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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed for a preliminary injunction in his vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit now slogging its way through the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. He wants the court to order my codefendants (Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and Kimberlin Unmasked) and me to take down every post we’ve published since 7 July, 2013, that mentions him. We have, of course, filed oppositions to his motion, and TDPK his replied to our oppositions. This is from that reply.
BKvAW2013Reply2PIOpp-4Where to begin? I might as well just take it from the top …

Brett Kimberlin was convicted of crimes over 35 years ago. He was convicted of one crime, perjury, over 40 years ago. He appears to still be telling provable lies, so it doesn’t seem as if he’s reformed from that behavior. A more recent conviction was for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. While there’s no proof that he was connected to globalpharma dot org, it’s an interesting coincidence that it was hosted on the same server as many Kimberlin-related sites.

And then there’re the convictions associated with the Speedway Bombing trials. They include a conviction for forging documents. He’s admitted to forging a summons in his RICO lawsuit, so, once again, one might wonder if he’s reformed.

Hogewash! got involved with coverage of Brett Kimberlin because of his ongoing anti-First-Amendment thuggery. Any incidental discussion of his criminal past has been to provide context concerning his character.

His attempt at comparing public discussion of his activities with the persecutions of … I have some elderly Jewish friends with numbers tattooed on their arms who would shake their heads in disbelief if they heard such a claim. At least, the more mild mannered ones would.

Let me be very specific: I believe that Brett Kimberlin has the right to live in peace. But in order to do so, he will need to live a peaceable life himself. Shutupery via lawfare isn’t peaceful.

You can help my codefendants and me resist TDPK’s attack on our First Amendment rights. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

34 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I read that and my jaw just about hit the floor. One other thing needs to be remembered…he was convicted 35 years ago…and was sentenced to 50 years…time which has still not passed. Once his sentence is served, if he has reformed, then I can see making an argument that he did his time.

    • Oh…and let’s not forget that he still has yet to pay the court ordered restitution for the Death of Carl DeLong. Again, something that has to be done to show me he is reformed.

  2. Brett Kimberlin’s lawfare against people who talk about what a crook he is will bring out a certain reaction in people. And that reaction is to talk about what a little thug he’s being. With a side order of “remind the public exactly how he got sentenced to 50 years.”

    Brett, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll refrain from talking about your bombing spree if you’ll do these simple things that any honorable person would have already done years ago:

    – Pay restitution to your bombing victim
    – Apologize, contritely, for using lawfare by suing her when she complained that you were avoiding restitution in spite of having considerably more assets than would be needed to begin paying
    – Disclaim all of your different contradictory excuses about the bombings (and any other lawbreaking you’ve lied about)
    – Apologize, contritely, for the lawless and unconscionable actions of your “supporters” who make up Team Kimberlin

    And finally, cooperate fully with anyone attempting to right the wrongs of all that you’ve done lately.

    I can’t see how any kind law-respecting person would ever contest a single one of those points.

    • Another requirement comes to mind. He needs to confess to any much older crimes he was never caught for due to the Speedway police incorrectly believing that 50 years would take care of him. Specifically, he needs to confess to everything he knows about the death of Julia Scyphers and also everything about his dispute with her just prior to it.

    • He not only will not, he cannot! There is no honor in him. Honor is something people who have an awareness of self and understanding of society and correct interpersonal relationships. These are completely unknown to him and thus honor is absent and an unknown factor to Brett. Like every other sociopath.

  3. I agree with those asking for payment and apology for lawsuit brought against the widow.

    But he also needs to publicly denounce his friend/employee, the deadbeat dad, and turn him over to law enforcement.

    Finally, he has to eject the kiddie diddler from his home and publicly apologize to his children for putting them in danger.

    Then we can begin to discuss whether or not he had reformed himself.

  4. He does not have a right to be free to deceive others about his criminal past. If he lies, others have a right to correct the record. If he tries to hide his past or deny what he’s done or make up stories to get attention and publicity, others have a positive duty to set the record straight. As long as he lives, his egregious crimes will be a part of his story.

  5. Someone should remember Julia Scyphers. She had a right to live in peace. Or how about Carl DeLong and his widow? Didn’t they have a right to live in peace?

    I am just nauseated when I read that. There may be a definition in the DSM for that type of thinking, but I just call it evil.

    • “Indefensible” also popped into my head, which reminds us that some people actually do defend the actions of Brett Kimberlin.

