Prevarication Du Jour

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is seeking a preliminary injunction in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit which would require us defendants to take down every post since 7 July, 2013, that mentions him. We defendants have filed oppositions to his motion, and TDPK has filed his reply to our oppositions. In his reply he cites comments on this blog as proof that the defendants are inciting violence against him.BKvAW2013Reply2PIOpp-3So there you have it. Comments on this blog are as intimidating as burning a cross on someone’s front lawn.

Acme Law at its finest.

BTW, you can help my codefendants and me fight TDPK’s attack on our First Amendment rights. Go to Bomber Sues Blogger to find out how.

32 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • It just shows how lazy and/or stupid he is to allow that sentence to be in his submission. Unbelievable.

      • Heh. It is clear that Brett is not a student of the English language. He misunderstands the meaning of individual words and he has even less comprehension when words are strung together to create coherent sentences. He gets horribly lost between the first word and the last in any sentence.

  1. So, correct me if I’m reading this wrong, according to BK conduct does not equal expression (per Justice Thomas), but expression = intimidation, intimidation = conduct, so expression = conduct.

    I don’t think he’d do well in a logic course.

  2. Even if those comments were incitement, which they are not, they belong to the commenters who made them; a blogger writing critical posts about Kimberlin is not subject to injunction suppressing protected speech, because of what commenters say.

  3. We all know he reads here but to have it in black and white like that — shiver — the creep factor is off the charts.

  4. It looks like TDPK is willing to send at least one of his lackeys out in order to make a (very weak) point. If this is to be taken as accurate, much of what Chinsley has written (think Popehat), is probably in trouble.

  5. I don’t think the judge in this case will appreciate Kimberlin lying, not just about the facts of the case but additionally about the law. The judge will know either immediately or after 15 seconds of research that Kimberlin is quoting from Justice Thomas’ dissent in Virginia v. Black (2003), as if it were the governing law.

    It’s amazing what Mr. K imagines he can get away with. This isn’t some obscure proceeding he’s lying about; Virginia v. Black (2003) is a fairly prominent Supreme Court case (for one thing, it’s one of the rare cases in which Justice Thomas spoke during oral argument).

    • A quote from Citizen K (p. 195) from one of the lawyers who assisted him (Donald V Morano) and observed Bk’s efforts in jailhouse lawyering his own case: “When it came to analysis ‘Brett would twist the ruling to make it fit what he wanted the result to be. But we worked on it.'”

      • You see how it goes when he doesn’t have any counsel to rein him in. He just twists and contorts or fudges or elides or flat out busted misrepresents the law and expects to fool people who know better, and get away with his “mistake” if caught because poor little unfrozen narcissist is scared and confused.

  6. If any blogger were calling for people to get some rope and pay a visit, that would be subject to injunction. Reminding people he was convicted of bombing and perjury and suspected of murder and romances with little girls is not, nor would be any observation that he has been abusing the courts to shut down such protected speech and consorting with people who possibly used REAL criminal intimidation to punish disliked speech through Swatting and other means, coincidentally attacking people who have written about Kimberlin’s sordid history or connections.

  7. And by the way is there anyone on earth who has known BK who doesn’t have a current or potential meal ticket involved (or his mommy), who hasn’t figured out what a creepy manipulative liar he is? From the lovestruck alternate juror to the former “assistants” is there anyone who has a good word for him or thinks he is an honest, well-meaning fellow?

    • I’m interested in knowing what Jeffrey R. Cohen, Ph.D. has to say about this, since his name is on documents of Brett Kimberlin “charities.” Kevin Zeese’s explanation might also be interesting.

  8. There are plenty of better examples of potential incitement on this blog to choose from for TDPK. Like the time Mr. Hoge doxed (generally ineptly) a number of people including providing pictures of their homes, or when Mr. Hoge called people leaving messages with children as part of an investigation, or when Mr. Hoge wrote fantasy involving people being attacked with baseball bats. I wonder why TDPK isn’t up in arms about that or using it in his complaint?

    Oh yeah, probably because Mr. Hoge never did any of that. That was all CBBS, a “journalist” to TDPK.

    And also probably because TDPK actually used BOMBS to terrorize and hurt people. One would think he’d be made of sterner stuff being such a violent tough guy. Guess he’s just an opportunistic sissy.

    • Bombers are cowards. They cannot face their victims, much less the widows and children of his victims. Anonymous bombers are not only cowards for using a bomb but they are also pussies in that they use their bombs against unknown and unknowable victims. Thus Brett Kimberlin is a cowardly pussy, a soulless child of Satan who will receive “Justice” but not through music (unless you consider inchoate screaming for eternity music) and not his concept of “Justice”, rather he will receive God’s eternal justice.

    • As usual, RMN hits the nail on the head!

      …..or should I say detonator…

      One wonders as to just where all the rage contained within TDPK originated. Clearly, he found a sycophant in Hogzilla whose utter depravity and cruelty towards his fellow man is unmatched, in my opinion. The latter has a history of trotting out his personal pictures of past relationships invoking memories of unrequited affections of one sort or another and then transferring his feelings to other absolutely innocent blog commenters in the vilest and cruelest of terms. Like the Bomber, Cabin Boy or Hogzilla is due for an absolute shock when he comes face to face with God.

      As RMN has so correctly observed, Bombers and ‘DOX’ers absolutely cannot face their victims, imagined or real. They relax in their own self generated assumptions of superiority and imposed false judgments upon innocent others to ameliorate their own grotesque inadequacies and failures.

  9. So, if I’ve got this right, this constitutes incitement: “Judge Titus accepted The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s amended complaint. More later.”


  10. Wow 11 different commentators in one hour – or in other words 11 times the traffic for one blog on a Saturday night for truth and justice rather than for nefarious
    but less than 7 times the empty vapid threats and promises of doom from the one who hides behind the skirts of a bomber

  11. I love how BK left out the earlier posts those were at least partly in answer to, which were talking about metaphorical rope.

    Of course that is SOP for TDPK twisting everything to mean what he wants it to. Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty has nothing on him or the Moldwarp.

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