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bkepoxyYou know, there may be a limit to how low the Cabin Boy™ is willing to stoop.

So far as I can tell, he’s never played any of Brett Kimberlin’s “music” on any of his Internet radio feeds.

BTW, Amazon still offers a few new and used copies of The Dread Performer Kimberlin’s last album Epoxy: Nothing Else for as little as $1.08.

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. While the Cabin Boy makes terrible choices in how to treat other people, his musical tastes seem – from my very, very limited amount of research – to be fine. Therefore I think he would have to reject Kimberlin’s work as not being up to standard.

  2. Somebody needs to post the section in Citizen K where Kimberlin tells Marc Singer that he expects to be a millionaire rock star within a couple of years of being released from prison. I don’t have a copy of the book, but I remember that section. It’s a real hoot.

    • Well, it isn’t like we can’t afford to buy one, over at Amazon, “Citizen K”:

      See all 2 formats and editions
      from $0.01
      38 Used from $0.01
      20 New from $8.25
      3 Collectible from $9.00

      It’s almost like people are begging you to take it off their hands.

      • Lord, have you ever seen the comment on the site of the audio tech/producer of an early recording of his? (It’s among blurbs for the business from assorted clients) The other comments talk about reasons they were satisfied with the services provided, but BKs is a hilariously deranged self-appraising comment about how the guy was able to bring out his super genius just as it appeared in his super genius head. Emphasis on his super-genius.

      • Here it is;

        JSP brings the best out of me and my music. You know exactly what I am hearing and how to get the right sounds to express what I hear. I have been approached by many big name producers who want to work with me but I would not use anyone other than JSP on my projects. Truly one of the best.!
        Brett Kimberlin , lead singer songwriter Epoxy, Bethesda, MD

        In Citizen K he goes on about his gifts for “hearing” music in his head.

        I assume among other things.

  3. How can one expect to achieve Justice Through Music if no one ever hears the music?

    Very much like all the harassment and defamation that’s happening out there that the Cabin Boy just can’t make time to track down, doggone it!

  4. The only thing I ever want to hear from the Terrorist Diddler (a nickname that is so great) is his whining and crying when thrown back in jail where he belongs.
    he and his so called friends are scum.

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