28 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. you can’t seriously expect Twinkie to be bothered to actually look up the law and see what it actually says…
    it is whatever he says it is, whenever he wants it to be, and the sooner the rest of world gets that then the happier he’ll be…


    guess he needed something else to cry about after the pitiful showing his boss has made in his last couple of filings…

  2. He has certainly been talking to Acme Law again. Furthermore, he seems to be admitting, quite publicly, that his breach of the mediation agreement is intentional. I wonder what all the consequences of such a breach might potentially be.

    • ….workin’ on the chain gang, chain gang, workin’ on the chain gang all the day..
      …workin’ on the chain gang, chain gang…………….

  3. Er, if the agreement never happened, then Buggy Smells is facing 300+ charges of violating a court order again.

    • I told you, Fat Willy is incapable of thinking more than one step away from his mouth.

      That’s two steps. Too hard for the moron.

    • Hey, Biggie…go ahead and do it. You don’t have a hair on your butt if you don’t do it! No wonder your ex looked elsewhere, you ain’t got none!

      • Victim’s location is the presiding jurisdiction. If I defraud someone while in Kuwait and that someone happens to be in Nashville, TN, where would I be prosecuted under the law? In tennessee of course, because that is where the fraud occurred, online, in the victim’s home. Thus the police report would be filed in the victim’s county UNLESS said crimes occurred within a federal jurisdiction, that is, if the actor and victim are within the same federal discrict, the case would properly be files in the local jurisdiction of the actor instead of the victim.
        Shorter: when both the criminal and victim are both located in Maryland (with only one federal district), the proper venue is in the county of the criminal. In this case HoCo. for criminal charges. In civil cases it should be the county of residence of the Plaintiff (unless venue shopping like the mighty midget pro se litigant from hell likes to do).

      • So if I am understanding what you are saying correctly, Mr. President, if Mr. Hoge were to have committed a criminal action against BS, Carroll County would still be the appropriate venue, as it is for a civil action by Mr. Hoge against BS

    • Absolutely! You be right! Shove it in his face double hard! Make him listen and listen hard! Shove it right through his head! In the phraseology of one of your more memorable inscrutable phrases “**** him invisible!”

    • If he had paid attention to the proceedings, he would have learned that he didn’t present any relevant, admissable evidence.

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