An Appeal on Autopilot

The Gentle Reader who has followed the shenanigans of Bill Schmalfeldt over the past year or so may remember that just before his court date for charges of harassment, electronic harassment, and failure to obey a peace order, he and I engaged in an mediation session. In exchange for his dropping his appeal of the peace order, I agreed to recommend that the State’s Attorney’s Office drop the criminal charges against him.

I kept my part of the bargain.

While it seems that Schmalfeldt did nothing further to pursue his appeal, he did not drop it, and the Court of Special Appeals has forwarded the appeal to the Court of Appeals (Maryland’s highest court). The Court of Appeals has accepted what was filed as a petition for a writ of certiorari. The case appears to have been placed on the September, 2014, docket.

I have a few comments.

First, the peace order expires in June, so the case will be moot by September.

Second, I intend to oppose the petition for certiorari and any related motions.

Third, I will be reviewing other options with counsel and do not expect to have anything further to say about this matter until advised by counsel.

24 thoughts on “An Appeal on Autopilot

    • He receives the irrevocable benefit upfront, and, what you receive later is, of course, subject to renegotiation.

    • indeed, considering as soon as his charges were dropped on Feb 7th, he immediately claimed Hoge had violated the agreement so he, Schmalfeldt, was no longer bound by it. He has since claimed it wasn’t binding in the first place so what else it there to expect??


  1. everytime Twinkie goes off on one of his “listen to me damnit!!!” rants I’m reminded that he’s in reality just the last little piggy going “WAAA WAAA WAAA” all the way home… the psych ward (eventually)….

  2. So somebody was a party to a mediation agreement that required them to do a certain action or the agreement would be void. Mediation agreements relating to criminal charges where I live have to be approved by a Judge–therefore they are court orders– so can you say contempt of court?

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