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One of the things I noticed about The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin from watching him tell different versions of the same story during different court hearings is that he sometimes seems to have trouble remembering what he’s said before. Recently, he’s been having that sort of difficulty with keeping his stories consistent even in the same document. For example, consider these two clips from his proposed Second Amended Complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

This is from paragraph 83.ECF 100-1-83This is the beginning of paragraph 95.ECF 100-1-95So TDPK says that Erick Erickson joined the mythical RICO Enterprise twice.

Uh, huh.

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  1. Did his word processor not tell him that the grammar in that first section you quote is atrocious? Contacted and told, or contacting and telling.

    Know anyone who needs a decent editor?

  2. Had to laugh at your first sentence there. But the other thing I keep thinking is that TDPK thinks everyone else is dumb, so he can throw lots of contradictory stories at him and we’ll believe him anyway. Then again, a few of his hangers-on probably do this.

  3. The first phrase gets wiggle room via “on or about” and the second date is 12 days later. Close enough? Maybe, if they were describing the same events. But the first was regarding police contact, the second about posting an article.

    I wonder if a properly marked document with strikes, brackets, and boldface would help?

  4. It even fails as a simple matter of logic. If the conspiracy is to cause harm to a person’s reputation by cooperating in publishing a “narrative” about him that is known by all parties to not be true, then Erickson only could have joined the conspiracy after it was explained to him, or after he became aware that the “narrative” was not true. Erickson promoting the same “narrative” doesn’t imply that he promoted it for the same reasons. It is entirely possible that even if the “narrative” was untrue, Erickson believed that it was. Kimberlin has produced zero evidence that , nor any reasons to believe that, Erickson was anything other than concerned about the physical safety of himself and his family when he contacted the police about the possibility of them being swatted.

  5. In the second section quoted, apparently joining the “conspiracy” only required Erikson only had to write about the SWATting. You see, he apparently didn’t have to contact anyone, conspire with Hoge, Stranahan et al, he just had to write about Kimberlin, and the apparent connection between articles he wrote and the SWATting incident.

    This word “conspiracy.” I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  6. Once you factor in the time machine[fnord] and the capabilities of Team Themis, timelines become multidimensional and the English language is no longer up to the task of describing “when” anything happened.

    Sadly, the courts won’t accept the notation to express the timeline(s) properly. Part of the problem is the need to include smells and clowns…

    • Douglas Adams pointed out that the trouble with time travel is not the paradoxes, but the “verb tenses.” I would have done so and so, if someone from the future hadn’t done something yesterday.

      I actually think Kimberlin has the attitude you find with elementary girls, who write long lists of those “with” and “against.” Just because someone writes something you don’t like — that does NOT make them part of a mystery club of other people who are against you, Mr. K. Oh, and since the lawsuits started, how many more people have learned about the bomber, perjurer and soon-to-be named vexatious litigant Brett Coleman Kimberlin?

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