All Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

The big news today seems to have been the announcement of the Amended Complaint in BullyVille’s lawsuit that includes First Mate Neal Rauhauser as a defendant.

Several commenters have noted that the lawyer representing BullyVille is the same lawyer who initially represented Nadia Naffe in the Team-Kimberlin-related nuisance suit filed against Patterico. That lawyer withdrew from the Naffe suit. The Gentle Reader can make of that what he will.

popcorn4bkThere are more shoes about to drop, both civil and criminal, multistate and federal, on members of Team Kimberlin. Indeed, over the next six months or so it may look like a centipede removing his shoes. The next few days might be the last opportunity for some of Team Kimberlin’s associates to turn state’s evidence.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit against my codefendants (Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and Kimberlin Unmasked) and me is still going on. You can help us defend our First Amendment rights against TDPK’s assault. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

48 thoughts on “All Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

  1. Looking at this whole sorry cast, whoever all it might consist of, and all that they’ve done and do, consider this: what kind of arrogant stupidity does it take to SWAT an LA County Deputy DA and think you’re going to get away with it? Whoever it is, does he (or they) really think that law enforcement was just going to ignore this? Or that they don’t have the IT forensics to cut through all the spoofs and IP masking? I’d be shocked if various law enforcement agencies WEREN’T working this case. Even now.

  2. In unrelated news, ConAgra stock was up 25 cents today. ConAgra’s brands include Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn.

    At least, I assume it’s unrelated.

  3. As for my opinion, for those who have paid for it …. this does nothing to redeem that plaintiff’s attorney’s reputation for me.

  4. Remember a couple weeks ago when the self-proclaimed new “president” of the “new” NBC tweeted out (tweets now conveniently deleted) that there would be a meeting last week among certain individuals to make decisions about the “new” NBC? Who exactly are those people?

    • That is the darnedest thing. I have been trying and trying to get the new “president” of the “new” NBC to answer a few very basic questions and he simply refuses. Now what would an ethical journalist do? I’m thinking I may have to just move forward with my story about Kimberlin’s and Rauhauser’s crimes and how Bill Schmalfeldt aided them in committing the crimes. After all, Schmalfeldt Rules for Journalists say that you can accuse anyone of anything and they must prove you wrong. Since he won’t talk, I guess he is guilty.

      • maybe he’s clued into how it’s not a good idea to go around boasting he’s president of group that his friend has fraudulently claimed to own…


      • Nah, he chalks it up to not answering “Lickspittles” but everyone else better answer him. What a putz. He threatens people and he lies, but oh, he doesn’t have to answer questions like he demands everyone else do because?? Oh right, because he is a sad pathetic vile little man whose entire life has lead to one failure after another. But we all knew the rules he set for everyone else certainly don’t apply to him.

        Wonder how long until Neal rolls on him? Should be interesting….

  5. Wow, the way Bullyville allegedly caught Lane Lipton and probably by default, Neal Rauhauser, was to set up a fake bvfiles.wordpress site — bvfiIes.wordpress.

    Can you tell which is the real site above and which is the fake site? Neither could Lane Lipton, and she attempted to log in as an admin to the fake one and shared her ip address and her email.

    For all of Neal’s opsec paranoia, he may be brought down by a capital I.

    The suit is a fascinating read. The honey pot they used to trap them is described on page 24.

  6. Crazy Ron Brynaert has been noticeably more wound up than usual the past few weeks. He claims he dated Lipton (qritiq) for a period of time over the past couple of years.

  7. When I read that the attorney in question was suing Neal Raushauser, I queried myself, “Doesn’t this mean he is no longer a scumbag?” I remember quite well Patrick Frey being sued for allegedly abusing his office by including “[this is coming from a Deputy District Attorney]” when writing to the plaintiff. The suit was bogus because Frey never made the bracketed comment. I figured it was the lawyer that inserted the text. Scumbag is as scumbag does.

