Mrs. Hoge Goes Gold

In December, 1977, Mrs. Hoge received the first B.A. degree in Audio Production awarded by Indiana University. She moved to Nashville in the autumn of 1978 and began working as a recording engineer.

I reached into our old collection of vinyl and found this which was one of her first gold album credits. It’s John Hartford’s You and Me at Home album which was recorded in 1979 at The Sound Shop in Nashville.john-hartford_you-and-me-at-home_back copyIn Nashville and on the road Mrs. Hoge recorded a wide range of acts, including Ricky Skaggs, Stella Parton, Leon Russell, Leo Kottke, Jimmy Buffett, Dizzy Gillespie, Weather Report, the Chamber Society of Lincoln Center, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She decided to leave the music business when we moved to Southern California.

UPDATE—Here are couple of the albums Mrs. Hoge worked on that are available on Amazon.

John Hartford: You and Me at Home
Jimmy Buffett: Volcano

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  1. And as usual, Cabin Boy is hardest hit. He never knows when it’s time to shut his yap and keep from looking like a fool….again and again.

    “No doubt some of you would like to see a list of the “gold” and “platinum” records the little Missus has produced over the years, but Mr. Hoge’s word is good enough for me, and it should be for you as well.”

    • The Cabin Boy™ isn’t a very effect concern troll. He has no idea what I’ve spent on legal fees. But to put his mind at rest, my total spending thus far for dealing with both him and The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin amounts to slightly less than a week’s billable hours for me.

      • Heh. Billy can’t conceive of what “billable hours” are. He was a simple (and I mean simple in the fullness of that descriptive) GS-13 clerk. Even as despicable an idiot as I have been in my life, I intimately know the glory of billable hours. When I consulted for American Healthways on their reporting data warehouse my hourly billing rate was $200 an hour. My ‘agent’ who handled billing, AP/AR, taxes and insurance received 25% of the gross (or $50 an hour) for those services (exclusive of costs). I still cleared about $83.00 an hour for my services. Must suck to be Billy …

      • I doubt our host’s children have any inheritance concerns, being self-sufficient adults. Sad that anyone would focus on “inheritance” over family relationships. But, I suppose when one is not self-sufficient, and has been soundly rejected by their family, well, they fantasize about “inheritance.” Disgusting, but fits the pathetic personality traits we have observed.

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          I’m no prize person, I fell for a line of pure bull, but I got better and made amends with those I wronged as part of my redemption and increased self awareness. I pray every day that Billy hasn’t yet lost his soul and that God imparts His grace on Bill, at least enough for him to realize that he must ask God for forgiveness first and that redemption only comes after the admission of sins, request of the absolution of sin through Christ’s expiatory act upon the cross of Calvary and the true intent to sin no more (recognizing that we all err, we all sin and that a daily, perhaps even an hourly, conversation with God asking His forgiveness and absolution and the imparting of His grace to stay on the path of redemption). Please pray for Bill to achieve self-awareness, to see how far down the road to perdition he is.

      • RMN(D): “As he has no life or self-awareness, he must lash out at those who do…”

        So very, very true. And with all of his projection, he still knows how much of a nothing he is and points to it. Recall the various demeaning handles he has chosen for himself and also notice when mischaracterizing himself as some sort of superhero, he can’t help but tell the truth by putting a big, fat, ZERO on his own fantasy-cartoon chest.

    • He’s not bright enough to figure it out on his own, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it. No hints, please! lol

  2. So sad that he doesn’t realize the difference between Amazon ranking and real life sales. Wonder if he would enlighten us “Lickspittles” on why Kimby’s album isn’t a Gold record if it has a higher Amazon rank? Poor sad little man grasping at whatever straw he can while yelling, “I’m not as stupid as you think!” to the world.

    While he is at it, maybe he could explain why Kimby’s former lawyer has turned against him and now Rauhauser’s former lawyer has turned against Neal? I know he is close with both men so I’m sure he is in their confidence on this…..or is he just their puppet? Dance Bill Dance!

  3. Love this:

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    -Dire Straits, Solid Rock

    • Even if BS’s accusation were true, Mr. Lemmen’s call to pray for those who persecute you is a Christian one. If one is a practicing Christian, sounds like praying for those who are on the wrong path is a very good idea. If one is Catholic, and from prior comments it appears that Mr. Lemmen is, then praying for the souls of sinners, the unconverted, and souls in purgatory is required.

    • The irony is that if everything Bill Schmalfeldt is accusing Paul of is true, if Paul really is a liar and a fraud, Paul would still be giving a much better account of himself than Schmalfeldt is.

    • Exactly, jem. As I’ve written before: No one chooses CBBS. The only attention he gets is the negative attention he does his best to provoke from those here, and from the many victims of his persecutions and their supporters. He gives every appearance of being a pathetic, lonely, old man but isn’t smart enough to figure out why he is so rejected and to modify his behavior.

  4. John Hoge III & Lickspittle Nation: A Modern-Day Emmanuel Goldstein!

    I saw them open for Timothy B. & Rural Route Three at the Sangamon County Fair in 1977!

  5. Hoge, having had a little home studio recording biz recording mainly bluegrass acts, I can appreciate your wife’s work. Some great albums those are, recorded before digital splicing and endless takes, digital reverb, and various “apps.”

    As for Skaggs, the wife wrote a song that got pitched to him, but he didn’t swing. I always hope that my guitar pickin’ on the demo didn’t turn him off 😉 And I had the pleasure of meeting Sykes at the Bluebird, who co-wrote Volcano with Buffett.

    I could go on, but who cares. Great stuff your wife did!

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