  6. We must remember that it was Brett Kimberlin who tried to convince Gary Trudeau and Amnesty International that he was an innocent man being held as a political prisoner. It was Brett Kimberlin who entered into a book contract with Mark Singer. That authorized biography was in Brett Kimberlin’s mind going to document his innocence and unjust prosecution. It was Brett Kimberlin who wormed his way into the Washington Post to deny that he conducted the Speedway bombings. It was Brett Kimberlin who later wormed his way into the Washington Post to declare that his teen-age daughter didn’t believe he was the Speedway Bomber either. We must remember that Brett Kimberlin is not only a public figure that has sought publicity and notoriety for himself generally, but, rather, a man who has specifically sought publicity and notoriety on precisely the topic of his innocence or guilt.

    Brett Kimberlin wanted, and received, a public debate about his guilt or innocence. Unfortunately for Brett Kimberlin, he lost. The evidence of his past crimes was and is overwhelming. Not only has Brett Kimberlin not received the adulation his ego requires, but, among other things, he past highly inappropriate relationship with a ten-year old girl has become widespread knowledge. This his not endeared Mr Kimberlin with the parents of pre-teen girls living in his neighborhood. By Kimberlin’s own account, his past has not reflected well on his daughters either. His wife swearing out a criminal complaint alleging he repeatedly had premarital sex with her when she was fifteen and he was forty has added to his woes. Additionally, the publicity has resulted in his business affairs coming under intense scrutiny. He has numerous issues there.

    Even if Brett Kimberlin had not explicitly sought notoriety for himself, his decision to publicly advocate for the investigation of and imprisonment of a series of political figures absent any known evidence of criminal activity on his target’s part was implicitly an acceptance that those people would attempt to investigate and expose him in turn. Where was Brett Kimberlin’s concern for the rights of his targets, and their wives and children, to “live in peace?”

    A rational person having such skeletons in his closet would upon being released from prison would have avoided the limelight. Pursuing a public debate over his guilt or innocence was for Brett Kimberlin little less than an act of social suicide. Tying his wife’s and children’s fate to his was little more than an act of hostage taking. Blaming those who did not knuckle under to the implicit extortion for the discomfort caused to his family is a gross failure on Brett Kimberlin’s part to take responsibly for a series of incredibly poor choices he has taken. The person who has wronged Brett Kimberlin’s family is Brett Kimberlin.

    • Excellent summary, BigSkyBob, as usual.

      But you failed to mention that he _vehemently_ denies that he “repeatedly had premarital sex with her when she was fifteen and he was forty”!

      He contends that she was SIXTEEN and he was forty.

      That may be a key distinction when it comes to whether he can be prosecuted. It does little to rehabilitate his well deserved public reputation as a creep who preys on children.

      • Not to mention the convicted child pornography possessor he uses in hi employ as a photographer (!) that he allowed to share quarters with his family. One of bk s relations referred to that person (Craig Gillette), half jokingly, as BKs ” only friend.”

        Yeah, I’ll send my teen daughter right over,

    • The disengenuous Brett Kimberlin demands to live his life in peace, the very thing he refuses to give others. By his thuggish behavior of shut-uppery and his active lawfare he continually attacks the peace of many people. Consider the many people he directly attacks in their peaceful lives:
      Has he given peace to the family of Julia Scyphers?
      Has he given peace to the family of Carl DeLong?
      Has he given peace to the family of Ali Akbar?
      Has he given peace to the family of Stacy McCain?
      Has he given peace to the family of Patrick Frey?
      Has he given peace to the family of Ken White?
      Has he given peace to the family of our host WJJ Hoge?
      Has he given peace to the family of Erick Erickson?
      Has he given peace to the family of Aaron Walker?
      Has he given peace to the family of Michelle Malkin?
      Has he given peace to the family of Lee Stranahan?
      Has he given peace to the family of James O’Keefe?
      Has he given peace to the family of Mandy Nagy?
      Has he given peace to the families and employees of the corporate entities he has named in his numerous lawsuits that by their very frequency and accusations are intimidating?
      The answer to all of the above questions is NO!
      Brett demands what he is unwilling to give, thus he is anathema and must be excluded for society as a danger to it and to the general peacefulness of our society and nation. Let his sins and crimes against the peace be ever before the eyes of peace loving people everywhere.

      • Let’s not forget that his current “work”, such as it is, consists of attacking all sorts of people and organizations. Was he being peaceful when he created attack sites like Breitbart Unmasked, NRA Watch and Chamber Watch, etc?

        Of course not. As is par for the progressive course, if you want to know what they’re up to you need only look at what they’re accusing others of.

