30 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin’s Copyright Trolling Survives

    • One can only hope that Hizzonor is using the “Give him enough rope” strategy. And going for an appeal proof judgement against the plaintiff.

      • It is clear to me that this is the judge’s strategy. A side benefit will be when Hogzilla is called as a witness and sworn! Then we’ll see just how the creature sings.

        The sanctions are going to be substantial and the rope to hang TDPK long indeed. This will be a most enjoyable spectacle as TDPK has to solicit funds from Streisand, Soros and other well-heeled DemocRats to pay the court for the sanctions.

  1. Where is this supposed kitten you’re having, John? I’ve only seen one commenter say something remotely negative about the judge.
    Looks to me like John is just reporting the facts. As for supposed claim that calliing it copyright trolling is disrespectful to the court? Prenda got away with it for awhile, copyright trolls don’t always get immediately thrown out, and as of yet the judge doesn’t look to have done anything but approve the complaint. That doesn’t mean he agrees with it…such decisions are yet to come

  2. Poor sad Cabin Boy. People are not freaking out to his satisfaction so he has to lie and invent things that are not really happening. i.e. John having a “kitten”. Must be a real slow day in the trailer. No friends, no family to speak of. Just alone with your vileness. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the Cabin Boy, then I remember what a complete jerk he is.

  3. ” ORDERED, that the Clerk shall take all necessary steps to prepare and issue summons and return summons to Plaintiff for service on the Defendants.”

    Why bother? I’m sure TDPK can handle this himself.

    Not that the amended complaint matters, it’s still fatally flawed.

    • …and if Blogger Unmasked wants more information, Mr. Hoge is free to give Blogger Unmasked my email address.

  4. Bill see me rolling
    He hating, trolling comments trying to catch me typing dirty
    Trying to catch me typing dirty
    His radio so loud, nobody listenin’
    He’s hoping that he gonna catch me typing dirty
    Trying to catch me typing dirty

  5. Keep your powder dry. The anvil is still hanging over the little runt’s head, and it will drop in due course. The judge –like all trial court judges– wants his ruling and ultimate disposition of the case to stand up on appeal.

    • You get what you incent – if it is more desirable to avoid being overturned than it is to have such nonsense before your court, then the nonsense will survive until the ruling is clear and unlikely to be overturned…

      And if that results in more billable hours for the lawyers involved, why then, what’s the harm?

      Other than to the defendants’ pocketbooks, of course.

      Frankly, anyone convicted of a felony should be unable to file pro se without magistrate review before the filing is accepted.

      Presumption of vexatious litigant status for pro se felons, IOW.

      Posting of a bond by the plaintiff for defendants’ costs might not be an unreasonable requirement, too, for such litigants.

  6. Monsters like Kimberlin are embolden every time authority gives them what they want no matter how much they lie. Truth and honor these days are meaningless. Yes I’ve become very Jaded at the sickness I see all around me. Evil is rewarded these days

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