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  1. this would be from the man who helped publish pictures of my wife taken by a man who actually stalked her?

    As for Jesus, he believed in justice.

    I will repeat a simple challenge to Schmalfeldt. Take the entirety of his tweets to myself, to John, to Lee, and so on, and show them to a priest and get his take on it. I mean he says he is a catholic. So go to the priest.

    He won’t. And we all know why he won’t.

  2. I also love how Schmalfeldt feels like the only cause for wanting to see Brett brought to justice is if he committed a crime against you personally.

    When a criminal case occurs, it is not John Doe v. Mike Doe. It is the state v. Mike Doe, or Maryland v. Mike Doe. In some states it is the people v. mike doe. But the upshot is the same: the idea that a crime against one of us is a matter of concern for the whole community.

    And it is strange for a self-professed christian speaking out against compassion for another.

    • What you wrote reminds me of the way Brett Kimberlin is so obsessed with the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. Team Kimberlin offered many theories about who it is, and each of them was based on someone they’d badly wronged. Lots of people to choose from.

      It’s like they can’t imagine that most onlookers are just completely disgusted by the way Team Kimberlin behaves.

  3. A quote from Fat Willy:

    Would he call me defamatory names, like Cabin Boy? Or “Sore Loserman”? Would he encourage libelous statements from his readership?

    Yes, you read that correctly, calling someone “Cabin Boy” and “Sore Loserman” is defamatory.

    I think it’s safe to ignore everything he says about the law.

    • And IIRC, wasn’t “Cabin Boy” something that referred to during mediation and BS had no problem with it? As in he knew that’s how Mr. Hoge would address him (hence the “trademark”)? Maybe I’m wrong on that, though his hatred of the term wouldn’t explain the number of radio stations since which have used the term for BS. All very confusing, though to be fair I don’t care enough to fully pay attention and diagram this all out.

      I know it’s hard to tell, but has BS had a psychotic break today? He seems extra off, which is REALLY saying something.

  4. Willy, I realize your capacity for self-awareness is lost to you, but perhaps you should go back and look at your 80+ posts in the past few hours and ask yourself, “Is this normal?”

  5. From the EFF:
    “What is defamation?
    Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice. State laws often define defamation in specific ways. Libel is a written defamation; slander is a spoken defamation. ”

    • Biggy Smells — the “4th grade taunts” are aimed at the maturity your behavior represents.

  6. Screenshot of you actual words are stuck in moderation, so I’ll just paste your words:

    Post one: You never disputed libel and slander are both forms of defamation.

    Post two: “Dumbass, There is a difference between defamation and libel.

    • It kills me to say this, but Cabin Boy almost has a point here. (Must be by accident.) “Libel” is a subset of “defamation.”

      His argument supporting his point is, predictably, laughably wrong, but his actual point has a smidgen of truth to it. Again, must be by accident.

    • Either that of the Moldwarp is feeling ignored, and has to create some drama since there isn’t any already existing which he can inject himself into.

      • Well, he has to be getting close to the century mark for his “HogeTweets” today. He doesn’t even know what he’s arguing anymore, he’s taken so many contradicting postions.

    • and since I post this on a Sunday, I must think BK somehow got news from court TODAY when obviously the courts are closed, so how could that happen?? O.o maybe the same way Twinkie spoke to a court clerk on Christmas Eve when the courts were closed??

      in reality I’ve been busy with RL and have just now gotten around to catching up, and looking at his current meltdown it looks like SOMEONE either got some bad news recently OR is expecting to get some..

      Or maybe Twinkie is just trying to gin up something he can take to the SA this week to make his prediction “if everything goes the way I hope” more likely…

      either way Who The Fuck Cares…
      Twinkie, I can post anything I want on this blog as long as it doesn’t violate the owners guidelines, and if it in Hoge’s opinion I’ve crossed the line then HE deletes it. YOU have NO say in anything that gets posted, and if you feel that somehow that means you are being “defamed/libeled etc” when people say things you dont like, then TOUGH SHIT. If you think you seriously have a case then Bring It ON Twinkie.
      Otherwise STFU.

  7. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets 3m

    Is the use of names like “Cabin Boy” and “Moldwarp” and “Fatboi” and “Chubby” and whatnot seated in some sort of need to lessen my humanity?

    Oh BS, you seem to do a fine job at lessening your humanity all by yourself. Don’t go giving others credit for your hard work.

    • Well, we’re into the pity portion of his twitter meltdown; “you’re damaging my health!”.

      Next, a death threat.

      • I suggested that if didn’t call us lickspittles….

        At least one of those names we use is a direct result of “lickspittle”.

  8. Looking back on how this furball started, it looks like the whole thing started when Fat Willy decided he’d had enough with people saying bad things about his hero, conviced terrorist, perjurer, forger, drug dealer, etc.etc. Brett Kimberlin. So he went after John, who answered in a post “Prevarication Du Jour”. At no time that I can tell, was Chubs name invoked in the discussion until he made the (partially?) conscious decision to inject himself into it. Merriment ensued.

