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Here’s another extract from paragraph 249 of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s Second Amended Complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 100-1-249a

<sarc>For example, the four of us were lurking about 172 Fleet Street on the evening of 14 March, 2013, while TDPK was going about his business on the sidewalk across the street.brettatblogbashWe were clearly harassing him by participating in BlogBash 2013 when TDPK had made it abundantly clear to the venue that if we did so, he would be forced to arrange a protest demonstration.</sarc>

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  1. Specifics are a little thin, but let me add: You have covered open court hearings in which Kimberlin is a player. I suspect you will continue to show up at these “public places.” You are not accused of showing up at dance recitals, workplaces, Elk’s Lodges…etc.

    The guy treats court filings like situations when you gripe to a spouse. When you complain to your wife, often enough she’ll agree just because it’s YOU. That’s not the way law works. “Oooh yes dear, that Hoge fella sounds like a real doozie!”
    Sure he’s ticked off that you showed up when he was accused of sexual wrongdoing by his wife.

    • Either a devout Muslim woman heading out for a workout in her grey sweats, or a lilly-livered, undergrown, wimpified, perjurering, serial bombing, habitual litigant hiding out in a head scarf because he’s afraid someone who is a real man will confront him.
      Or it could have been somebody else. I dunno.

    • Give it up Fat Willy. You’ll get no sympathy from anyone who’s heard and seen what you said about [redacted]. Per request from the child’s parent.—wjjhoge

      • In reviewing the comments in this post, neither you, nor I, nor WJJH has said a word about anyone’s family members. False and defamatory accusations are being made about innocent parties. I demand a retraction.

      • So after calling his twin brother “the retarded one” he’s upset that someone told poor Bob to rest in peace because he was away from the guy that mocked him on the Internet for all to see. The Cabin Boy has to search for stuff to be offended by now.

      • What’s really horrible is that Willy kisses Stranahan’s ass ONLY because he smelled a story against That’s the only reason he approached Lee. He knew Lee is a very religious person (not to mention was in a bad situation) so he took advantage to try to get a story. Check Lee’s twitter feed. He pretty much confirmed the story to Willy and then blew him off. Chubs makes it sound like their best buddies now.

        No. There was no real apology. Chubs only did this because he wanted a story.

  2. Bullyville just thanked Jay Liederman for getting a lawsuit against them IN MARYLAND dismissed! Anyone have info on that?

    • It may be the lawsuit written about in bvfiles, brought about by the doctor who found his image posted on Cheaterville.

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