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One of the things that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin whines about is the fact that his name has become associated with SWATting.ECF 100-1-130Actually, the results are somewhat greater.

BK+SWATI wonder how TDPK feels his brass knuckles reputation management scheme has worked in practice?

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  1. It seems like the + operator no longer works, because of the way they process google+ related searching and oeprations. If you reverse the order of the search terms to put SWATting first, I think it’s now considering SWATting to be mandatory, and now you “only” get 18k results. IMO, now that google has removed this powerful search tool, the results are basically meaningless and once you get past the first few percent of articles (is anyone going to look through THOUSANDS?), who knows what you’ll see.

    And you now get almost as many results for:
    lawfare “Brett Kimberlin”

    I’d dare say this connection in the results is more significant. Anyway, google just doesn’t work like it used to.

    • the + operator needs to be attached to the actual search term. It should be Kimberlin +swatting

      read something to the effect search (Kimberlin require(swatting))

      • Yeah, that used to work. Now it doesn’t. I did notice that WJJH’s screenshot has a space where there shouldn’t be one, but even if the + had been in the right spot, google has now intentionally broken it.

  2. Simple fix. If you do not want your name associated with any criminal act, do not engage in said criminal act, be friends with anyone who engages in said criminal act of be associated in any way with people who engage in said criminal act.
    In many ways you are defined by your associates and associations. Sucks to be Brett!

    • Let’s not expect liberal life appointed judges to be able to tell the difference between the constitution and someone who sets off bombs to destroy it.

  3. But really if one is trying to use google search engine to test one’s reputation with regard to (any) connection to Swattings, the more important test is “Brett Kimberlin” and seeing how many articles say what he says they are saying (they don’t – he’s attached to the mystery because of the pattern, timing, and his associations particularly with Mr. N.) or to search on “Swatting” and see how many early search returns there could be connected to his name.

    If someone is searching for “Brett Kimberlin” and “Swatting” together, they’ve already made the association themselves, without the assistance of Google.

    If anything a google search clarifies WHY his name would pop up in connection -things that are all true – (coincidental timing, selection of those attacked with a SWATcall, e.g. the connection with Mr. N. or bradblog connections) or even some loose ,conjectures based on those things. But noone I know claims there is any available definitive proof that BK knew of, approved of, let alone ordered or paid for the swats. Suspicion isn’t defamation. It’s natural to suspect. If he’s innocent of any knowlege of swattings, ( he took the fifth at least once about it and swore under oath another time a bit later that he knew nothing of the SWATs but you know what his oath is worth) he has only his own criminal acts and deserved reputation as liar, devious sociopathic monster who uses others to do his dirty work, and a set of facts and friends he created himself, to blame.

    • But then, this is a liar so brazen he stated under oath that he did not know that he was called by or known as “the speedway bomber” although the phrase is used multiple times in his own authorized biography (not to mention the general press,and court and court papers) and he was convicted of the crimes.

      • Much less lying on the stand that he has been secretly exonerated of the crimes he was convicted of. Funny how there is not a trace or even rumor of a trace of evidence of that happening. The only existence is Brett’s assertion sans proof. No proof? Didn’t happen. If it’s not on official paperwork, in at least triplicate, it never happened. No paper, no proof, no proof, didn’t happen. Quite simple.

  4. Has anyone noticed that during the super busy time that TDPK is undergoing that the BU website hasn’t posted anything about the case? Hmmmm

  5. One the one hand, having repute for odiousness, and a wish to suppress the details underlying that odiousness, and on the other hand being an attention whore. Such is the life of a sociopath.

  6. The metric is meaningless.

    “Fido is a very bad dog” receives over four-and-a-half million hits.

    “Mother Teresa swatting” generates over 108,000 hits.

  7. When I put the query into Google, EXACTLY as it appears in his complaint, I get exactly FOUR hits: “brett kimberlin with swatting”

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