Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ put a post up last night over at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it.) called Hoge Has Big Trouble Brewin’.P-O20140325aIf anything is cooking, it must be on the back burner because I haven’t had any “official visitors” yet. Also, as of 4:55 pm ET this afternoon, there was still nothing new on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search about me either.


51 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. is this going to be like the time he felt Kyle had threatened him by saying he was going to let the felon in FL know what all Twinkie had said about him, so Twinkie pee’d his pants and tried to call the law on YOU as being responsible??

    or just another toothless attempt at intimidation I.E you better control your lickspittles RIGHT NOW!!!


    • I’m uncomfortable with sentence containing text suggesting “…he felt Kyle..”.
      Run Lake Michigan through the showerhead and its going to fall short IYKWIMAITTYD.

  2. considering our esteemed host has not done anything even vaguely arrest warrenting, let alone illegal in any sense, why would he be getting “official visitors” in the first place?
    The answer is there is no reason other than more lies from the talking wart that is of course, either lies to attempt to bring charges against Hoge or lies that charges are being brought, but lies all the same….


  3. Bill’s full of crap. He’s always full of crap. He threatens, and threatens and threatens, but nothing ever happens. He’s like the boy who cried wolf.

    Nobody believes you, Bill. Nobody.

    • he claims he doesn’t file “false” criminal complaints, then turns around and claims he’s turned this or that tweet/comment to the “authorities” so one of those statements is false if not both of them…

  4. Based on CBBS’ twitter feed you would think someone cut off the Thorazine drip. Musta been yesterday afternoon if that was posted last night. Maybe the casters on his chair have pinched off the flow.

    Is Bill on Thorazine? Will he deny it? Can his denial be taken as credible?

    I understand that some of the side-effects of Thorazine are weight gain and Parkinson’s like symptoms. Could the Parkinsons be a mis-diagnosis of Thorazine addiction? Could his apparently schizoid behavior without highly evident Parkinson’s symptoms be times when Bill is off the shuffle? And moments of lucidity correspond with the Park’s symptoms? Obviously the weight gain is not so quickly un-done by a few days off.

    Enquiring minds want to know. If only I was a journalist. I’m sure if I were a real journalist I could ask the right questions, in just the right way; I could get the answers. … Did you say membership to that society thingy was $35 Mr. Hoge?

    • No, a Parkinson’s Diagnosis is pretty straightforward. And I don’t think they’d implant a DBS into Bill if they weren’t sure he had PD. From the pictures he’s tossed around to elicit sympathy, he’s always been, er, “big boned”. So weight gain is not an issue. Although it is unusual, but not unheard of, for a long term PD sufferer to be very overweight. Many factors, including medications and tremors, lead to weight loss.

      Keep in mind that there is no single drug regimen for PD, and as one drug become ineffective, others are substituted. This can lead to problems with lucidity, emotions, etc., while the body adjusts.

      None of this is meant to deny that Bill has PD. I’m just trying to give an overview of some of the symptoms and issues with the disease.

      • Actually Parkinson’s is considered idiopathic. It’s not like strep where you take a swab and look at it under a microscope. A Parkinson’s diagnosis is totally based on symptoms and symptoms can differ between patients. There is a DATScan that is supposed to be 80 percent accurate, but according to doctors it can fail to diagnose Parkinson’s and is usually used only if drugs aren’t working for a patient.

        The only real way to see if a person had Parkinson’s is to inspect their brain after they’re dead. You have to do it after they’re dead because the process dissects the brain which would kill the patient which is not a good thing.

      • to Tannyo –

        Been lurking for a while, I usually have nothing substantive to say on this topic, I just like a good train wreck as much as the next guy. Here on Long Island at least the traffic babe in the morning calls the slowdown around a car wreck “rubbernecking delays.”

        there is a PET scan I know of, using a fluorine analog of levodopa, that is to say take a levodopa (left hand chirality of the precursor to the dopamine molecule, Parkinson’s is related to a drop in the ability to make dopamine), pop of the OH group on the #6 carbon, and replace it with a fluorine-18 radioactive atom, and inject intravenously.

