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Close of business (4 pm ET) yesterday was the deadline for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to file an answer to a show cause order in the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked nuisance copyright lawsuit. He was to show cause why the case should not be dismissed for lack of service of process.

burnt_toastAs of now, any answer he may have filed has not shown up in PACER, the federal courts’ online database. Of course, if is possible that he filed something at the last minute, something that won’t be scanned in until later today.

It’s possible.

UPDATE—TDPK filed a Second Amended Complaint in the copyright case late yesterday.

More later.

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  1. It’s possible but not probable in my opinion. He knows he has lost that case and he has forced Kimberlin Unmasked to spend more money on defense that he/she/they should have spent. Besides, he will continue costing defendants in his various other lawsuits money time and effort as punishment for not kow-towing to his demands.
    As I predicted earlier, nothing will come of it except Judge Titus will dispose of the case because Kimberlin won’t file an answer to the SHOW CAUSE order.

  2. Its in his best interest to let that one be dismissed. Its as frivolous as his RICO stew, and even easier to get atty’s fees for under the Copyright Act.

  3. I’d be shocked if something doesn’t show up on PACER tomorrow. Though he didn’t claim it in the description of the defendants in his SAC, Kimberlin claimed that “Lynn Thomas” resided in Illinois in his last batch of filings. If Kimberlin can’t even plausibly attempt to answer a show cause claim in one federal court how could be possibly ask to re-litigate the same facts in another?

    Besides, he has a compulsive need to file.

    I can see only two explanations for Kimberlin not answering the show cause motion. The first is that he has completely ran out of money. The second is that he burned out writing his magnus opus, possibly with chemical help.

  4. Bonus points for still living Rent Free in old Cabin Boys head. He has to post his own picture of toast because Originality! (Or because he slavishly follows your posts because he has no real life outside of the vile crap he slings every few minutes)

    • Oh, yes. Nathan Thurm starts his day at 4:30 AM posting pictures of Miracle Toast on Twitter, and then adjourns to his blog to tell Johnny Goodboy, “I’m not obsessed, you’re the one who’s obsessed! Can’t you see that? I can’t believe you can’t see how obsessed you are!”

      Here’s some Latin even I don’t need a translator to understand:

      Res ipsa loquitur.

  5. I haven’t really been following the copyright case. Maybe I should. That one would be a lot easier to get thrown out.

    • Thanks to our gracious host.

      I hope I’m not giving anything away, but after reading his amended complaint, I would like to make the following comment:


    • Wasn’t the order to show cause, not to amend the complaint? Seems to me that’s a failure to show cause.

    • This is amazing. In the NBC suit Kimberlin offered an Illinois address for “Kimberlin Unmasked/ Lynn Thomas” when asked for a status of service report. In his SAC, Brett Kimberlin claims “Lynn Thomas” is “Kimberlin Unmasked,” but, pointedly refuses to state “her” address. Now, within a week in another federal court Kimberlin files yet another amended complaint listing “Lynn Thomas” as living at the previously claimed address in Illinois.

      Kimberlin has been less than truthful, and/or less than forthcoming, to at least one federal judge. My guess is that he did not want to claim “Lynn Thomas” was a resident of a city in Illinois in the NBC suit because he feared that some of the defendants might have pointed out Kimberlin had no factual basis to associate the possible/probable pseudonym “Lynn Thomas,” the registrant of the website, with any particular Lynn Thomas.

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