    Willy, you only have yourself to blame. Stick your plea to sympathy where the sun don’t shine.

  9. Should we just assume BS can’t possibly back up any of his ranting about what Mr. Hoge “probably” was? When BS says it, opinion and never libel/slander. When anyone else speaks of the Royal Cabin Boy without express authorization and in the approved forms, always libel/slander. Didn’t BS just have a radio station for like a day about Big Brother? He really takes it to heart.

  10. Now THAT, my friends, was an EPIC Twitter meltdown!

    And of course Weasel Joe couldn’t RESIST tossing the cripple card.


    If I ever caught my son treating himself like such an utter weakling, that would be the moment I knew that I had absolutely failed as a parent.

    Deep in his heart, I believe Weasel Joe understands that both he and his parents are, on multiple levels, the same kind of absolute failures.

    • That was building up for almost a week. He kept tweeting comments here and there trying to get something going, but nobody answered. A few days ago he tweeted “Gee. I sure have been quiet today.”, only to go off on Stacy McCain (Stace made no mention of Chubs on twitter or his blog that day) with some really vile, homophobic tweets. And then a day or two later he posted this:

      “Just minor league yammer pups today. I guess old Hogue needs a better class of thug.”

      So he was just trolling for some attention. It figures when he finally got it, he’d bring the “full crazy”. But honestly, this “libel isn’t defamation” stuff was boneheaded even for him.

      • I love the idea that I could spend a day creating a list of, say, fifty different nicknames, each more vile than the one before. I could write a comment referring to each of those nicknames, and like a snake eating it’s own tail he would come up behind and respond, thus claiming implicit ownership of each one.

        Atty: Mr. Schmalfeldt, who is “Weasel Joe?”

        CBBS: I am.

        Atty: How can you be sure?

        Atty: Who is “Deranged Cybrerstalker?”

        CBBS: I am.

        Atty: No further questions, your honor.

  11. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@ParkyBillTweets 2m

    Your history is all wrong, doggy. I’ll explain on my blog.

    So that means you’ll be talking to youself.

    Well done.

    • in otherwords “i’ll post even more bullshit on my blog hoping someone will come there to argue it so I can finally get some hits other than my own visiting ”


  12. After writing the epically stupid “There is a difference between defamation and libel.” And then spending an entire afternoon alternately defending and walking it back, he still thinks he can lecture us on law.

    Keep talking, Chubs.

  13. Record setting twitter meltdown rate. Covering at least 3 different post published today. With lots of screen caps. Poor mental day but good physical skills displayed. Almost makes me wonder if more than one person is working his account. Neal, you there?

  14. I’m an agnostic, so I’m not going to pretend to speak for Jesus. With that said, could you Christians help me out here?

    Would Jesus tweet out the picture of a disabled person’s house, in an effort to intimidate or frighten her? Would Jesus threaten to publish her home address and phone number in order to illegally threaten her safety and welfare? Would Jesus post veiled threats against a disabled woman implying that she should be beaten with a baseball bat? Even if some people derive sick and perverse pleasure from that sort of deranged behavior. Would Jesus compare a disabled woman to a notorious rape, torture, mutilation and murder victim?

    I have so many questions, but this is a start.

    • He’s utterly incoherent. And pretty much doing his best to ignore who it is that is associating with violent criminals and purveyors of child porn. Ie., himself.

      • Heh. Perhaps my very few negative attention tweets/comments set him off. He tried to troll me in his tweets. My tweets were not the response he desired. My comments further disappointed because I continue to pray for him. To Jesus. I even used today’s Gospel in the Catholic Church (which is my Church and where I spent several hours today, first with Mass then as Eucharistic Minister taking communion to the hospital betwwe my home and parish. The folks there are great, not bothering that I move slowly with my quad cane and happy to see someone from the parish). I let Billy’s comment slide as they are wrong-headed and hateful. I forgive him, he is a CINO (a Catholic in name only). He appears to be as committed and knowledgable a Catholic as he is an expert on the law.
        In other words, he is full of his initials on both subjects. I forgive him and feel pity for him. I pray for his healing spiritually that Bill will truly accept Christ and confess his sin, fully and completely so as to receive absolution.

    • So many things wrong in just one tweet. BS is a talented savant of dumb, Hero of the Stupid.

      – chips fall my way: the odds of that? Given that he’s an idiot.
      – add to my legacy: of having 15 radio stations a week? Or his legacy of being an adjudicated harasser?
      – by pulling your teeth by putting: this man was an editor, apparently. I’m sure they really miss his insight into language.
      – your leader: projection, I dare say no commenter here considers anyone else, including Mr. Hoge, their “leader”, unlike the apparent structure of Team Kimberlin
      – behind bars: uh huh.
      – for a very, very long time: uh huh, part II. Unless he has evidence of a violent crime (and Hoge “kicking him out of his wheelchair” in his imagination doesn’t count) or illegal drugs, not many people go behind bars let alone for a long time.