        That might be what you are thinking of; CT and PET are conflated frequently. CT (or CAT) is an x-ray scan where the x-rays come from outside, from an (point source moving around to simulate an) external ring, while with a PET scan they rely on the fact that the F-18 atom decays by releasing a positron, that is an antimatter electron. This meets an electron and the two annihilate each other, releasing two gamma rays (higher energy than most x-rays, but just photons) that are colinear, or back-to-back from each other. Detect two 511 keV gammas at the same time, odds are they came from the same event.

        I paid my way through grad school, usually making radioisotope and cooking FDG, radioactive glucose, for the local hospital, but on occasion making 6-F-DOPA for Parkinson’s studies.

        Turns out the Amish in Wisconsin were unusually prone to Parkinson’s, and also unusually free from the myriad of vices and contributing factors that plague most modern Americans, including myself.

        None of which is to say CBBS does or does not have PD, and I’m certainly a physicist not an MD. Just clarifying a technical matter in your post.

    • Well I did that bit of sarcastic baiting poorly. I guess if you have to explain, you weren’t funny. Oh well.

      Thank you all for the amazing insights. It’s good to know that Mr. Hoge has such esteemed lurkers (that’s not an insult, just a term of art for blog readers who don’t often/ever comment). Cheers.

  5. I trust you took a screenshot of Bill’s fingerpainting over at his site. It is quite interesting.

    When I saw it today, it reminded me of all the “stalker” episodes on the cop shows where they walk into the secret room of the stalker and see all the pictures and news clippings on the wall.

    Really, really sick. Stay safe John.

    • Someone on Twitter referred to it as “The Hoge Chronicles”, much more accurate than “Patriot-Ombudsman” right now. I find it amusing that the post about my supposed “death threat” is tagged Grady.

  6. There will be no “official visitors” and no charges filed. You know it. I know it. He knows it. It is time to move on, Cabin Boy. Enjoy your gig at the Alan Colmes Circle Jerk and Pillow Biter Emporium. While I allow it to last. Again.

  7. I hope nobody says anything about Bill to “Liberaland”. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for one of his mind-numbing screeds to get his blog kicked off the site.

  8. CB on Liberaland? Couldn’t find a nicer matchup. I say we all compliment the hell out of him over there. That way when he inevitably flames out and they boot him we can hoot and mock both of them at full volume and without recourse for either of them. Even if he stays there, Liberaland endures the Touch of Schmalfeldt every second he is there.

    • UGH, if I want to read/hear nonsense from idiots I’ll watch MSNBC thank you…

      However I do suggest that the “lickspittle’s ” let him burn out all by himself, of couse any/all “negative” feedback he gets he will immediately attribute to us/Hoge so damned if we do and damned if we don’t but I’m not gonna bother, they will discover what a poor decision they made quite quickly without any help from any of us….

      • Hey, I’m all for Bill having someplace to write his political/social screeds. If it makes him happy, he won’t feel the need to troll for attention. It might even be good for his mental health, which I know some of has have had concerns about.

      • I don’t know about “decision”. From what I can see, anybody can sign up and post a story. It’s a lot like except I don’t see any kind of reimbursement for Colmes’ site.

    • Bill’s article over at Libruland reminds me of the Buck Henry SNL skit from many years ago. He’s a radio talk show host and nobody’s calling so he gets increasingly outrageous in order to get people riled up, yet nobody pays attention.

      Poor Bill. Good of you guys to go over and make him feel at home.

      • And yes, Bill, it’s a WordPress blog. I just spend 30 seconds to register and now I too am a “comumnist” for Libruland.

        Hint: Real news sites don’t have “Submit a Story” at the top of the page.

      • Heh, I meant to write “columnist”, but “comumnist” somehow looks appropriate for Bill and Alan Colmes.

      • considering some of the things I’ve read there , communist is right, also ignorant, un-informed and downright stupid…

        I hate wasting my time, I really hate it when I waste my time reading ill-informed, partyline libel crap that is easily refuted if the erstwhile writers would just look beyond what they have been told to believe/say..


      • So is it communist or calumnist?

        Yeah, I don’t know if that second term is a real word or not, but I like it.

