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Here’s what The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin told Judge Grimm on 11 March in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 102-6Here’s what TDPK told Judge Titus on 13 March in the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked copyright trolling.ECF 15-3

So how was he able to identify Kimberlin Unmasked on the 11th if the information didn’t arrive until the 13th? Inquiring minds want to know.

popcorn4bkAs I’ve sat in courtrooms listening to TDPK spin his tales before various judges, I’ve noticed that he rarely says the same thing to different judges. His story always morphs into whatever he thinks he needs at the time.

I have the distinct feeling that someone will let these two judges know that they are being told incompatible stories about the same events.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Here’s a further discrepancy between the stories being told in these cases: In the RICO Madness Kimberlin Unmasked is identified as “Lynn Thomas.” In the copyright trolling KU is identified as “Lynn Thomas and Peter G. Malone.”

Given the vast number of persons that Team Kimberlin has assured us must be KU over the last few months—Aaron Walker, Jeff Dunetz, Dan Collins, Dustyn Hughes, Patrick Frey, Kender MacGowan, me, and others—why should anyone believe either Ms. Thomas or Mr. Malone have any connection to Kimberlin Unmasked?

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    • Only when someone takes the time and effort to point out discrepancies. As many worthy people have pointed out throughout history, for evil to succeed, good men need only do nothing.

      • Exactly. An our corrupt society wrong-doers and criminals rely on the fact that nominally good people are easy to intimidate and moral folks are so under fire that they are the proverbial ostrich with it’s head in the sand. Thus the criminals are emboldened in their crimes.

  1. The only thing we can be sure, based on the history of Kimberlin, is that there at least one, objective, facially obvious lie in each filing.

    • Each and every single pleading or other document he files with the court(s) falls somewhere within the range between noncompliant with the rules and outright fraud. All you need to do is scrutinize any such filing with a modicum of discernment.

    • It’s quite clear that in his own little parallel universe he believes lies and fraud are the ways to win in court and in life, and that quaint little notions like truth and honesty are for fools and losers. Textbook sociopathy.

  2. I’m not seeing the discrepancy here. Couldn’t he have learned KU’s identity prior to receiving the final documentation?

    • If he did he would not have needed the excuse of late arrival of information for the copyright show cause, or rather, that would be an invented excuse to explain why his claim should not be dismissed. If he claims to have known beforehand, it undoes his excuse.

  3. But it must be Lynn Thomas. It MUST, I tell you!

    And the fact that I showed up in the Lickspittle Universe shortly after KU was “taken down by Elcatel” – **snerk** – that CAN’T just be a coincidence, can it? Clearly not after certain genius internet detectives decided I must be @KimberlinUnmasked and promised me a Certified Letter, which I’m still waiting for.

    And the notion that I, a publicly identifiable person with a home address in a nearby county of the same state, would now be so foolish as to identify myself as KU after evading service for so long, well, that’s something only an idiot could believe.


  4. Any chance of chicanery with the summons sent to Google ant AT&T? are they public record?

  5. Its all mute there were no defamatory comments or activity on KU other than to point out the hilarious antics of Kimberlin.

    So it goes on

    • The Little Terrorist knows that, he’s using this for the purpose of identifying who is behind KU. Once that is done he can send his mutts out to harass them.

      It’s his standard M.O.

      • Kinda like how he sued “Ace of Spades” by implying the woman who created the website was Ace?

        Google reported a link to a website [that I won’t link and didn’t click] that states on Nov 25th a Kimberlin website was reporting that “Lynn Thomas” registered the blog. Kimberlin is probably fully aware that “Lynn Thomas” doesn’t write the website, and that her “father,” likewise, has nothing to do with the website. He just identified someone in an attempt to keep the suit alive. What an abuse of process!

      • Abuse of process indeed!

        The problem is that pro se litigants tend to get a lot of leeway from judges. Reading the transcripts from some of his past hearing makes it clear the Little Terrorist depends on the judiciary to be his legal aid.They continually walk him through the steps involved and give him numerous chances to get it right.

        I becomes depressing to see this happen over and over. However, I don’t think he’s ever been involved with so many legal fights at one time (someone can correct me here if I’m wrong), and the patience of the court is bound to be coming to an end soon.

  6. I think we’ll find out who KU is right around the time we find out who really shot Kennedy.

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