#BrettKimberlin’s Copyright Show Cause Answer

Judge Titus issued an order for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to show cause why his Kimvberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked nuisance copyright suit should not be dismissed for lack of service of process on the defendant. He filed his answer at the last minute yesterday.

In paragraph 3 TDPK claims not to have received documents from AT&T until 13 March. However, the AT&T document is dated “2/13/2014.” I wonder if the judge will believe that it took a month for AT&T to get the information to Kimberlin?

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  1. I believe it is too little too late. The Toll of time expired prior to the issuance of the SHOW CAUSE order (actually, in BOTH federal cases, this and the RICO Madness case). This motion and attached amendend complait fail due to timeliness.

  2. Lying, again, seems to be his only defense. If I were a judge dealing with his little attempts to deceive I would grow weary.

    • Hopefully, the nice people he claims to be KU will contact local law enforcment and educate them regarding the practice of SWATting; for their own safety. Patterns being what they are and what not.

  3. I note that in the State case, the judge granted BK’s motion that Ali was served.

    This judge was not all that bothered by the forgery in her court.

    Also, has anyone visited KU’s website lately? There is some new info there.

  4. So what is going on with the father/daughter pair that TDPK has “identified” as KU? Are these poor people stuck? Can they prove they are NOT KU without “outing” the real KU?

    Seems like another mess but these two people may do well to warn their local LEOs about “Swatting.” It has a nasty way of happening to certain people.

    • Just because Brett Kimberlin claims a certain woman is the daughter of a certain man we shouldn’t assume that it is true.

      AFAIK, Brett Kimberlin has been attempting to extort a person he believes is dad by knowingly filing a suit accusing his supposed daughter of his alleged acts.
      It is the best explanation of what has happened. Judge Titus forced Kimberlin to show his cards.

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