      • Thanks, Leroy… I’ve certainly used it with that meaning, but I can’t recall ever seeing it in a dictionary on those few occasions I’ve looked for it under “calumny”.

  9. I do have to say, I find it harder and harder to believe someone who can tweet at the level Twinkie does daily, who blogs on their site, sometimes multiply daily and who NOW is also writing columns for another site is actually too disabled to perform their previous job as a writer…
    I mean… Really?? so disabled you can’t write “professionally” ???


    • Poor Unca Biwwy, bwess his heart. He can’t understand why you think his disability or lack there of might be your business.

      Last I checked, SSI payments are made from the rest of our taxes, so it’s all of our business to make sure that anyone on disability really is in need of it.

      • Indeed, I could go on about how was anything to do with Stranahan, R S McCain, Hoge, A. Walker, etc was any of Twinkie’s business but that didnt stop him from making it his business did it?
        However rather than rehash Twinkie’s past douchiness, I’ll just say this, Possible fraud upon the government is EVERYBODY’S Business…and they DO investigate when reports are made.

      • Bill wouldn’t be eligible for SSI, which is for low income people who haven’t worked enough to qualify for Social Security.

        He is probably getting SSD (Social Security Disability.). I’m not familiar with veteran’s benefits, so I don’t know if he also gets something for his time in the military.

        And this is as much my business as McCain’s or Stranahan’s moving and address is Bill’s.

    • Getting paid for writing is not simply about quantity. It’s about writing things that people will actually want to read. Perhaps CBBS’ disability is that he can no longer string together enough coherent thoughts about anything that others find interesting. Perhaps he is simply incapable of talking about anything besides his whining and his coprophilic obsessions.
      Just a speculation…

  10. But how do you KNOW Harvey the Invisible Rabbit is not there right now?

    Then again, in what capacity, official or unofficial, would an invisible rabbit visit anyone?

  11. Isn’t it possible that Bill knows he is such a wretched writer (honestly most of his stuff at the Examiner was a rewrite of AP stories he ripped off) that he knows he will be booted so tries to get people to complain so he has something to blame for his multiple failures?

  12. Just for giggles, I left a comment on his whine about “How Hard Would It Be To Just Leave Me Alone?” posting.

    It was held for moderator approval, then deleted.

    Here’s what I told him (the “he” is our esteeemed host):


    He regularly posts about other stuff all the time. Astronomy, Pinky & The Brain riffs, and a certain convicted domestic terrorist who never served his full sentence and never paid court-ordered compensation to his victim’s widow all come up fairly regularly.

    On the other hand, you seem to talk about very little besides him.

    Perhaps if you stopped talking about him and stopped giving him fresh material, he’d put more time into astronomy, Pinky & The Brain riffs, and a certain convicted domestic terrorist who never served his full sentence and never paid court-ordered compensation to his victim’s widow.

    Just a thought.


    You can’t help those what don’t want to be helped…

  13. I missed capping it, but I thought he had a tweet yesterday to the effect that Mr. Hoge shouldn’t speak too soon about the lack of “visitors”. So either he was trying to imply that there would be something unpleasant (such as a swatting?) during the wee hours, or that it might happen in a day or two. Which of course would make his past tense blithering about “tonight” totally nonsensical.

    Of course he’s done that before, telling us he’s expecting a call today or tomorrow, tomorrow comes, no call, I comment on that, and I’m stupid, because it can take days for HoCo to get back to people. Sure Unca Biwwy, whatever you say, Unca Biwwy, why ever would you tell us you’re sitting by the phone today Unca Biwwy?)

  14. Poor, poor Biwwy. He’s “Powerless in Howard County” against the mighty Hoge and his ability to bend Carroll County’s LE to do his bidding. More stupid rants about venue shopping because only Carroll County and the nepotism of his lawyer would have ever given those harassment charges any traction.

    For a man who claims we and our esteemed host, Mr. Hoge, are obsessed with him, he seems to have a case of severe projection, with yet another new blog format, and all but maybe one of the posts available on the front page (15 to 20 at least) is about Hoge and the Lickspittles. Which does sound like a great band name, doesn’t it?

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