      • Keep in mind he also sued Seth Allen who accurately and credibly warned other progressives not to donate to Brett Kimberlin’s “charities.”

        Neal Rauhauser was pulled in by someone (not Kimberlin) to help orchestrate a vicious campaign of doxing, sockpuppetry, abuse of twitter’s reporting mechanism, and general trolling in a largely successful effort to dismantle Unite Blue.

        To the extent that Brett Kimberlin helped keep Neal Rauhauser in business with his dirty tricks campaigns, he is part of the reason for way more than his fair share of the doxing and threats that are all too common on social media.

      • BTW blaming progressives for scum like Brett Kimberlin is very much akin to blaming Christianity for Jimmy Swaggart or other con artists. It’s also a little like blaming the GOP for David Duke. Scum like BK are just looking for a parade to get in front of and lead, or at least to run red herrings across their paths. Ideological compatibility may seem nice to him, but it’s not essential and probably takes a backseat to the money or acclaim or whatever is being sought.

        Blaming progressives for the existence of BK is just going to cut you off from potential allies. The majority of progressives are strongly against bombing, frivolous vexatious lawsuits, and Kimberlin/Rauhauser tactics in general. I think it’s totally fair to call them out when they get suckered by con artists like him, but it’s a natural human tendency that shows up in all movements, and you only make it worse if you try to alienate progressives.

      • I believe you are correct, this whole BK/BS/NR etc. isn’t really about partisan politics even though each of those involved have been part of progressive politics at one time or another. This current brouhaha is about shut-uppery/1st Amendment/hiding BK’s past so he can continue to milk progressives (and the government) for money through his scam ‘charities’. That’s the bottom line, we interfere in his scams by telling the truth about him. Thus he has gathered around him the soulless broken haters needing a cause to occupy their time and conflait their ego’s and need for drama.

      • That must mean we’re doing good for the left by making sure precious donations don’t get hoovered up by the Brett Kimberlin Crime Family. But I think this outcome’s gotta be good for EVERYBODY.

  7. I don’t recall any of the defendants stating that he “was not worthy of life.” Surely he provided concrete examples of such outrageous statements? Or didn’t he?

  8. He is not being targeted for his race or religious status. Since his AUTHORIZED biography and other quite public facts make him look like a perv, I suppose he could make the case that he is being targeted for his sexual predilections. In is an established fact that his authorized biography made the connection between a murder and his relationship w/ a young girl. A very young girl. His pervy music and magazine interviews (did I mention he’s a public figure!?) supports the idea that he likes very young girls.

    But his colleague Bill says all the legal trouble and harassment of Stranahan, Hoge et al would go away if only they would leave Kimberlin alone.


    On Feb 6 I left a two sentence comment on a post at your blog. By the end of the next day you had concluded that I either was, or was connected to, KimberlinUnmask, and you had doxed me, with promises of CERTIFIED LETTERS, later SUBPOENAS, and various other attempts to intimidate me.

    Because you’ve continued to tweet to me at @palatinepundit even after blocking me like the coward you are, I’m reasonably certain you have learned that you finally fucked with someone far beyond your ability to deal with.

    If you had simply deleted the original comment and banned me from your blog, I wouldn’t have cared; but you brought my family into it. The second time you published my info you forgot to gray out my wife’s face.

    And now you are on my hook for the rest of your life. There’s no apology sincere enough, no contrition deep enough to absolve you of this sin.

    Only God forgives; fallen humans like me, not so much.

    You chose…poorly.

      • Schmalfeldt logic says, it’s totally WJJH’s fault that Schmalfeldt posts awful, disgusting, inexcusable filth about dozens – maybe scores – of people he disagrees with online. And then it’s Hoge’s fault if some of his targets decide to fight back.

        Schmalfeldt ought to be praying that all of his victims can be as patient and forgiving as Hoge has been. I think they won’t be… and that’s ok.

  10. I didn’t know you wanted a scarlet letter posted to his face. Great idea, dread scarlet letter kimberlin!

  11. Sociopaths think that they can dictate to others while being free to act without restraint. Cabin Boy Schmalfeldt and TDPK are birds of a feather.

  12. “I suppose it’s possible that Stockman actually means to complain about some other unspecified statements defendants made that don’t match things he’s already admitted are true. However, as a general rule, if a defamation plaintiff doesn’t list a false statement in their complaint, you can predict that either (1) the statement they are complaining about is a non-actionable statement of opinion and they are trying to hide that fact, or (2) it doesn’t exist. Remember what we say around these here parts: vagueness in a legal threat is the hallmark of meritless thuggery.”

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