Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

PBT201403171811ZAce investigative journalist Bill Schmalfeldt (Stop laughing; I’m not to the punchline yet.) says he’s receiving emails from someone calling himself “Nomen Nescio.” He asked me about that name during our mediation session in January, and I told him that it was Latin for “Name not known” and that the term was used on legal documents before “John Doe” was common.

It turns out that it’s also used as a blind return address by some anonymous remailers. Over the past month, I’ve received several emails routed through, and the all were supposedly sent by “Nomen Nescio” whose email account is “” It took all of 15 seconds to pull down the headers from the first such email and about a minute on Google to find the website.dizumIt’s hosted on a server in Holland. Note the Dutch flag on the browser tab.

I’ve never used such a service. While I have had occasion to encrypt the contents of an email (usually because of sensitive client data), I’ve never had to mask my email address.

My best guess is that the “Nomen Nescio” who sent the email shown above is the same person who has tried to post obscene comments here at Hogewash! under various obviously fake names. But that’s just a guess.

UPDATE—I never suggested that the Cabin Boy™ has sent any of the “Nomen Nescio” emails to himself. I would have thought that they came from another source. OTOH, one wonders if these don’t constitute a tacit admission …TacitAdmission

42 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Seems like I read somewhere that the “First Mate” likes to use cats or kittens to draw unsuspecting internet users in to view his “work”. Hmmmmmm

    • I have it on good authority that KimberlinUnmask’s real address is 123 Fake Street. Stay tuned for more details!

  2. You remember your Latin. BS receives emails from someone using a Latin tag. Therefore, you MUST have sent them because BS has apparently never met anyone else who had ever studied the subject. I’ll bet he thought he was being very clever with his question. Hmm, I wonder who else might have used sites in the Netherlands?.

  3. Cabin Boy sends obscene emails to himself and blames others. ** yawn ** Next, we will hear about IP again …

    • Don’t mock those investigators, the obviously are from the same “journalism school” that he also attended – the one in his imaginary neighborhood..

  4. Gone for a few days and I see BS is in full projection/attention seeking mode. Perhaps he had a change in medications? New delusions? Started sniffing extra airplane glue? Oh wait, it is around a full moon. Maybe that’s it.

    Or, he’s just screwed up. Yeah, I’m going with that.

    I’ll just see myself out with a “DEFAMATORY and FALSE” warning for what I wrote.

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