      • if whatever he’s laughably attempting to do doesn’t happen, by friday he’ll deny ever having said any of that (may or may not delete the tweets) and swear we made it all up and we are “KILLING” him. He may even “leave Twitter/blogging” for-EVAH!!!11!! which’ll only last about 12 hours…

        considering he’s been attemptingm on Twitter, to threaten and intimidate commentors here (again) for “defamation/libel”, if his chips don’t fall as he desires (and they won’t cause he’s full of shit) I expect there to be an EPIC meltdown over it….

      • I’m sure that if you can’t imagine a more epic meltdown by Bill Schmalfeldt than today’s you could reasonably expect to read a worse one in the near future. Bill Schmalfeldt’s ranting have been getting progressively more insipid, maniacal and loud. Things aren’t going particularly well for Team Kimberlin, so we have no reason to believe that he will get any better, and every reason to expect that he will continue to worsen.

      • If whatever he is threatening doesn’t happen, he’ll blame it on anything BUT his own stupidity. There is a long list as to why he is in the mess he his. None of it his fault of course. Judge didn’t understand Twitter, Hoge’s lawyer is sleeping with the judge, Hoge’s lawyer is related to someone, only HE understands the real truth of Cassidy, everyone else is too stupid to recognize his legal acumen. It goes on and on.

        I expect him to fall flat on his face yet again and then blame it on everyone and everything other than where the blame belongs. Him.

  15. CBBS’ fascination with Stranahan’s kids, finding the son ‘effeminate’ , makes me wonder just how many of the pirate crew have ‘issues’ regarding appropriate boundaries with young people, including children.

    Did Bill find these pics looking for pics of children in various states of undress? Did he meet the pirate crew through groups tied to inappropriate behavior with children? Does this explain the seeming estrangement between him and his children?

    I’m not hurling accusations, or even claims. I’m merely asking questions. I may want to be a reporter and this smells like a good story.

    • you should dig and dig and threaten until you get everything. Thats what I’m told real investigators do. And if someone tells you to piss off or won’t talk to you? absolute proof.

      • There has been no denial or explanation to my questions posted on a third party site. But I KNOW they have been read. The refusal to answer is an admission by CBBS logic.

        So I’m gonna run with it.

  16. Bill, Bill, Bill…

    Sorry that I’m late getting to this, but had trouble getting Internet service in [redacted], in the South Pacific.

    Your legacy? Kids that won’t speak to you, and a broken-down single-wide trailer.

    As one Schmalfeldt to another, let me tell you:

    You are doing it wrong.

    We started out in the same place, cuz.

    I have three vacation homes, all over 3000 square feet, own 9 German luxury cars, and live exclusively off the income from my investments. Haven’t even touched the 401K, yet.

    One wife, still sexy at retirement age, four kids, all in STEM careers, all independent and successful without a dime of help from the missus and I. Seven grandkids, all beautiful. Six of them are one spring break with me, with their parents, in [redacted]. That vacation is on my dime.

    What’s the difference between you and I?

    I always took responsibility for my actions, treated others with respect, and never expected a handout.

    You’ve done the opposite of each of those, and your results are the opposite of my results.

    Connect the dots, Bill. Connect the dots.

    • Bill just tweeted that you are a liar. He’s typically so forthright and honest you can understand how I’m having trouble disbelieving him.

      • He also asks for “Proof” of his long list of lies…again. The list has been provided over and over and keeps growing, yet every time he is presented with one of his lies, he ignores it. Just like the famous Christmas Eve Court Clerk. Oh, he finally mentioned it, but did he address it? Nope. Tell us this much Bill, what was their name? Or how about you just admit you lied about it? Just admit to that one lie and all the others will be so much easier to admit to. Like a dam breaking so to speak. You can do it Bill. Be honest. You lied right?

      • Fine, it’s my fault…


        Red wine in one hand, on the white sand beach, holding the hand of the woman I’ve shared my entire life with, watching our kids, their spouses, and the grandkids frolic in the warm, gentle surf, laughter in the air…

        Yup, stole it all from Bill, and he never knew it!

        Wahahahahahahahah!!!! My evil plan, come to fruition.>:-)>

  17. Did fifty-four push-ups yesterday, Bill, three sets of eighteen, the first ten with my youngest grandson sitting on my back.

    Is that a lie, too?

    How many decades since you did one push-up, Bill?

    Don’t you wish you could do one, now?

    Excuse me, I’m late for a luau…

  18. Jesus would obviously condone writing something you know to be a complete lie.

    “…I had worked to destroy the profit margin of the Knot in My Wisconsin group…”

    It’s a shame The Bobber most likely had all of the integrity in that DNA split.

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