    Then it occurred to me that maybe the attorney in question did not make an unattributed editorial comment, but, rather, maybe, someone recruiting him to take the case anointed Frey’s text. This might explain the attorney’s cryptic remark, “If I knew now what I knew then, I would not have taken this case.” I can understand his anger and frustration in seeing the suit blow up in his face, almost resulting in his being sanctioned. Maybe, he blames the person who misled him. Perhaps, we are seeing that score being settled.

    • Over the years, the one theme that remains is that Neal eventually gets pissed off and goes on the attack. The fact that he was able to work with Lane Lipton for so long without turning on her is surprising. But this theme of Neal working with, and then against pretty much everyone, remains. One of the reasons why I suspect Kimby is paying Neal is because we have yet to see evidence of Neal turning on him.

      And while I haven’t pieced all of it together, the battle early this year between Jojo and Leiderman makes me wonder if Neal didn’t socially engineer that as well.

      So yeah, I would not at all be surprised if Leiderman has a small hatchet to grind. Plus, he probably knows where Neal lives, which is likely striking extreme fear into Neal’s shriveled little Grinch heart.

      To understand how thoroughly invested Neal is in this whole game, take a look at bvfiles. IMO, it is his best misdirection, misinformation, smear, and intimidation attempt to date. I bet poor Kimby is wondering why all of Neal’s attention has been directed elsewhere… Hence, BU is staffed by dolts with BS trying to throw some gravel in the holes.

      • I have been reading bvfiles since yesterday and am thoroughly confused. Trying to keep the players and the stroyline straight in that mess is daunting!Is NR suspected of sock-puppetry there? Is jojo believable? Would flashcards help, do you think?

        BTW, I studied Latin for 4 years in high school “some” years ago, but sad to say, I have to resort to an online translator to understand the comments posted. Not complaining, mind you…

      • My favorite part, a nonny mouse, is where the writers of bvfiles (who we don’t like), one of which is allegedly Lane Lipton, uses a Lee Stranahan story about McGibney. Obviously, Lane Lipton knows who Stranahan is, and we damn sure know that Neal and Lane know each other. Yet bvfiles states unequivocally that they just found Stranahan’s reporting that very day. LMAO. They are trying so hard not to be tied to their previous shenanigans that the whole farce is transparent. Me thinks “we” doth protest too much.

      • Thanks for responding, Rich. I picked up on the Stranahan mention and wondered about it. I had no idea who the main players were behind the blog, and commenters changing their identity with almost every response made things even more bewildering. I’ll finish reading the archive, as I’m only a week behind, but it’s not worth the time and effort to sort/track it all on a daily basis. Thanks again!

    • When I used to consult with legal firms I cautioned them to NOT take any client without investigating them thoroughly, yes its expensive but so are sanctions.

      Concerning Naffe, there was some very tame to mild ridicule from some of Pat’s commentators (but all were directed at her over the top claims she made in court) but nothing that would have given even the most remote lawsuit any legs in court and never rose to anything near the levels of what has come from the crew of the good ship occupied has hurled at everyone for months.

      Going after Frey’s job was just nasty, but lawsuits are nasty, thinking lawsuits have the same decorum as polite people debating something in church is not realistic, people are going to go after him, and one day someone could win, this is a risk Pat takes, and I wish him and his family luck.

      People have google bombed Pat, he has been attacked by the left AND the right, he is also extremely loyal to his friends and has paid a heavy price for that loyalty.

      • “If I knew now what I knew then” doesn’t make sense???????

        Si j’avais su ce que je sais
        Ce fut tout mais ce fut assez

        is one of the best couplets in poetry. Most regret is about recognizing now what would have made your life better if you had known it earlier.

  8. This is the point where I realize just how late I came to this party, and how much of the story I have missed. No need for a recap, for God’s sake, it’s too much trouble and probably impossible anyway. I think I have the bones of it.

    • Quickest summation I have been able to ferret out is “Projection”, it’s not just a river in Egypt. That is, everything TDPK claims in these various suits, seems to actually be admissions of past misdeeds on his part. It’s quite possible that eventually he’ll accuse AW of smuggling dope; Mr. H of being a bomber and RSM of forgery and pedophelia.

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