The Prisoner? I know who to cast as the big bouncing white blob!

  6. Judging by the wailing butthurt being heard throughout Maryland, someone go told to stop bothering the adults. The full poor me, corrupt public officials are all against me, and general fist shaking while yelling “HOGE”! are on display.

  7. At what point does repeatedly being falsely told “you’re going to be arrested” become criminal intimidation? I mean, obviously, the only reason someone would write something like that would be to instill fear. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

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